~another homework!~

Before finding myself tagged, I have found other replies on this tagging. I was saved in the last 2 bloggers who made this ago..but when I found Ms. Robbie's name on A. ANgel's list..i just said to myself..OH no! Some killer instinct will be released again!..

In response to my SWEET TORTURER's tag, unlocking the 10 HONEST things about BEANIZER..

1/ I missed the Sunday mass yesterday.
2/ I don't play favorites..but I choose to have a bonding with Kimi than with my other nephew and nieces
3/ I prioritize my family than anyone else.
4/ I can play guitar well. (ahem! ok, just being honest! hehe)
5/ I am a brat ..a good brat! (Lower your eyebrows!)
6/ I'm staying with my sister now. I can't live alone, I'm still dependent somehow.
7/ I feel hot today. (Summer?)
8/ I only collect Beneton scents. Sporty and Cold.
9/ I love jackets.
10/ I am planning to blog on a different site. (but can't get myself out here)

~~beanizer responding

~hunger strike~

It's 9:45PM now, I have pending posts unpublished..I just need something to share of tonight's happening..a quick one..

Me and my sis just arrived here in the apartment. We always visit our folks every Sunday (35kms away from here) and so arrived kinda late for dinner but still early for sweetdreams.

Too lazy to make dinner, we just bought ourselves instant cup noodles. And as usual, I do the most difficult part-adding the seasoning and pouring hot water. After 3 minutes, I served them, 1 for me, 1 for my starving sis. I was reading blog comments here when my sis yelled out:

HER: "It tastes different...well, it has no taste at all!"
ME: (Having my first shot) "Maybe...because, I've noticed it has no powder seasoning unlike mine"
I was enjoying my instant dinner..when...
HER: "Yeah, ofcourse it is tasteless!..(holding the sealed powder from the hot cup)"
ME: "Oooooooops! They should've place it on top, you see I'm near sighted!"
HER: Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.......

~beanizer just hungry~

~bean's nursery rhymes: part 1~

The contents of this post is for the purpose of recognizing the two (2) lovely ladies that make my blogger life miserable..(ehem!!)..ooops! sorry, i mean valuable..(hehe)..and so to let them know that their heartfelt and out-of-this-world comments mean a lot lot lot to me, i dedicate this revised song for them..forgive me, I'm still a kid, I don't know other songs..

Note: Don't just read! Sing it:)

A one..a two..a one two three..

Even though their powers seem will drop you down unconscious
If you see them in your blog, you'll find yourself too cautious

Um diddle diddle diddle
Um diddle ay! (4x)

Because I was afraid to speak when I was on the class
Miss Robbie gave me then a test and told me I'm still bad
But then one day I learn the word to save my achin' butt
The craziest word I ever made and this is how it goes! oh!

Even though their powers seem will drop you down unconscious
If you see them in your blog, you'll find yourself too cautious

Um diddle diddle diddle
Um diddle ay! (4x)

She traveled all around the globe, and every where she's sent
Hongkong, Malaysia and China but not in Philippines(thank God!)
She caught attention and took some pics with her expensive lens
The brightest pengwee you can see is now dancing without fee..oh!

Even though their powers seem will drop you down unconscious
If you see them in your blog, you'll find yourself too cautious



~~Pardon, I didn't manage to finish the entire revision 'coz my boss (office) interrupted me. Anyways, hope the two crazy women like it.

~to rob-idz powers: Ladies, i had a quick shot the other night on this one..he's alone, so i just do 'lil edits to give each of you a personalized gift..hehee
hmmm..you can put this in your site or you can just keep it in your mind..

~~This is just the first part, my next song revisions will be made for my other blogger friends and followers..heheee..hope they won't mind if i put their names in my next post (sooon)..

~~beanizer's in the mood for kids'entertainment



Maybe most of you have heard about this massacre. This has been sent to me through email few months ago. I have also seen this in one of the featured post of Maldita. I wanted to share that time when the issue was still hot..but due to some reasons and distractions, I failed to. Some videos were removed in the net already, luckily I found some clips left. So spare some time for this.

These sea creatures amaze me since I was young, I was shocked those heartless people have done such to them. My heart was crushed seeing this crime.

If you wish to take part in stopping this crime, pour your thoughts HERE (click)

~~beanizer asks: is this a tradition of maturity or stupidity??~~

~~lover or pretender?~~

She asked me once,
"Can I go to find my new happiness?"
I answered,
"Yes, you can."
She asked me again,
"How about you?"
I simply smiled and said,
"Go on, you're my happiness remember?"

Ouch!!! Oh! No worries..this is just another message on line..yeah, just another thought I choose to share.

