i knew there is something special today..
no! not special! not just special!
it's important..reeallly important! 

You agree with me Pichu?? right? righttttt??
go on! clap clap shake shake
yeah! yeah! you got super energy huh!!

 let's rock 'n roll!!
i look tough with my diapy!
oh yeah!
would you want me to sing our love song honey??!
uhuh! uhuh!

or you wanna  speak about my---
fow youuuuu???

I'm not the most romantic you know!
But ok, let me try..

But before I speak my heart, 
can i ask a 'lil request???
kiss meee first

see how you move my 'lil nerves??
mwah! mwah!

ok, now let me speak now..


It's been a year now since I fell in love with you. Been a year now and I never regretted keeping you inside my heart. I never imagined I could fall in-love again this strong. And this another chance I gave myself to love truly is one of the best things I gifted my whole being.

I believed in true love and now I believe more. I trusted love and now I'm giving my trust to you more. I'm scared to get hurt again, yes I really do. but despite this fear, my love prevails dominantly for you. I am the happiest now. It makes me think, MAYBE I am indeed a 'lil good person yesterday, 'coz God blessed me a wonderful person with a beautiful soul. 

Days may pass and we may not know what the future promises. Yet, I will do more than my best to keep this tie between us unbreakable. I told you I am sweet  since birth *hehe* but I won't do a crazy act of love just to anyone. I love you, everything about you, no less.
Happy Anniversary Hon! 
Thanks for keeping me alive.
I love you sooooo much ♥♥♥

I wanna tell you something...
the weather is crazy here
but i don't hate it..

no mater how many tears 
the heaven will pour on us..

my heart would speak the same words for you..

I will keep it safe 
I will keep it strong..

yah! yah!

Only for you....

it's harder to find a fresh flower that will never dry up..
just as my love for you.♥

but it's harder ..
to train a teddy say I LOVE YOU..
this one I DIDN'T allow to sleep until he memorized the 3 words..
Instead he wrote them in his pillow..'t worry about the 'epileptic' gesture..
i guess he's still fine..
and i never fail to remind him to add more milk in his coffee..
i am innocent! i didn't harm teddy! pwomise!

ok, since i can't be there..
i am sending my heart 
to meet yours on our DAY..

I pray to you my Lord,
Please make her smile with this post..
and please remind her I am..
always cute..

Are you alright?
Oh! You dance vewy vewy good huh!
Did i make you smilee??

I   L ☺V E    Y O U U U ♥♥


(peter pan w/ a mix of robinhood)