bitter surprises

Here in my virtual world, I met different people, unique personalities..some passed by, some stayed for months, while a few remained closer to me even outside the blog community. We built a virtual world where truest friendship lives. They became a part of my daily routine, a sweet part of my so-called personal life.

"Look Bro, we got more fans!"

At this time, I wanna share with you one of the most precious chapters of my virtual-personal world..
It's all about---
I met one very good friend in bloggers community.

Fewest facts about him:

* I used to call him my "devil-cupid", if ever you wonder how I met my new love, it's his doing. he and his cousin made me realize how I love her.
* He's a blogger who doesn't own a single blogsite but a very faithful commentor on my posts and my hon's pieces.

* He's responsible of my inbox-overload.

* He's my older version, we had the same story.

* He's my big brother.

" Bro, i'm not really small, am i??"

= From the time I met him, I knew I found a clown. Yes, a clown. He wore a big smile on his face, he teased, ideal playmate! He played along with me in bloggers. He teased me most often, he even told my should-be secrets!
"Bro! brain freeeezze!!"

"Ok Bro, so this is our hide out.. You sure the girls won't find us here??"

= But behind this crazy comedian is a faithful husband, a loving father. Such character every man should possess. My brother found his true love. She was his life. I can attest to how much he loved her. His queen, his bestfriend. He told me his love story several times and he gave me advices of dealing with true love. I admire him everytime he proved his love for her.

Until one day, God took her away. He didn't know she had a heart ailment. She kept it 'til her last breath. She passed away just last month. I felt sorry for my bro. He tried to overcome his sadness and lived for the sake of their kids. He was a strong man. He managed to show he's moving on, that he must move on like any matured responsible man and father.


I was on a trip to celebrate my birthday with my friends, planning to come back with my pics to share here. I wanted to make a happy post like I used to in this site..but an unknown tragedy happened the day before my bday.

As narrated by a friend (his brother-in-law), my brother was rushed to the hospital. Two bottles of pills comforted him in his longing for his wife. I can't believe it happened. We were just exchanging mails few days before my birthday. He poured to me his grief and regrets. I knew he missed her so much and he can't win her back from God.

Yesterday, a wrong info was relayed to us. I cried upon knowing that my Bro is gone. A certain bad person made us believe Lance was dead. What a stupid attempt to fool us!

His bro-in-law clarified everything now. Lance has a brain damaged and a part of his body is paralyzed. I'm sad of my Bro's condition, yet, I'm happy he's alive and will soon kick that bad a**!!!

"I'm strong Bro, don't worry my baby muscles are the firmest!"

This post is dedicated
to my blogger friend and Big Bro -

Big Brother,

I don't know how to explain my sadness of your condition. I used to mislook your messages in my inbox due to my busy routine. I used just to smile on your advices 'coz you put a lot of effort to convince me everyday. I'm sorry for getting mad at those times when you're trying to push plans on me. I was angry but you didn't leave me.
Now, I checked my inbox. Wishing yesterday was only a bad dream. I was waiting for your message but you didn't come, I'm disappointed.

I know I hate what you did..and I wish you won't do it again..don't make me super-mad!

**Let this song be a reminder..each of us deserves a New Beautiful Life..we just have to be open
~~this song is specially dedicated to my Hon, Gracey and Big Bro.

Let me just say..
"Will you please wear this Big Bro?"

Beanizer: "For your recovery bro, I'll do a sacrifice,
I WILL BE CHOCO-LESS until you get well"
(pls recover as fast as possible)