--my night class--

Yesternight was one of the best nights I had. I was enjoying like no tomorrow. It happened because of one person, my sweet baby, KiMi(see right), my 3-year old nephew. I admit it, I was really amazed of this kid's personality.

I was uploading pictures on FB when they arrived. I didn't mind him at first, until he drew closer to me and asked me in our own dialect.

Translated conversation:
KM: "(______), are the monsters still there in your computer?"
me: " Yup, do you want to play?"
KM: (nod)..
His mom: Kimi, you forgot something?
KM: "Good evening! (better late than never)
(he reached me, kissed my nose and sat on my lap)..
KM: "Are you afaid of the monsters,(__)?"
me: "No, but we have to eat dinner first so we can kill all of them."
KM: "But, aren't they going anywhere?"
me: (carrying him) "They're still sleeping, we'll wake them up later"

after dinner:
KM: "Let's wake the monsters"
me: "Later"
KM: "But,you promised"
me: "They need enough sleep"
KM: (dropped his face)
me: "Ok"

He sat on my lap while entering "The House of the Dead" (the game).
Everytime a dead man hit me, he would ask "You're not hurt, right?" and I would answer "No, they can't hurt us".
We played different games one after another. The most he enjoyed was "Plants vs Zombies"..I keep on telling him "We have to protect your house" while pointing the label "Kimi's House" each time it was displayed on screen. He was cracking when those zombies ate the bombs and explode. Though I feel annoyed sometimes when he asked unending WHYs and HOWs, I still ended up answering like a recorder.
When his mom told him they're going home, he immediately got off my lap.
The funny thing was when I tried to call him back:
me: "Look, we have new plants, come here"
KM: "It's already late, I'll see it tomorrow ok?"

I was shocked. It seemed like I was the 3-yo and he was the grown man.

For the nth time, I have proven to myself I am still a kid. A kid learning on other kids. The lessons he taught me last night:
1/ Promises are made NOT TO BE BROKEN.
2/ When someone hurts you, you should NOT PITY yourself.
3/ Old stuffs (like those games) CAN STILL make you happy.
4/ Never get tired of giving reasons so others CAN LEARN/UNDERSTAND.
5/ There's always TIME for everything.

~~BEANIZER~~the kid


delightfullness said...

hay..namiss ko ung house of the dead!
nilalaro ko din un kpag walang quiz or exam the next day

clai also a kid! ^_^

beanizer_05 said...

haha! you enjoyed killing dead people too..it's a relief from a stressful day..

i wish to be a kid forever..like peter pan?..but not with green clothes :)

Smiley Karen said...

i really like this post beanizer, i laughed when you mentioned the "asking unending whys and hows"....hahaha!

g-r-a-n-e said...

kids live in a simple world.. hope we do too.. while aging things became complicated.. hehe ><

beanizer_05 said...

@ karen:
haha! i often give up when kids do that..sometimes i even answer them "'coz that's the way it is!"..and they will answer back "why??"..kids are kids :)
karl, have you responded to my tag?? hehehe..

@ grANe:
right, the simple the happier..more complications more probs..
wait, where should i put myself? i am a kid with a lots of probs??..hmmm..
btw, grane, iv tagged you, those 25 random things..

Rml said...

Hahahahhahah, what a cute, cute nephew!! And yeah, kids can act like that... I used to live with two cousins way younger than me, and I'd get that a lot! All of a sudden, you stop being interesting and they move on, unfeelingly like that! But he'll come back just as enthusiastically in no time...
I think we get hurt way more easily as we grow up. Hmmm... "Peter Panizing" does sound like a good idea! =P

Rml said...

Oh, I posted a comment here earlier, in the morning, but it's not here... Bean, have u been deleting my commets??? Tsc tsc tsc!

beanizer_05 said...

hi robbie!

i don't delete comments and certainly not yours..hehe, i wasn't able to publish your comment immediately such that you didn't see it here :)

true, kids are just like that but it's like a scratch in the heart if we seem sad knowing we are the reason behind..hehehe..so yeah, we must be more patient (am i?)..ryt, peter pan..wud u lyk 2 becum tnker bell?

Rml said...

Hahahahahhah, phew!
I think we gotta learn from kids and get over ourselves as quickly as they do! They move on so easily!
Errr... Tinker Bell is actually kinda annoying, hehe... don't like her very much! I like Wendy, but the whole point would be not growing up, so... a tough one! =P

Didz-W said...

Awww he's so sweet! I wish he can blog! hehehe that way I can relate to him than just to you. ahahaha :P cuz we're both still kids, I need to make new fwens. ;)

Didz-W said...

oh btw bean: that thing - there's always TIME for everything...well it doesn't work well for me.
EVERYTHING has not time for me. Hehe.

beanizer_05 said...

diDZy! you always make time for everything!!..see? you still got time to get back on my post and say gREAT things ABOUT KIMI!!..it makes me wonder why he attracts people more than i do..hmp! tough competition..

Rml said...

Now, don't be jealous, play nice! We like u both! Besides, u'r more interesting: u don't get bored by us, like he certainly would! See, we like u better!

beanizer_05 said...

@ robi:

is that a compliment or a guilty comfort??..

i even asked didz why this lil gentleman gets other ladies attention w/o doing anything..when we're together, they look at him AS IF HE'S CUTER THAN ME and ask his name..why don't they ask my name and get my number instead?? UNFAIR! grrrr...

Rml said...

Hahahahahhaha, it's a compliment (I think...)! But it's true, at least!
But u know, u don't seem to know how to use ur nephew's cuteness to ur advantage! If the ladies are interested in him, at least it's an opportunity to make'em be interested in u!

beanizer_05 said...

hmmm..use his CUTENESS to my advantage??so are you saying he's CUTER than me?????????..grrrrr....
Hmp! Just last night, i was surprised a group of young (ALMOST pretty) nurses greeted him as if he's alone walking in the red carpet!!..while those girls are like tickling themselves when he gave them a glance!!..i felt like a "bodyguard" protecing a virgin gentleman!..

Rml said...

Hahahahhah, I did not say he's cuter than u! I said he's cute - and u gotta use it to show the ladies u r just as cute! See?

beanizer_05 said...

hmp! im not JUST AS CUTE!..I'M CUTER!..i can't believe people..ok enough..