--in style

Blogosphere always find ways to make me blog. As my site followers can attest, I ALWAYS keep my site updated..yeah! Updated every after two weeks or nearly a month of deeeeeeeep blog meditation.

And so, I want to thank
Karen for waking up my site again.

Karen: "Beanie, you look charmest in your new style diapy,
now you got a prize"

Beanie: "They begged me to endorse this.You like it?"

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award by linking his or her blog in your answer-post.
2. Write your own, Seven Things That You Still Don't Know About Me post.

3. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers you've known lately.

4. Inform them that you have an award for them.

Thanks Karen!

Seven Things That You Still Don't Know About Me
(do i still have?)

1/ I think I got sleeping disorders. I can't sleep earlier than 10 in the evening. Despite how tired my baby muscles are, I spend at least half an hour turning on all sides of the bed..that leaves no one wants to sleep beside me.

2/ I don't drink milk unless it's choco :) I just can't take the taste of a pure white milk, even you threaten me to feed directly from Mrs. Moooooo..

3/ I like singing in a videoke machine provided there are NO fans! What? I love singing! Got a problem with that?

4/ I hate crowd. I hate skin contact to strangers. I'm NOT vain. I just don't like the sticky feeling especially when people sweat and rub their arms against you. Yikes!

5/ I don't like too loud music/talking people. It makes me dizzy. My baby nerves are vibrating.

6/ I love spicy foods. As long as it's still tolerable. Haha! ..

7/ I love making friends yet I choose them carefully. Friends are next to my family, so I always assure myself of good influences. I want to enjoy my life as craziest as possible without losing my self value. So the moment you're added to my list, you must doubt if you were blessed or cursed! ..'coz I will make a promise that you won't have a quiet life as long as I live..and to prove that...

I'm tagging some of my newly found best blogger friends..
and some of my "all time" favorite lucky tag-victims..hehe!!
I'll just choose the lucky 15..

1/ Ms. SiE = for inspiring me each and every day online and offline..should i say more?
2/ DiDZy= for keeping me tolerably insane! She's a very thoughtful friend, proving that, she didn't buy me a single lollie from Malaysia!
3/ rObBie = hmmm...she's kinda silent now, i just wanna poke her. hehe! Hey lady! wazzuP???
4/ gRAcey & Lance = since you lazy bones didn't make your blogsites, this is your assignment, find ways to respond to this tag! alright!
5/ niNG li = she didn't mind me when i first came to bloggers..i don't remember when and how she noticed my wiggling butt..but then i'm keeping this witty blogger friend.
6/ LiliNg = i love reading her personal write-ups..and i enjoy leaving her unearthly comments..(unearthly means from an "angel" like me)
zEe = i miss making my own posts, but i don't miss reading hers..hehe!
7/ raviE = if she ever finds this, giving her a reason to have a short break from her busy life there..don't get lonely there! smile!
8/ sudHi = always full of surprising facts to be found on her site..
9/ AngeL = YAM, i know you can reach your dreams so fly higher:)
10 / ayU = 'lil girl, sorry for missing your posts lately, but i'm certain you're doing well in school!..
11/ ms. Jill = coolest and funniest blogger mom..she loves her lenses, i love her captures:)
12/ momMy JP = my blogger mommy, very strict with my diet, she doesn't give me milk and lollie allowance..hmp!
13/ tAru = a good friend, very loving wife to her hubby, how are you taru?
14/ DeeJA= one should have a good memory to memorize her names..tigerlily, poetic tragedy..lunatic tragedy..but still, she's deeja for me :)
15/ rockY = the artistic writer, one of my first friends in the blogosphere..i wonder how she's doing..

to every one who celebrates Chinese New Year..
Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

"Mommy, I'm starving!!
where's my food??? "

Oh! a cookie!!

a broken cookie???

huh? Mommy left me a note inside a cookie?

hmmm...i wonder what she's saying?

i know!!!

"i must dip it in my ice cyeeeeeam!!!"

Beanizer: "Hey kitty!! Who gave you the right
to borrow my diapy?!"



Remember one time I told you my secret identity?
Yeah, I'm Baby Batman!
Don't laugh!
I am serious!
My DNA proves it!