Now, is this a sacrifice? stupidity? helplessness? loVE?..or a combination??
This is more of a love post. I should post this on my deaf site, but, I guess I should leave that comatosed site for while (hehee). I bet most readers would vote for "combination"(?)..or.. (?)

Is it really possible to swallow the pain and be happy for her at the same time? Hmmm..this may sound a usual love story any one can relate. Do we really need to say "I'm happy for you" when deep inside we're breaking? Often, hmmm..maybe. Why? 'Coz we wanted to show the world that we're not badly affected of such rejection or yet we don't want them to feel guilty of not feeling the same way. At times we need to fool ourselves so as to lessen the pain. But the pain won't be gone unless we face the fact that we are hurt and our hearts are seriously wounded.

It is not wrong to love someone who doesn't love you. Still, it is not fair to stuck ourselves with the blue feeling and pretend we are numb.

Falling in love doesn't guarantee being happy 'til the end. It is more of risking a fragile organ on other's sensitivity.

~~beanizer broken (?)

~unchanged chance~

A fifty year old lady is dying of cancer.
She asks God to give her another 25 years more.
God approves.
After her successful operation, she gets face lift, lipo and tummytuck.
When she went out of the hospital, a truck hit her.
She asks God: "Lord, you said you will give me 25 more years to live?"
God replied: " Ooops! Sorry girl, I didn't notice it's you!"

Have you heard this story?

The first time I read this, I laughed. A 50-year old cancer survivor had all those self-beautification was hit by a truck? What actually does she look like for that driver to hit her? Maybe her face was tucked and her tummy was lifted? I wonder...
Kidding aside, so what's the point of the story? (Do i sound like a story-teller now?)

In our hopeless times, we ask God for miracles to happen. Longer years, beautiful life, greater jobs and even perfect lovers(?). And when God grants us our wishes, we get blinded of that chance we are taking. We get dissatisfied, not contented of what He gave us. We crave for more fun, more pleasures. In the end, we realize, we just had wasted the best of what we have. We lost them and regret again.
Sometimes we missed to stay as who we are. We became a different person. Great if we changed for the better, but sad if we become worse. Wish and strive to become a beautiful human from the inside. Mold your consciousness to the sweet wonderful life.

The physical beauty may perish but what makes you a YOU will stay until you're six feet under.

~~beanizer still searching for a great topic

~i have a heart~

..this BEAUTIFUL WINGS passed me an award..though I doubt if I really have it (hehee)..but thanKs to hEr.

1. List 4 things that keep your inner self beautiful.
2. List 4 things that keep you physically beautiful.
3. Tell us about a precious memory you keep close to your heart. [Optional]
4. Share this award with 5 other people that you think have a beautiful heart too.
5. Link the blogs of the people you chose and link the person's blog who awarded you.
6. Have fun!

Ah, Angel..this is much complicated to answer..

1/ i fear the Almighty
2/ i care and treasure relationships
3/ i value time (making other people happy)
4/ i am willing to help if possible

* 4 KEEPING OUTSIDE BEAUTY: (hahaha..ok, this is the most difficult)

1/ i smile & find crazy things to laugh
2/ i listen to music (feels good and helps my mood)
3/ i take a bath everyday! (you can smell!)
4/ i choose good friends and companions (maybe why i behave so much, no questions!)

--It is really priceless, but if you insist, come and take a peek inside my heart,,look! haha!--

~didZ = add me to those who finds your heart beautiful, you know you do!
~roBbie = despite calling me a "perv___", ok, i bet you still have a goooood heart!
~karen = the topics you always discuss proves that you are really beautiful inside :)
~ady = you have a golden heart..just don't confuse it..heheee
~angeL = you deserve this..so i'm sending this back to you

Sorry but I think I have to extend this award to all the wonderful people here:
-xtra-ordinary gal
-worthy me

*to all that I have missed but have truly touched me with their thoughts here..thanks!..this award goes to all of you..

~~beanizer is so grateful

~what we missed~

A miner struck gold & carried his bag of nuggets everywhere he went.
When he died, an angel from heaven asked him why he was carrying asphalt.
Miner: "This is not asphalt, it's gold!"
Angel: "On earth it is gold, but here in heaven, we use it to pave our streets."
(Rev 21:21)

+ What we value the most here on earth may not be worth a cent in Heaven.
+ Be sure to prioritize the right things in life.

~We are living in a temporary world. Humans as we are, dissatisfaction runs in our systems. As we meet the world each day, we build dreams, wishes and goals that we want to achieve. There's nothing wrong with aspiring a better life..it's not a crime to have plans and give our bests to achieve what we wanted -may it be material or not. Our demands grow, our desires widen, our confidence strengthen. These are all natural.

