It's been a while..not that long yet I missed talking here. I am really talkative, yes I am! But these past days turned to be so quiet for me. Ok, not really quiet just not so loud. I took my time just readng blogs, often commenting, sometimes just passing.
Most bloggers are damn busy due to exams, graduations, works and thesis. And it made me feel quite sad and lonely. I am a needy kid for God's sake! I need to have fun and mess with everyone!! But can hardly find someone to play with me. But HEY! thanks to my teacher Ma'am Robbie for bearing with me and my naughtiness. You rock honey! And to some blogger friends in my wall, for understanding my tantrums and lollies, thanks people!!
So, here's a simple gift to those people who never failed to complete my lonely days..i want to see this hanging in your template.

Guys, please do keep my lolli while i'm not around..
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Time flies too fast that we forget it's Lenten Season. This is a Holy Week for us Christians, a time to reflect on the meaning and significance of Christ's death. A perfect time to relive Christ's suffering in this present world. The least we can do at this moment is practise our duties as faithful followers through reflection, abstinence and fasting. No time for pleasures 'coz the Lord is dead. Thus, a time of mourning and repentance.

So we'll be having a no work as observance of the Holy Week starting tomorrow (Maundy Thursday) until Black Saturday. I'll be going home at my folks house and be back on Easter Sunday.

Have a blessed Holy Week everyone!

~~Beanizer is a Christian.

~let's celebrate!!~

There are many beautiful reasons to celebrate each day.
Today, I got 2 special and great reasons to remember this day..

First and foremost, I would like to take this chance to greet my BFF who's celebrating his 24th birthday this very day.. Happy Birthday Je!..I am 87 days younger than you! Tigulang ka na gid ya! wahahaha!

A little info about my best buddy, Je is the one who:
1/..Taught me the trick of solving a 3-layer rubix cube. (Source of the cheat!)
2/..We (me and my other buddy) met in the library one fine day, and just that look in our eyes--we knew we are of the same feathers! (angels or chickens?)
3/..You can find most of the time in the library bonding with the bulky books (but never transformed me into a bookworm)
4/..Currently own a roller-coaster Blood Pressure but still living a healthy lifestyle. (tubig lang kag the bar!)
5/..An accounting wizard.. Don't deny! (Humble? ka da!)
6/..is my accomplice in making Mabz paranoid by having too many secrets. (hahaha!)
7/..is a music lover too, supplier of downloaded songs in cds.. (copy ko din na?)
8/..loves tazmanian..(coz they're the same in a way! haha)
9/..got a deal with me that we'll be having our marriages on the same date (him-day, me-night), on December 19, 2012. (before the world ends--the movie)
10/..i consider as the best and truest buddy!--nothing compares! (don't cry!)

Those are some of the facts about my friend. And by the way, je's here in bloggers though not constantly visiting the site. Only visited the site twice!
Hey je! You're not getting younger anymore, when do you plan to update your page? You got lots of sentiments than I do, so stop believing you have no time to blog! Afraid I would know your secrets??hahaha!..Guys, if you want to know my dear buddy here..visit HERE
Don't be surprise if you find the wall blank and the site too clean..but will surely appreciate finding people in the wall..provided not invading some privacy..ha!

Alright, I guess this is enough..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JE! Thanks for everything!
Palangga ta ka ah! 'Di na mag-emote da! hahaha!

Now the 2nd thing that makes my day..(drum beats)..
I got a perfect number of voters! A hundred! ..it feels great finding 3-digit number on my votes though no one knows his own reason of voting..hahhaa..but still, thanks people! Soon if I got my 100th post, I would definitely tell the world about it..but it's way too long..this is just my 38th post on this site. So have greater patience on me please..

I gave this moment a beautiful realization.--
~JE is a perfect friend indeed. I won't be a 100% as I am without my best bud.
~There will always be a source of happinness, may it be someone can look you straight in the eyes..or simply other souls who care to touch you by the heart.

~~Beanizer has the truest friend and great people~~


~bean's happy~

Mark this day!

I usually hate Mondays!..But this day is UNUSUAL..I simply love it!
One reason is finding a wonderful blogger who got me this award..

Thanks so much Miss Angie:)

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

Ok, I'm not sure if these stuffs about me is intersting enough but I'll give it a try..

