I wanna insert this quick homework..

EXTRA-ORDINARY GAL hit me again..and now it's a TAG..
Thanks for remembering me Riya!!!

My 3 Famous Names: (Only in blogosphere)
*Bean, Beanie, Beanizer

3 things that scares me:
*Growing old
*Losing someone special
*Flying Cockroaches

3 things which make me smile:
*Family bonding
*memories of Friends & special people

3 things I Love:
*All the people I'm building relationship with (family, friends)
*Going back to college days (if only I can)

3 things I hate:
*Nuts on Ice Cream / Chocolate
*Conceited People

3 things I don't understand:
*Why I don't know how to swim.
*Why I don't play volleyball.
*Why I can't sulk reading books.

3 things I am doing right now:
*Answering the tag
*Pretending I'm busy working
*Thinking what to do later

3 things I can't do:
*Leave my loved ones
*Disappoint my family
*Going back to the past

3 things I want in a relationship:

3 Physical things that appeal to me from opposite sex:
*Sense of humor and wit.
*Good smell.
*Beautiful eyes and smile.

3 of my favorite hobbies:
*watching Disney Channel
*playing games

3 things I like about myself:
*Willingness to help
*Fun-to-be-with (AM I?)
*Being a listener.

3 things I hate about myself:
*Getting rude unknowingly
*Jealous (???)

3 things I am wearing right now:
*Blue shirt

2 truths and a lie:
+*I hate someone right now.(grrrr)
*I am thinking of someone I miss. (hehe)

-*I am NOT passing this tag.

3 bloggies i want to pass this tag to:
*Roachy Pengwee (didz)
*Protective bro (Try)
*Mr. Engineer/ Ms. Lyn (whoever finds this tag)

ahmmm..sorry Riya, but I need more victims,,so I'm passing this tag to:
*Ms. JP
*Emee Lyn

Enjoy guys!!

~~beanizer: "who says i cannot swim? huh!! and learn!!"


"WOUNDS will not heal--
if you urgently put band aids on it..
sometimes, you just have to let it bleed..
let your wounds have space for healing..
and when you think your wounds are already cleansed, that's the time you need to use band-aids."

Nobody's left this world without bleeding. Our vulnerability as human beings makes us experience the so-called life. No matter where we set our feet on this planet, we can never escape the blades in our paths. Some blades make scratches, while some sink deeper and create the most intolerable pain. We become desperate. We want to get rid of the pain in any possible way but don't know how. And so we settle to impulsive solutions, thinking we can cover the fresh wound inside us. In the end, we realize that the pain is never is still a broken rib making us suffer everytime we breathe..


~beanizer: "somebody stole my lollies!!"

~delayed homeworks (2)

As promised, here is another set of delayed homeworks.
For my dearest blogger friends who deserve these, please do take care of my gifts and don't leave this cute potty kid..ok???

The EXTRA-ORDINARY GAL gave Beanie xtra-ordinary GIFTS all in a single post.
Thanks so much RIYA!!!

As a rule, I have to tell 3 good things about me.
Still squeezing another facts about me, I almost have nothing left for myself.
Anyway, here's more: (i guess they are also good for me)
1/ I love shades (eyewear).
2/ I hate being pressured.
3/ I can't live without coke.

Passing this gift to my cupcakes:
* didZ
* robBie
* ravie
* tarunita
* sudheera

Riya is so generous, here's another gift..


- In order to accept the award, please post it on your blog with the name of the person who awarded it, including the link to their blog.
- Pass the award onto 5-10 of your most loyal followers.
- Remember to contact those followers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are the people who blows my mind everyday:


~Sorry, I am catching my time..haven't provided links..

Riya has never grown tired sending me gifts..

Rule 1: I need to reveal 5 things i love to do
Rule 2: Pass onto 10 blogger friends.

~Another revelation..oh God! Let's see..
1/ I love to eat KFC Hot shots and Krushers .
2/ I love to watch movies.
3/ I love to play on arcade..(how many times did i say this?)
4/ I love listening to music when I'm alone.
5/ I love to make people smile and laugh as often as possible.

I want to keep the circle of friendship with:
*Ms. JP

~Sorry I have to break the rule,,I want to keep everyone in the circle. I just hope they feel the same way and keep beany despite the distance and time..

Another rule: Smile before you claim your gifts :)

Ahmm...I'm in s super great,,here, my lollies for you..go on..pick one..don't be shy..


~~beanizer: "Oh my!! I'm so sleeepy.."

