'lil reminders

A grade 4 child once asked his teacher..
"Ma'am, why is the pronoun "I" always capitalized whenever we write it?"

the teacher smiled and said..
"'Coz it's a way of giving respect to yourself. By capitalizing it, you're emphasizing your worth and uniqueness..So value yourself 'coz you exist for a reason.."

~One thing we often missed when we care too much on other people is the value of SELF-RESPECT. The idea of "giving everything" is not a mistake unless you are giving it to someone who never sees your worth.

p/s: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY PA!!.."--(you wont find this anyway..)

Beanizer: "Who stole my diapy!!??.."


~my piece"

~I'm playing the puzzle of my life..
Suddenly, i noticed something..
the most important piece of the puzzle is missing!!
then i realize.. i need to talk to you to say this:
"Can I borrow you to complete it??"

--this line have been used by lots of sweet-talkers. And if you're wondering if I have used this to anyone, I must say i haven't (hold your eyebrows, hehe!). But, No, I haven't use it..why? 'coz i am not used to borrowing..hehe!.. but now.. i wanna use this line to someone dearest to me..
hon, hope this line tells everything..
if not,,then let me just sing then..
let me serenade you ---
To all my fans:
sorry, but this is a dedication to my someone special

Beanizer: "tsk..tsk..i should do breakdance sometimes!"

hon, did you like it??
yeah, you might be thinking this is all i can do..

on the contrary, i made a special request to revise that song..


i'm still hearing negative comments from the outside forces..

so here's the real one for you honey..

oh..i think i'm in love..

Beanizer: "Honey, where's the remote control?"
Honeybean: "Do i look like a lost and found counter?"