~road to true love

I realize I am.

Not that I am flawless
Maybe just feel secured--
Your doing

Once I was shattered
Unforgiven by my past
Beaten by vengeful memories
Darkness is my only light

The quest I continued
And so should be conceived--
Water should be under the bridge
and not to deluge my reserved senses

Distracted by deceiving charms
A reckless dreamer
I wished upon a lucent star
Alluring diamonds they appear above
Yet, they fell as no special stones
Thrown to me down hastily
Reviving my sanity

Along one track
I chanced to cross your same path
You're trudging the way to your visioned life
Anxious of which road you will choose
I approached the trail you defiantly face
And so I stayed closer
That I won't lose you from my sight

Upon seeing your face, I was stunned
You dressed like a warrior
Though your soul seemed torn
Those sweet eyes bear salty crystal drops--
Your weapon in disguise

In a moment I understand
I was planned to be empty
To be filled by the perfect one
My road was broken--
And blessed to bridge with yours
To spend the next story together
One Undying Love
We promised to keep until forever

A beautiful song that tells the story..
our story..

Hope I'm not tooo late..
Just wanna let you know..
I am happier everyday
Knowing we're inseparable..
♥ ♥ ♥


~~night love~~

It's been 13 months, 19 days and nights now.

I am still but HAPPY☻ 

 "your love takes me to the cloud 9, look!"

and..b'coz i l♥ve youuu,,
 "i''ll learn every way just to keep you with me"
Love comes to those who believe it.
And yes, it did come..in perfect timing.

I knew it came.. when I felt your strength inside me, so powerful.
when I wake up with earphones on both ears, and i can still hear your voice.

when I sing a love song in the shower, unaware I am late for work.
when i am pulling the working hours its end, wanting to get home earliest.
when i wanted to share an ice cream with you and kiss your lips when its melting..

Tonight I realize how lucky I am
Tonight I can't help but fall in love deeper with you
Tonight I'm certain you have caught my helpless he♥rt
Tonight..it's raining again..
and it keeps on reminding me..
of the overflowing love I have for you..

♪ ♫ ♪ ♥ ♥ ♥♫ ♫ ♪ ♫♥ ♥ ♥ ♪ ♫ ♪

"look hon, i teach puppy groovy dancing!"
how about--may i have this kind of dance with you??
♥ ♥ ♥

beautifully sinking inside~~

The typical me lives with music at least an hour a day.
Either to screw a loose nerve in the morning or to loosen a tight day. 
Preferably with headset's on.
Preferably with no one's around to share the other piece
(that's how selfish I am with my earpiece!)
I definitely love to feel the vibration of the notes locked in my brain nerves that you seem unreachable at that spur moment of time and you were just like hearing deaf of the real world.
An awesome feeling.

But I am human.
Still a normal human.
I don't wanna be locked in a single state
of being---
at the same time, I don't wanna let
the Music bored itself dealing ONLY with precious me (though I don't refuse the idea)

Music has lots of flavors. And we have different tastes.
There are many songs I keep playing,
there are few I remain loyal to--

Days ago, I heard this song playing in my pal's celfone,
It made me stop and ask "What's that song?"
Had it pass to my cel.
I listened, "It's good"
I played it again when I was on my way to office.
I googled for the vid with lyrics..
Listened and read the lines 3 times (i still can't memorize the song)
I am here, updating my blog ,
(and you were there reading, yey!)
I am in front of my paperworks
Boss approx. 30 steps away (ssshhhhh)
So, I was saying, this song made me stop..
And it made me think..
I will include this on the most important day 
Every time I hear this, the words simply sink inside me..
so heartening, gripping my fragile organ ♥, 
causing the rain on the windows of my soul..

I need to practice to perfect this ♫♪♫♪ 






i knew there is something special today..
no! not special! not just special!
it's important..reeallly important! 

You agree with me Pichu?? right? righttttt??
go on! clap clap shake shake
yeah! yeah! you got super energy huh!!

 let's rock 'n roll!!
i look tough with my diapy!
oh yeah!
would you want me to sing our love song honey??!
uhuh! uhuh!

or you wanna  speak about my---
fow youuuuu???

I'm not the most romantic you know!
But ok, let me try..

But before I speak my heart, 
can i ask a 'lil request???
kiss meee first

see how you move my 'lil nerves??
mwah! mwah!

ok, now let me speak now..


It's been a year now since I fell in love with you. Been a year now and I never regretted keeping you inside my heart. I never imagined I could fall in-love again this strong. And this another chance I gave myself to love truly is one of the best things I gifted my whole being.

I believed in true love and now I believe more. I trusted love and now I'm giving my trust to you more. I'm scared to get hurt again, yes I really do. but despite this fear, my love prevails dominantly for you. I am the happiest now. It makes me think, MAYBE I am indeed a 'lil good person yesterday, 'coz God blessed me a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. 

Days may pass and we may not know what the future promises. Yet, I will do more than my best to keep this tie between us unbreakable. I told you I am sweet  since birth *hehe* but I won't do a crazy act of love just to anyone. I love you, everything about you, no less.
Happy Anniversary Hon! 
Thanks for keeping me alive.
I love you sooooo much ♥♥♥

I wanna tell you something...
the weather is crazy here
but i don't hate it..

no mater how many tears 
the heaven will pour on us..

my heart would speak the same words for you..

I will keep it safe 
I will keep it strong..

yah! yah!

Only for you....

it's harder to find a fresh flower that will never dry up..
just as my love for you.♥

but it's harder ..
to train a teddy say I LOVE YOU..
this one I DIDN'T allow to sleep until he memorized the 3 words..
Instead he wrote them in his pillow..
ah..eh..don't worry about the 'epileptic' gesture..
i guess he's still fine..
and i never fail to remind him to add more milk in his coffee..
i am innocent! i didn't harm teddy! pwomise!

ok, since i can't be there..
i am sending my heart 
to meet yours on our DAY..

I pray to you my Lord,
Please make her smile with this post..
and please remind her I am..
always cute..

Are you alright?
Oh! You dance vewy vewy good huh!
Did i make you smilee??

I   L ☺V E    Y O U U U ♥♥


(peter pan w/ a mix of robinhood) 


~she's most beautiful~

I guess it's destiny. We were born on exactly the same number. Our months sit next to each other. Did God perfectly designed our stars?
or Purposely MEANT That Way?

Whichever the reason is, I am HAPPY.

Some may speak of their timeless serendipity. Let them tell 'til they lose their voices. What matters is --THEY ARE HAPPY..JUST LIKE ME.
I can't make this post longer. Maybe it's a fact that you'll be lost for words when you're just too happy..and you're holding your heart from getting off from your chest.
Crazy. Yes. I have been a lot of times.
Does it matter? A man can't live here on earth without getting crazy- AT LEAST ONCE!
If he claims he's always been SANE in love, I personally doubt his psychological condition.

I have posted this song along time ago in the blogger land, I wish to dedicate this to a very important woman in my life who made my every day extra-special.


I L o v E Y o U ♥♥♥