~'lil boys & big guys' lessons~

Do you know why 'lil boys are not allowed to play with dolls like Barbie?
~~So that at a young age..
~~~they already know that girls are not toys to be played.
*Maybe that explains why it's no big deal for most mom if their 'lil girls play with guns! So at a young age, they can fight and hunt their boys if they commit mistakes on them. Haist..what an unfair world!

**Seriously, this is not the primary reason why moms won't allow boys to play with dolls. It is primarily for the purpose of avoiding the possible threatening effect on the child's gender. On my part, I do play with guns. But I also got few dolls. Well, not the Barbies exactly but male dolls (oops! the quote above doesn't apply here!) I got this one doll that when you press the pump on it, he would show his butt..hehe! I wish I know that blogs exists in those innocent years (ahem! my innocence remains STABLE and UNquestionable!).

***What if..a boy didn't grow up psychologically? Would every girl trust a boy's love? Is it possible for the boy not to hurt the girl all the time? Would every boy respect each girl she meets? Will he ever be satisfied with a single girl in his life? Will it give her an assurance of real love? Will there be no chance of fooling?
****Every girl is a priceless gift. She is the main source of his strength though he won't say it. Her pain is a curse to a man's heart. Her presence creates an unexplainable feeling of heaven. Her tears will melt his own soul.
And that, made every girl special... If only every man knows her value..

=this post is for a special girl..thanks for making me smile :)

~~beanizer: *hmmm..will she love this??"



"Sometimes you have to let someone go..
not because you suddenly stopped loving them..
but to see if they remember enough to come back"

(p/s: the quote is exclusive for the living ONLY)

* It's easier to find people to value but it's harder to find few ones who will stay and won't give up on us no matter how we mess up. I have met best people in the different chapters of my life. Each is unique from the other, each has his/her own incredible way that made me kept him/her.

** But no matter how good every one seemed, I am still stupid at most times. Those are the times when I risk everything I have for the sake of saving my pride.

*** Yet, there is SOMETHING PERFECT when I am in my most stupid state..
for it is when I become the most stupid human being on earth..that I realize that there are more idiots who care to understand my undesirable personality and stay unconditionally.

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Beanizer: "I guess I should fire my nanny.."