hmmm..just a special day

When I was months younger, I tried to find the better me. I look at myself trying to figure out what I really wanted. But can't see the soul I was searching.

"Soulmate, is that you?
Well, you look cute too"

Until I found you.. and started to know you each passing day..
You only know how to make me feel special,nothing more..

"Promise, we won't get cold honey.."

"Your powers touch me in every way"

"As i can feel how you sweep me off my diapy"

Your presence tells the beauty of life. You make everyone love you dearly. And I don't know how you do it..but I love how it is..

"I want to grow with you in every possible way"


it tells everything..
(p/s: to the couple who made this, i'll trade my lollie for the rent, ok?:)


"Oh you know, you know, you know
I'd never ask you to change

If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same"

"I want to make my dreams come true
through you"

"Oh..our little darlings.."

You know why I love number 8 the more??
it's because..*counting*

"It consists the perfect figures
I want to tell you everyday"

"Hon, can you hear my heart there?"

BEANIE: "Sun bathing is still best for babies
until.. buttburn"



I am back!!"i knew it! i knew it!.."

I am here to announce to the world wide web the veeeeewy vewwwy good news about my longest craziest existing friend in bloggers..

Yeah! You know her..'coz:

1/ She's the first one who appears very kind and supposedly harmless..well, hmmmm, yes! she's still not that harmful but..but..(i'll keep the rest to myself)
"i believe in quiet angels.. 'coz i was born"

2/ She's the craziest of all my fans..errr--i mean friends..
3/ She's as sensitive as me when it comes to novels..we can't survive it..
"this book is very reliable, but where is Goofy?"

4/ She's a pro-photographer i must say..she even snaps someone's butt!
5/ She's a Geminian like me..such that she understands my cuteness..
6/ She makes humorous posts and add unexpected morals to each..

7/ She's one of my favorite tag-victim..hehee..

So..what's the best news I was saying??
"heheeee...can't help but show my dimples"

hmmmm....nothing really.. she's just... just..
She's bearing my soon-to be playmate!!

"HEy Didz! I got a new partner!"
Little Didzlet!!

Did you get what I mean??


What i mean is...
She really got ovaries!!

Seriously BEanie??!!

Believe me!!
"sleep baby didzlet" still don't get it, do you?

Haist..alrighhhhhhht! having a BABY!!!!!!

Can't wait to play with Didzlet..
"i'll share everything to Didzlet even my precious diapy"

I promised Didzy, I won't stress her,,

I only prepared a 'lil dance number for my soon-to-be accomplice..

And this will be our first dance...

yow yow!! yeah yeah!
I'm such a good influence!!


Beanie's update:
"At last! My replica is done!,
Aww! I'm such a hunky!"