Beanizer: "Let me tell you one of my favorite story.."

shhhhhh!!! listen!!

Once, there was an island where the FEELINGS/ VALUES live.
It was announced that the island was going to sink in the ocean
FEELINGS prepared to leave..

LOVE: "Can i come with you on your boat?"
RICHNESS: "Sorry, but many golds and silvers here."

LOVE: "Sadness, please stay."
SADNESS: "I'm sorry, but I want to be alone."

LOVE: "Happiness, I'll go with you".
But HAPPINESS didn't here what LOVE said.

TIME: "LOVE, come! I'll take you with me.
Love felt so blessed and overjoyed.
LOVE: "Why did you help me TIME?"
TIME: "'Coz ONLY TIME is capable of understanding HOW GREAT LOVE IS."

*If you are ready to give love, make sure you know how to make it real. The best investment in every relationship (may it be romance, friendship, family) is TIME.
If you don't have it, don't claim you are capable of loving.

The more time you give, the more you prove the person's worth.

"You see my new diapy??
Yeah, it is a requirement for my chocos, i keep some in here..
now you can't see them! don't dare to steal! hmp!"


Eid ul-Fitr

I believe faith has nothing to do with the kind of religion you are a member of. Since we came to this world naked, we are all equal, no influence, no belief, purely human-- from One SAME God.
I was baptized a Christian and brought up with Christian values and virtues. Had my first step and last step of knowledge in Christian schools. In my years of learning the facts and hearing the opinions, I can't resist my amazement and respect on others beliefs and practices. One of which is--the FAITH AND DISCIPLINE of Muslim people.

beautiful place..

Today is a national holiday in the Philippines. A 'lil info for those who doesn't know, Christianity is NOT the first religion of the country but ISLAM. This day is given as an opportunity for us Filipinos to celebrate with our Muslim brothers.

is an Arabic word meaning "festivity", while Fiṭr means "conclusion of the fast"; and so the holiday symbolizes the celebration of the conclusion of the month of fasting from dawn to sunset during the entire month of Ramadan . (taken from wikipedia)

yuhoooooo!!! playmates!! oh! you fall in line for my lollies??

Idul Fitri is not only for celebrations but a time for atonement: to ask for forgiveness for sins which they may have committed but was cleansed as a result of the fasting in the Muslim month of Ramadan.

To all my Muslim friends all over the world:

"Selamat Idul Fitri"