~another homework!~

Before finding myself tagged, I have found other replies on this tagging. I was saved in the last 2 bloggers who made this ago..but when I found Ms. Robbie's name on A. ANgel's list..i just said to myself..OH no! Some killer instinct will be released again!..

In response to my SWEET TORTURER's tag, unlocking the 10 HONEST things about BEANIZER..

1/ I missed the Sunday mass yesterday.
2/ I don't play favorites..but I choose to have a bonding with Kimi than with my other nephew and nieces
3/ I prioritize my family than anyone else.
4/ I can play guitar well. (ahem! ok, just being honest! hehe)
5/ I am a brat ..a good brat! (Lower your eyebrows!)
6/ I'm staying with my sister now. I can't live alone, I'm still dependent somehow.
7/ I feel hot today. (Summer?)
8/ I only collect Beneton scents. Sporty and Cold.
9/ I love jackets.
10/ I am planning to blog on a different site. (but can't get myself out here)

~~beanizer responding


Smiley Karen said...

hi beanizer! thank you for your comment at Smiley Karen

Didz-W said...

That's cuz kimi got all the girls, so u can just bunk in anytime with him :P and I'm in the same position as u for no.3, Yay! *high five Bean!*
U never mentioned u can play the guitar, just playing the keyboard. Btw, I play the keyboard too, look now, I'm typing on it :P
Blogging at diff site??? Well, I can always find u, u have nowhere to run. :P hahaha..!

Rml said...

You can play the guitar??? How cool! Somehow, I'd never pictured it... hehe, sorry!
Hahahahhahah, "Lower your eyebrows!" was great! That was EXACTLY what I was doing!!!!
Well, good to know that at least I'm a SWEET torturer!!! =)

Rml said...

@Didz: "I can always find u, u have nowhere to run." I'll second that!!!

beanizer_05 said...

i was glad i have someone in the blogger world who knew so well about that korean story..though i was quite frustrated knowing the tragic end..tsk.tsk. hehe

beanizer_05 said...

hey! i've mentioned that before, well, not here in bloggers!..i know how to play few weird stuffs like that..the flute(only the recorder) and the harmonica (a bit)..you know my left hands outta control in keyboards, i cnt play it well!..

@sweet torturer:
oh yeah?? i have nowhere to run?..you'll teach me to play soccer, i will surely run!hahaha!

virender said...

Hiii.. interesting blogging!!!!