"Ok! don't get too excited!!"
I just want to blog about one unusual thing that happened last 14 or 15 days. Unusual in a way that it made my cute butt bothered.

It happened one cold night in our sweet peaceful home (in the laundry area to be exact). It isn't a surprise to my few closest friends here that I live with my older sister ('coz I'm still a baby ofcourse!). But to those who just know..well...SURPRISE!!!

Anyway, this is what happened:
My sister was in the laundry area fixing some mess. She found this old box with useless papers and plastics (or trash). She was about to throw it when she noticed something moving inside the box. She called me up..and ofcourse ORDERED me:

"Throw this in the garbage, (pause) there's something inside".

So I took the old box and discover the unknown present. *peek peek* I was delighted to see the surprise! She noticed me smiling secretly.

The conversation goes this way:

Her: "Throw it away immediately"
Me: "Can we just keep them for a while"
Her: "They are nasty and will only stink"
Me: "Don't you have a heart? They are still babies, look at them..besides, you don't like dogs..and I wanted a tiger *looking at them*..hmmm...they will soon be like tigers!"
Her: "And where will you keep them? They stink!"
Me: "We'll keep them until they are strong enough to walk and find their irresponsible mommy"
Her: "Throw them or I'll throw you!"
Me: *blink blink*

I was silent for a minute, put the box down and hurried inside the house. I took the camera and get back to those 'lil darlings. I held them out of the box and took some snaps.

I told them to keep still but
they keep on searching for each other.

Guess they're feeling cold..

or yet their mommy told them to stay together. *kiss kiss*

"sleep my 'lil Simba" "i hate fans, no autographs pls!" "i will be the next cat model"

After taking few snaps, I took another box, put a cloth on it and place each of them inside. I put the box on one corner of the laundry area, peeked on them again and say goodnight.
When I was about to get in the house, I saw a cat with a black and brown orange fur approaching the gate. I said "Your babies are there" *pointing the laundry area* It simply stared and turned it's back at me.

Now, it made me think:
1/ What's the language of that cat that she didn't understand me?
2/ Maybe she (the cat) thought I put her babies in the washing machine. (But I pointed the laundry area not the machine)

3/ My sis can't throw me outside of the house, our folks will scold her! hahaha!

4/ Is this the answer to my wish to have triplets in the future?

5/ Why did the mom cat stared as if I have an obligation with the kitties? I can't remember any night I sleep with a cat..


6/ Will Didz accept them as my gifts for her wed? They will help her find Lucy or they will get lost too?? *confused*
7/ How can I make them roar instead of meow?

8/Should I share my coffee to feed them or should I sneak sometimes on my sis' slim fresh milk in the fridge?

E E E E E E L P!!!

Beanizer: "Bad puddy tat! Gimme back my lollies!"

*sniff sniff*

When we were younger--
crying always seemed to be the answer..

Now that we're older--
crying seems to be the only thing you can do to accept the answer..

~~Salty drops from the windows of our souls remain as the most effective language .

who got the heart to update my blog for me??

*say cheese!!*
Beanizer: "..errr..i think i got the mouse too??"

am i lovely???????

ok,, i know i am lovable *ahem*, no questions about that..
but hey!! i got a lovely blog award!! Phew!!
After a century, I got one!!

Thanks to my dearest friend who never forgets my wiggling butt..

Karen is one of the most greatest writers i found here on blogosphere.
Know her through her variety of blogs and be amazed!!..

CUiSinE deLiGhT
laWs & poliTICs
aSiaN FineST STArS
YantcHiLL BeauTy & faShion

and ofcourse,,

For my LOVELY blogmates..
keep these few simple rules or i'll hit you w/ my diapy!!!

1. Accept the award.

2. Post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link.

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Time to pass the gift..

I would still want to pass this award to some of the best blogger friends i have known for quite a long time..their wittiness and loveliness never fades.
And to my newly discovered blogmates, keep up the good work!!


*SiMPLy SiE~ for being a perfect model of a woman's strength..i'm proud of you!

*didZ~ the craziest and longest existing friend i had online she got the wildest blog so far ..wildest unearthly ideas..beware!

*ms. Jill~ the witty hilarious writer who shows life through her cam lens..hmmm..she won that michigan photo contest *whispering* she didnt treat me ice cyeam!! hmp!

*MommY jolly~ owns a great lifestyle..always an inspiration to all..she's my mom in the blog world who never attempt to change my diapy..not even once!!..

*janz & van - great friends with incredible write ups..they inspired me to write about my pet..*sniff sniff*

*raviE, beLLA, sudHi, nAndz & bro tRY~ my ever busy playmates!!..where are you guys!?..i told you to dump college! ehehe! ok no..just update your blogs!

*taRu, tigERdeeja, ady~ who make blogs that strike your heart..and mind..and liver..and kidney..ooops! no not kidneys and livers..

*miss AngiE & ambiguous Angel~ their lovely blogs are always worth your time..keep blogging!

*zeZebeL~ my new found blogger with so interesting topics and fun blogs..hey zee! make more posts, i'm reading! hehe!

*waYfArer- who owns a neat and intelligent blog of anything under the sun, the moon and the stars..

*miSS imperfect - with her daily musings..she's a new found blogger too with a lively blog you won't try to miss..

*vijAya- the girl with unlimited dreams who speaks of her real world..find her pieces and know her more.

hmmmmm..did i reach 15 already?

as usual, i lost my counting..

Beanizer: "one..two..hmmm..i should hire a counting nanny"