~delayed homeworks (1)

Despite the lazy bones I've got these past days,I am still lucky to have these wonderful people who never grew tired of giving me recognition.

Guys, THANKS for remembering me..
and SORRY to keep you waiting..

Oh..I'm so lucky..

Few rules to follow:

1. Thank the person who gave the award.
2. Share 5 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 2 bloggers you like the most.

THANKS TARU!!!--you are the sweetest!

5 more things about me:
^I love teasing people..but sweet teases only..hehehe
^I want my life to be the simplest.
^I never control myself if I want to laugh regardless the subject.
^I am 'lil rude --but in a sweet way! (don't argue!)
^I badly miss my sweetest friends :(

I like all my blogmates here..yet keeping with the rule, I wanna give recognition to these sweetest people..

BELLA- ok, you're still sweet despite bullying me in the class..hmp!
EXTRA-ORDINARY GAL- xtra-ordinary sweet gal making beanie xtra-happy, you deserve more than this award..

moving on..

another gift from my team blogmate TRYANT..


1.Describe about the most happiest moment happened in your life
2.Pass this award to 1 blogger...except me,And describe why are you giving this award to him/her

*There are soooo many moments in my life that made me believe I'm the luckiest creature living in this world (hehe)..there's no such thing to describe happiness when I am with the people I love most..
~I must admit, there is one special person who changed my life. Despite the pains it caused me, I knew so well that such existence made me feel the most important person on this planet, such that I can't blame myself being so madly in love..ok, I'm reserving the rest of the details to myself..hehehehe

*I wanna pass this award to the very first person who helped me with this great lay-out. When I was a newbie here, I don't really care of the appearance of my blog. It was her who took the initiative to pimp my dead templates. It was her who influenced me to appreciate creativity and art..she's no other than.. (drum rolls)


~~beanizer: "oh my!..this is child labor!!..anyone seen my nanny??"


alright, beanizer's here again..a double to start the month of May.

I want to thank all the wonderful people in bloggers. I am getting really lazy to blog new posts now (sorry followers). My life is getting boring and boring these days. I just want to read others' blogs and learn life through their write-ups.

This post is to recognize the greatest people I've met in this virtual well as to share the blessings I got from them to others more deserving.

Heartfelt thanks to TARUNITA and TRYANT for these awards:

~from taru

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

1/ Tarunita, you are one of the nicest people I'm grateful of having here. Thanks so much! God bless you:)

2/ Sharing 7 things. Oh my! I'm squeezing my brain thinking what else I haven't shared here..since I have given many facts about myself in the previous tags. But since I am an obedient kid(hehe)'s my list:

* In contrast to being a lollie-eater in my wall, I am honestly not into SWEETS. I love dark chocolates. Does it follow that I am not a sweet person?
* I am still into cartoons. I love Pixar movies. I'm dying to watch TOY STORY3.
* I have only 1 fear and that is GROWING OLD.
* Family is on top of my priority. (I have said this million times)
* I am faithful (a fact, don't question!)
* I am so impatient. I hate waiting. But you must be patient with me.
* I am cursed having a kid's brain..

3/ I wish to pass this to all my blogmates but following the rules, i'm only giving this to my newly found blogger friends..and they are:

* ExtraOrdinary Gal, Ms. Jolly Princess, Tryant, Winbian, Nandita
* Christian, Mulan, Kai Sensei, Miss Angie, Supahdancee,
* TigerLily, Bella, Ravie, Sudhi, An the Dreamy eyed gAL
(The last set of friends are not newly discovered but they are the few special ones who never left my wall without teasing and getting my other words, they give life to my blogger life)

-----Now let's move on..
The next award came from my great cool friend~ Tryant..

Thanks dude!!..

One Golden Rule:

1.Pass this award to 2 persons u like the most in bloggers.....except me (the giver)

The golden rule sounds easy but seriously it is much harder to JUST select 2 out of sooo many great blogger friends I like..

I want to give this award to 2 of my greatest first friends in bloggers world. Though I can't find them as often as I wished every time I signed in here, they are always remembered.

Both of you, despite you don't give much attention now to this cute kid on the pot, bear in mind that I am always here for you. I don't want to bug you much now 'coz I never wanted to be a burden in your busy sked..just do take care of yourselves. I'm just here. Anytime.

I'm giving this to the ladies I am missing so much..

DidZ and RoBbie

Followers, friends, readers..having you all is more than having any kind of award.
I'm forever grateful for all of you. Love you all guys!

~~beanizer: "Anyone seen my pot?"