~she's most beautiful~

I guess it's destiny. We were born on exactly the same number. Our months sit next to each other. Did God perfectly designed our stars?
or Purposely MEANT That Way?

Whichever the reason is, I am HAPPY.

Some may speak of their timeless serendipity. Let them tell 'til they lose their voices. What matters is --THEY ARE HAPPY..JUST LIKE ME.
I can't make this post longer. Maybe it's a fact that you'll be lost for words when you're just too happy..and you're holding your heart from getting off from your chest.
Crazy. Yes. I have been a lot of times.
Does it matter? A man can't live here on earth without getting crazy- AT LEAST ONCE!
If he claims he's always been SANE in love, I personally doubt his psychological condition.

I have posted this song along time ago in the blogger land, I wish to dedicate this to a very important woman in my life who made my every day extra-special.


I L o v E Y o U ♥♥♥