~~The only mistake we commit sometimes is the attitude we put on these things. We miss to appreciate what we must value more - the priceless living matters..our family, our friends, the RELATIONSHIP we make with the people around us, our inspirations.

~~At the end of a tiring day, there is no other more relaxing way than spending moments with the people we love. It is the happiness that can't be bought by our big salaries and compensations. It is the happinness that holds our hearts and occupies our minds tomorrow.

~~When you lay yourself on your death bed, would you rather embrace your trophies than your family? Would you rather hold your bankbook than your bestfriend's hand? Would you rather kiss your jewelries than your partner? Think and decide.

^Beanizer is nowhere

~awakening the dreamers~

~one of the best bloggers i found here mentioned that she was inspired of this song..it's a great song..we had this as our graduation song way back in college..i can still remember the mixed emotions we all had on that day..

~it speaks well of the unforeseen journey we are longing to take, the feeling of fear, excitement, hope can be read on our faces and tears,..SMILEY KAREN is right..this song is truly inspiring..

~still in relation to my last post,
the KEY to everything lies within us..our dreams, our visions and our hopes will never be impossible to reach..if we believe and choose to make it real..

~beanizer is reminiscing..

~in the end~

"Never be dependent to anyone in this world..
..because even your own shadow leaves you when you're in darkness."

With no further thinking, I believe this line. Though man is a social being, it doesn't follow that he must fully trust what surrounds him. In every single thing we choose to do, we are solely liable to our own actions. We can and should never depend on others' existence for us to live a good life. If we want to be a better person, we must not wait for anyone. We all have ourselves. Our system is complete. We won't be needing anyone to inhale the air that we will breathe, we always have our own choice to live or die. In the event that we get tired of fighting for the same reasons in life, we just need a little rest to regain the strength we already have inside us.
True and good people may be there like angels that would uplift our souls and enlighten our moods, thus, we should be grateful for their presence. Yet, we must must bear in mind that they are not there forever, not even every second. 'Coz each of us has a life to live and a mission to accomplish. The more we depend our lives on other people, the more we are losing the chance of trusting our own selves, the more we become weaker.

Have an inspiration..but..never live because of others existence

~beanizer getting serious~

~real simple lessons~

a quick message found in lines:

Teacher asks johnny:
"If there were five(5) birds on a fence and you shot one(1), how many would left?"


"None, as others will fly away"


"The answer is four(4), but I like the way you think"


"I have a question ma'am. If three(3) women are eating ice cream, 1 licking, 1 biting and 1 sucking, which is married?"

(nervously answered):
"Well, the one sucking cone!"


"No, you are wrong. The one with the wedding ring on her finger. But..I like the way you think ma'am.."


I got this message from two(2) of my friends, same date, 3 seconds time difference..
True enough, kids' wits are amazing. Their young minds create brilliant ideas and formulate answers that sometimes seem complicate the older ones' way of thinking.
As man grows older, he exposes himself to a lot of discoveries and learning. Much as we search for impressive answers, the more we become fools of our own misguided imaginations.

~beanizer topicless for a moment~

--found in lines--

"Having been committed to love someone, means losing the opportunity of having others to love you..so be sure the person you're committed to, deserve your love and worthy of your sacrifice.."

i was stuck in my inbox and found this message..
It made me think for a while. True? MAybe. Yes. It's true.
It sucks when you're stuck with your commitment on one person and realize you're but a fool of your own emotions. Such that the most won't take the risk of trusting her/his own heart on someone she/he desires to be with for a certain moment.

It's not wrong to give much love and attention to someone.
It's not a crime to fall so crazy in love.
It's not forbidden to give everything you wanted to make someone feel important.... it's just that sometimes..even at the right time...
we have found the "mistaken" one.


--fixing the nerves--

Sometimes when I don't feel like doing anything, i just need a little therapy..like listening to this one..


bean's 'lil sharing:)~~

--beautiful radiance--

i was hesitant to put this flower in my blog (hehe),,thinking twice, thrice..ok, here it goes..thanks to sweet 'lil AYU and Angel in May for giving me this chance to thank the amazingly wonderful people (including them).