Anyway, I came here not to blog about my stunts and bat car. I am here to tell you one very special thing. A beautiful realization yesterday that made me drop my lollies and forget my chocos.

But hey! I remember my chocos now, so don't dare!

Note first: This is a long post. Not suited for those allergic to novels.

Ok, as I was saying..It's a realization, a reflection I wanted to share, simply because it made me smile and be grateful for the rest of my blog life.

There was a good friend of mine who was seriously ill. She was brought to the hospital by a faithful friend. She is special to me in ways that this page can't fully define. She is a woman of strength, my admiration on her will never fade no matter what. Her unique beautiful being made her friends love her..and made me love her most:)

Yesterday was a hard day for her and a painful day to me.
It was a moment that I spent most of my times staring at my phone waiting for updates.

The only source I have is our friend who never left her (thanks to you G!).

My special friend was in a very critical condition.
She struggled to fight and live for the people around her.

How about me? What can I do? I can't do a thing.
I can't help the doctors. I can't bribe the Heavens. I can't threaten death.

I paused. And realize I am no superhero. My batcar can't take her, my powers are useless.

friend G said:
"Let's stop texting for a while, and just pray."

"Yes", I said to my inner self.
"If He can hear me now, He can do miracles"

And so I started to ask for His mercy.
I asked St. Jude Thaddeus to give assistance.
I am not a devotee, but I'm not an atheist.
After my plea, I remember one thing,
"At this moment, others are praying too, I'm not sure if I'm His favorite.."

" Good kitty, be sincere when you pray"

I stared longer on my computer screen, my fingers are feeling cold.
And an idea occupied my mind.
"Ask for more help"

I signed in my google account and took the chance,
asking more prayers from my great friends online.
I wished them to find my note.

"There goes my best BROs..and great SIS's"

Few minutes later, I was told that my special friend was revived.
I was relieved for a moment. And thank Him.

This morning, I checked my inbox, and found my great friends.
ALL of them (whom i noted) replied and asked.
God is so good, everything is possible with Him.

"Woah! So..colorful!!!
I knew you don't have a fave color"

One more fact I realize,,most of my friends are not Catholics,
they are not Christians..but they were there
and we have One Same God..

"me and my superfriends"

Now, my special friend is back home.
She is not fully well,
but I believe she'll stay and will fight 'til the end..
'coz she knows WE love her
and He's just there watching..
I do wonder if He blogs too.
I am pretty sure He got the most number of followers
whether He's a blogger or not.

Beanie: "Save my friend,
I promised to take a bath and change my diapy

i simply LoVE 8!!!

I always say 5 if my number. My fave one, and yes, it surely is.
Yet, there's one number that I simply love..the number 8.

"I'm a team player!"

I am writing this exactly11:33 AM, January 8 of new year 2011.
I planned to write the usual stuff of welcoming the year like most bloggers did 'til I reach this date with my plan undone (the reason why I don't make resolutions).

I don't like something with no particular reason.

Why do I love 8?

I love 8 because:
1/ It's a Chinese Lucky number. It goes up.
2/ When you write it, it leads back to the same point. (but i don't like zero)
3/ I like how it appears on a billiard ball. (same with 5)"This marble is so heavy,
I should've brought a bigger stick"

4/ I can't often write it perfectly.
5/ I'm the 8th child and the cutest, charmest, adorablest,
*ahmmm*..did i already mention cutest? no? --i always forget that..tsk.tsk.. "you heard it right! I'm the cutest
now kiss me!! c'mon! don't be shy!"

6/ 'Coz i got 8-packet abs when i turn around

"I told yah! See my abs!? huh!
Alright, le'me answer my mails first"

7/ 'Coz that will be the age I'll get married..yeah! yeah! "Honey, why'd you grow so fast?
I'm taller than you yesterday.."

8/ It's a special day of every month 'coz it's dated for my perfect ONE.

"I mean it hon, you are perfect!
You look more pretty..grrrr"

What did i just blog???
Sorry readers, I'm a 'lil blank for the moment..
How about writing posts in my behalf?

Beanie: "Hon, is this part of our marriage contract?
I'm feeling cold in here"