1/ I seriously love my friends. They make my life less complicated. Having them in an hour (less or more) is greater than having your lover beside you. And so I need them badly. If you are my friend, please do take precautions-- I will definitely hunt you down!
2/ I don't need a lover and I'm not prepared to have a serious one again. Just no commitment this time. I'm still 23,,what's the rush??..I still look good without one (hahaha!)..Ok, maybe I need one..but if possible, I wish that would be the last and final.
3/ I love beaches. I may not know how to swim and bond with the waves, but it's always a heaven.
4/ I hate those who hate me. Why not? Life is a mirror anyway.
5/ Currently, I have 96 votes in bloggers! Not bad. Thank you co-bloggers! Though I doubt what push them vote me..hehehhe..
6/ I got beautiful nemeses..oh yeah, they are gorgeous, charming, irresistible, crazee, grumpy and they're smiling and strongly believe what they are reading here. Love you guys! Though I doubt if the feeling is mutual! I just love doing the 3____ with you..hahahha!..Readers, it means 3x feeling dead!
7/ Oh seven..somebody likes this number. Ok, try to figure out what should be the 7th thing about me (coz i can't figure)..hehehe..

Though everyone deserves this, I still wanted to follow the rule so as to oblige them to pass the award to more people..

Beanizer would like to share this gift to:
* Didz - you always know you're in my list.
* Robbie - thanks for the story, haha..(hey bella! i'm her fave student!)
* Bella - still waiting for her Edward. (Edward is in the blood bank I told you!)
* Maya - for defending and watching over me during class.
* Ravali - for being so nice and letting me know you:)
* Sudhi - for calling me a kid! I always am!
* Dreamy Eyed Girl - keep blogging, so realistic views.
* Karen - I admire your wits. Write more.
* Ady - Lost but never forgotten!
* Leona - those cupcakes are really sweet,,simple lines still beautiful (add this award, don't ask)
* FJ - i love your Fill in The blanks..
* Suraj - hey! thanks for being my first friend here! blog more interesting views
* Extra-ordinary Gal - I miss your writings. Hope to find them soon again.
* Mariel - Lupe, join the class..but please don't bully me.
* Worthy Me - Hope you can overcome that fear.

I'm catching my time now, sorry for missing the links guys.
Hope this made you happy just as I am.

~~beanizer is more than happy

~the moral~

A mother is preparing pancakes for her 2 sons, Kevin (5) and Ryan (3)..

The boys began to argue on who would get the first pancake..

Their mother saw the opportunity for moral lesson..

Mother: "If Jesus was sitting here, he would say-- "Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait."

The two brothers were deeply touched of their mother's words and so..

Kevin turned to his younger brother and said..

"Ryan, you be Jesus!"

"No! You be Jesus!", Ryan replied.

Mother ate the first pancake (teary-eyed).

Ok, now, what is the moral lesson? It's crystal clear.
~Don't starve your children.
~Time is running, don't delay preparations esp. meals.
~Be sensitive. Don't just serve pancakes on breakfast.

Sorry readers, Beanizer's really affected by El Niño--heat's getting into brain..can't think clear posts. Pardon the inconvenience.


~twists & turns~

There are innumerable twists & turns,
but when you get it right..
it looks PERFECT no matter which side you look at.."

~Before, I was pissed when I can't solve a 3-layer rubix cube. But with much patience and demand I put on my friend to teach me the trick, I was sooooo happy when I made it right in every way(heheeee). Seriously, even knowing the trick requires greater patience and eagerness. I even caught myself sometimes on the phone asking the steps calling my friend--that's how committed I was, even my sis found me weird. The hell I care!

Kimi..what are you doing with that cube??

~~And now I'm bragging about it and almost occupy the space forgetting the thought I should share. Ok, change mood.
Seriously, I guess the message is true. When you find success at the end of a roller-coaster life, you will see your life PERFECT all the way. Another thought I have in mind when I read this quote is, LIFE IS PERFECT BECAUSE OF ITS INNUMERABLE TWISTS AND TURNS..like when i see that rubix cube, when the colors are mixed in all sides, I see complications, yet, I too see how beautiful a rubix cube is when it is colorful. I guess that made it really perfect--the process towards making it complete on all sides.

"Señorito, it's not that easy..besides, you're too OLD for that, it's made for kids!"

~~It doesn't require the END to recognize the beauty of life. It's all the time on the way going to it that we can make life wonderful. The twists and the turns that might be wrong/ right symbolize the risks we take on that unsure journey. The emotion and feeling we put onto while doing the challenge unveils our character and molds our attitude. The grip we apply on each move reflects our faith. And that some people looking on us while we play the game are just our spectators-- expecting, convincing, criticizing, wanting or unwanting us to finish the challenge triumphantly. And we realize, all that matters is still US. If we succeed, the first person who will be happy is the person inside us. If we fail, the mostly hurt is found inside us.

"alright kimi, i can see you're not sweating but trust me, you can solve it soon when i feature you again..go to bed now!"
Use your wits to find the right move. Use your heart to keep you moving.

~~beanizer wondrin' how to get back the rubix from that old man