-Put the award on your blog or in your post
-Pass the award to 12 bloggers
-Link the nominees within your post
-Let the nominees know by commenting on their blog
-Share the love and link to the person who gave it to you

So I am passing this GIFT with a short note to these beautiful people WHO BRINGS RADIANCE to my day:

*DidZ - you are "one of a kind"..I'm keeping you friend:)
*roBbie - for being too patient w/ me (hehe)..
*wYtwiTch - for understanding my "sumpong"..kahit sumpungin ka rin:P
*kAren - for the inspiring thoughts and comments, i admire your perceptions
*deeJa - for your pink hair (haha!)..here's more sunshine for your rainbow--LIFE:)
*woMANwithaBeautifulLife - your presence makes your life beautiful!..I am recommending her site to MY BLOGGER FRIENDS, take a peek:)
*WorthyME - making her realize that life is not OVER..never be afraid to face the bright sun every day, we are here to listen, have faith:)
*muSHY - smile!..everything will be fine, don't worry:)
*iantiE - Oh no! what should i say..ah..for taking care of didz' fish??..hehe..juz sharing the sunshine:)
*mooN - for "talks entertainment"..hey moon! more sunshine here!!..now, make your site land on bloggers!!
*roCky - continue being a blessing to other people :)
*i leave this last spot to all the wonderful persons i've met here in bloggers world..you all deserve this award


..lousy addictus..

11:21:28AM marks the exact time Beanizer started this lousy post..

It's the 5th day of Febuary, year of metal tiger. Indeed this tiger is running so fast and me, being too lousy to survive a day is..is like a torture(?)..I can't even say the right word to describe it.

What could be a new thing to discuss..??..This is the worst-sweet effect of blog-addiction on me. Every time I find work boring and pissing, I put myself in front of this unknown-gender equipment, exploring the blogs I followed and messing the world where strangers seem like great spectators. I am not even a professional writer, why am I making this post anyway? Now, I'm confused with my attitude.

How long must this day torture me? I can't wait to watch Phineas and Ferb again on Disney. I need to play Plants vS Zombies. Oh no! I'm an addict. I remember last night when the technician-friend came, he asked to transfer the channel to HERO network for Anime marathon, I still insisted to stay on Disney. He laughed of course, I prefer Agent P(i wonder how to make that sound he does) than those mangas (did i say it right?), I can't even remember a name of any of them, I only remember one - Ajinomoto-but it's a food seasoning..oh well, I give up on them. Am i weird?? Maybe I need to visit that Hero channel for the sake of knowing my nephews' fave characters and prevent my nose from bleeding when they discuss those stuffs. Haist.

I guess I'm not just lousy, I'm becoming a bit crazy now discussing nonsense.
Sorry for the inconvenience readers..
Beanizer's system under repair.


--my night class--

Yesternight was one of the best nights I had. I was enjoying like no tomorrow. It happened because of one person, my sweet baby, KiMi(see right), my 3-year old nephew. I admit it, I was really amazed of this kid's personality.

I was uploading pictures on FB when they arrived. I didn't mind him at first, until he drew closer to me and asked me in our own dialect.

Translated conversation:
KM: "(______), are the monsters still there in your computer?"
me: " Yup, do you want to play?"
KM: (nod)..
His mom: Kimi, you forgot something?
KM: "Good evening! (better late than never)
(he reached me, kissed my nose and sat on my lap)..
KM: "Are you afaid of the monsters,(__)?"
me: "No, but we have to eat dinner first so we can kill all of them."
KM: "But, aren't they going anywhere?"
me: (carrying him) "They're still sleeping, we'll wake them up later"

after dinner:
KM: "Let's wake the monsters"
me: "Later"
KM: "But,you promised"
me: "They need enough sleep"
KM: (dropped his face)
me: "Ok"

He sat on my lap while entering "The House of the Dead" (the game).
Everytime a dead man hit me, he would ask "You're not hurt, right?" and I would answer "No, they can't hurt us".
We played different games one after another. The most he enjoyed was "Plants vs Zombies"..I keep on telling him "We have to protect your house" while pointing the label "Kimi's House" each time it was displayed on screen. He was cracking when those zombies ate the bombs and explode. Though I feel annoyed sometimes when he asked unending WHYs and HOWs, I still ended up answering like a recorder.
When his mom told him they're going home, he immediately got off my lap.
The funny thing was when I tried to call him back:
me: "Look, we have new plants, come here"
KM: "It's already late, I'll see it tomorrow ok?"

I was shocked. It seemed like I was the 3-yo and he was the grown man.

For the nth time, I have proven to myself I am still a kid. A kid learning on other kids. The lessons he taught me last night:
1/ Promises are made NOT TO BE BROKEN.
2/ When someone hurts you, you should NOT PITY yourself.
3/ Old stuffs (like those games) CAN STILL make you happy.
4/ Never get tired of giving reasons so others CAN LEARN/UNDERSTAND.
5/ There's always TIME for everything.

~~BEANIZER~~the kid