~bean's invasion~

I was too lazy to post these captures when i arrived home.. But thinking again, I guess I should share some real pics.. it's been a week already and i haven't shared some details of my birthday trip.. Just bear with not being a pro-photographer..hehehe..


In Mactan Shrine..
wanna hear some history??

He's the man! The First Filipino hero..LAPU-LAPU.. I was trying to reach his armor but he's out of reach and kinda snobbish!.. hmp!!..Maybe he thought I am with Magellan's camp..he's not minding me at all..HMP!!

hey bro!! i want to prove to you
that our hero wears diapy too!!
*pointing at him*

see!? i told you!

Here! Read what is written in the stone..
Yeah, on this very spot Magellan died. Ferdinand Magellan (a Spaniard) who brought Christianity to the Philippines... Lapu-Lapu (a Muslim), the chief of Mactan refused to become a Christian..and so with his men, they defended the invaders..
~ I waited so long for Magellan to say hello to me..hmmm..i think he's kinda shy..and so i left him..

~Now, here is the place where the Spaniards approached our brave heroes..

~hehehe..i was looking for some playmates.
i look everywhere..
and found this dude..
i think he lost his diapy too..

~no more playmates here..???..

~ how about here?? yuhooo playmates!!! ooops!!..why are they not moving?? ..are those milk lollies?? *looking closer* errr..animal skulls...
hmmm...maybe we can play hide & seek here..hehehhe

~This is it!!..
Magellan's Cross..i almost break my neck capturing this..they said that the original cross is encased inside the wooden cross that is found in the center of the chapel..this is to protect the original cross from people who chipped away parts of the cross for souvenir purposes or in the belief that the cross possesses miraculous powers..

*singing* "I'm on the top of Cebu looking down on creation and the only explanation..."
I really wanted to go to TOPS (sowi pengwee) but unfortunately the place is unsafe to be conquered at the time..instead I ended here..i love heights...


Beverly Hills , CEBU CITY

~Lady Dragon..is that you???
That explains why you joined the bloggers..
you're looking for me!

~AYALA Mall in Cebu..the place is pretty crowded, can't find clear spots..

Ooops! kinda blurry... i'm having double vision.. i saw my name there *pointing*.. i ask for my milk.. but they just nod and laugh at me.. *sniff sniff*

inside the Park Mall..

Bro! Remember your piggy bank?? I think I tripped your coins here when i was searching for my barbie..your coins..can you see them??....I tried to pick them, but the security guard scolded me..he said i might get drown..bad man! so i just throw my diapy on him..

*grrrrrrrr*...it takes forever to upload pics here..
ok, here's the last pic..

look who i found!!! Yepey!!!
i found another playmate
at Taoist Temple..
he stared..stared..stared..
asked for my lollie.. hmp!..gluton kiddo!!

ok! ok! ...my fans are asking for my pic!..here!
i told you i'm generous..

Beanizer: "it's great to be 6 yeys old!!.."


I always wonder how long does one take to finish this size of lollipop?
A day? A week...?
I could never finish a single lollipop...

I'll end up with a bad tooth ache...

You know what's cool about lollipop?
It's the color.

And hey, I got a pair of socks that match the lollipop!
Lollipop, anyone?


~stay alive~

"When you get hurt, you don't need someone to heal the scar and take away the pain.

What you need is someone who will make you realize that nothing is really broken"

~I'm leaving this thought before I hang out with my friends. This goes for all the best people I met here in blogosphere. I only wish to just leave sweet smiles in your lips and heart. We are all fragile. We may hurt each other at times with our powerful words, but what matters most is that we still have "us" here..despite distance and racial differences, though we may not hear each other and only our eyes and fingers speak for our mouths, we still have that mutual feeling inside us -- CARE.

~Ok, stop the drama bean!!..

It's holiday!! Have a nice day everyone!!!

Beanizer: "I must stay in shape!"