~road to true love

I realize I am.

Not that I am flawless
Maybe just feel secured--
Your doing

Once I was shattered
Unforgiven by my past
Beaten by vengeful memories
Darkness is my only light

The quest I continued
And so should be conceived--
Water should be under the bridge
and not to deluge my reserved senses

Distracted by deceiving charms
A reckless dreamer
I wished upon a lucent star
Alluring diamonds they appear above
Yet, they fell as no special stones
Thrown to me down hastily
Reviving my sanity

Along one track
I chanced to cross your same path
You're trudging the way to your visioned life
Anxious of which road you will choose
I approached the trail you defiantly face
And so I stayed closer
That I won't lose you from my sight

Upon seeing your face, I was stunned
You dressed like a warrior
Though your soul seemed torn
Those sweet eyes bear salty crystal drops--
Your weapon in disguise

In a moment I understand
I was planned to be empty
To be filled by the perfect one
My road was broken--
And blessed to bridge with yours
To spend the next story together
One Undying Love
We promised to keep until forever

A beautiful song that tells the story..
our story..

Hope I'm not tooo late..
Just wanna let you know..
I am happier everyday
Knowing we're inseparable..
♥ ♥ ♥