~match or patch~

"You hate Filipinos for the hostage fiasco earlier this week, right?
Then, should I hate Chinese people for the lead poisoning and melamine contamination?

Wherein, NOT EIGHT but hundreds..maybe even thousands have suffered.
Is it right to blame a whole nation for a mistake of one man?
If you do, then you are mostly DENSE.
No arguments. Just an opinion."

**Pass this to all Filipinos you know.
If you love your country, perhaps you'll send this.

This message was sent to me by a friend. I have seen the same note posted in a comment corner of one you tube clip and in a Facebook page. It made me think. It made me confuse my own reaction on my last post. I made an apology for the mistake of the one man and begged for forgiveness and understanding. But it never occurred to me the hard fact that WE WERE ONCE VICTIMS TOO.

All I was thinking 'til now is..
We can never get back the lives lost from the hostage-drama
and at the same time stop the danger melamine brought to our nation in the past.

One Filipino caused the death of the 8 Chinese.
Hundred/ Thousand lives were put to risk of the melamine
found on Chinese milk and chocolates(still, I love Cadbury!)

Now, I'm leaving this question
to all Filipinos and Chinese people:
(my readers are very welcome to comment)

Is this the right time to PINPOINT EACH OTHER? or
yet, the perfect time to FORGIVE AND START AGAIN?


"Mommy he wanted to get my diapy
so I gave him a temporary eyewear!"


~~tragedy on cruel Monday~~

I was hesitant to include this post in my blog. Yet, I am fully aware that I have a responsibility to save the name of my country from the hatred of other people's minds and hearts.

Some of my Filipino friends in the blogosphere had done their part:

and so allow me to share mine..

August 23, 2010 marks a bloodshed. A hostage drama that lasted at least 10 hours and ended the lives of nine people (8 Chinese tourists & the hostage taker).
The hostage taker is a former Senior Inspector who is asking to reinstate him in the police force after being dismissed due to robbery and extortion cases against him and other policemen.

The 55 year old Senior Inspector (hostage-taker) has been awarded as one of the Top Most Outstanding Policemen of the Country and received lots of awards when he was still in service. Two years before his retirement, he was terminated due to cases filed against him. Desperate enough to get his job back, he hi-jacked the tourist bus.

At the beginning of the drama(10am), he released 10 hostages and allowed the supply of food for the remaining 15 hostages inside the bus.

I never expect that my longing to watch a new action movie will be answered by a real and live telecast of such tragedy. Me and my sis were stuck in the sofa, watching every scene. If only the police men can hear us yell at them. It was a mixed emotion. I feel sorry for the hostages, pity the hostage-taker and hate the police for their blunders.

To all the people of Hong Kong, I am very sorry.
We, Filipinos, understand how you feel.
We mourn like you do.
We never wanted this bloodshed.
But please don't hate us and our country.

It was an isolated case.
Please do open your minds and hearts for forgiveness.
Philippines has been a home for most Chinese people.
Filpinos are known to be one of the most-caring, loving and
hospitable people all over the world.
We treated you as our brothers/sisters all throughout the years
and we will forever treat you as part of who we are.

Again, we NEVER wanted this.
Please don't hate us.

* To all Chinese people who is dwelling in our country,
hope you can have the courage to attest how your second home took care of you..
and help patch the friendship between our countries.


~~funny but sweet~~

this video sent to me by a friend.. it is reeeeeeeeeaally cute-- like me *ahem*
.. well, ofcourse it is!..why do you think i'll be sharing it eh? ..

again..thanks Doc!..
You made me smile and laugh at the same time..
i look like crazy seriously but i was completely moved!!


~in memory~

This post is dedicated to my crazee friend's pet--

He is QUAD~

Didz already mentioned Quad's lost in her corner. But, I guess some of my newest friends would want to know more of this 'lil buddy. Pengwee (Didz) loves Quad dearly (not to mention, she became a SAFE pet owner to Quad *wink*)..

We witnessed how sensitive she is to Quad's needs..

One proof was on Valentine's Day..
Pengwee was more desperate to find Quad a date..

Here's a proof!

Quad's Valentine

And another crazy pet owner here..
Quad's Dating

But there is just a 'lil prob with my Pengwee friend..
she's kinda blurry...

and so forgot one important fact..
--Bettas are fighting fishes!!
(making baby Quads is not that easy didzy!!)

That's how special a betta is to a pengwee's life..

You will always be remembered

Beanizer: "Allah take care of Quad"


~my turn~

For the past few days, I've visited my friends' blogs. I was amazed of how they blog about their pets. Too bad for me, I don't have one *sniff sniff*. I'm not allowed to have pets for few "valid" reasons (w/c i hate, so therefore, no need to discuss).

I love the colors of those creatures. Special mention to Cutie Kitty ERIN, Stubborn Eagle COKEY, and Bong2&Imee who inspired me to blog this post.

Let me introduce to you my amazing pet too..
btw, he was born last..August 14, 2010, 8PM, Philippines 6100

p r e s e n t i n g..

*drum rolls*

my Amazing BiX

shhhhhhh!! he's sleeping!! .. he got colorful dreams..

he's well disciplined..
see? he knows how to come back to his colors..

and now..he can dance..

*wiggle it just a 'lil bit..wiggle it..*
(see Stubborn Cokey?? hmp!)

Now he's tired and sleepy..
he's singing..listen! can you hear??no??

oh well, he sings only when we're alone..

Okay, 'til next time..
he's in his cage now..
sweet dreams Amazing Bix...

R.I.P. to my former Cube--RUB2
you will always be remembered..
I'll pinch Clyde (my nephew monster) for killing you..

vengeance is ours!!

i'll take care of your 'lil bro Bix..no monster can touch him..
i promise..*crossing heart*

Almost forgot.. the Irreplaceable Woman in Beanie's real world.. She's celebrating her birthday now.. Happy Birthday Ma!
(ok, she won't find this anyway..)
Love you so much..as always

Beanizer: "I don't really eat cake.."


*Sharing another song from my real world..
...always kept inside me..