~~tragedy on cruel Monday~~

I was hesitant to include this post in my blog. Yet, I am fully aware that I have a responsibility to save the name of my country from the hatred of other people's minds and hearts.

Some of my Filipino friends in the blogosphere had done their part:

and so allow me to share mine..

August 23, 2010 marks a bloodshed. A hostage drama that lasted at least 10 hours and ended the lives of nine people (8 Chinese tourists & the hostage taker).
The hostage taker is a former Senior Inspector who is asking to reinstate him in the police force after being dismissed due to robbery and extortion cases against him and other policemen.

The 55 year old Senior Inspector (hostage-taker) has been awarded as one of the Top Most Outstanding Policemen of the Country and received lots of awards when he was still in service. Two years before his retirement, he was terminated due to cases filed against him. Desperate enough to get his job back, he hi-jacked the tourist bus.

At the beginning of the drama(10am), he released 10 hostages and allowed the supply of food for the remaining 15 hostages inside the bus.

I never expect that my longing to watch a new action movie will be answered by a real and live telecast of such tragedy. Me and my sis were stuck in the sofa, watching every scene. If only the police men can hear us yell at them. It was a mixed emotion. I feel sorry for the hostages, pity the hostage-taker and hate the police for their blunders.

To all the people of Hong Kong, I am very sorry.
We, Filipinos, understand how you feel.
We mourn like you do.
We never wanted this bloodshed.
But please don't hate us and our country.

It was an isolated case.
Please do open your minds and hearts for forgiveness.
Philippines has been a home for most Chinese people.
Filpinos are known to be one of the most-caring, loving and
hospitable people all over the world.
We treated you as our brothers/sisters all throughout the years
and we will forever treat you as part of who we are.

Again, we NEVER wanted this.
Please don't hate us.

* To all Chinese people who is dwelling in our country,
hope you can have the courage to attest how your second home took care of you..
and help patch the friendship between our countries.


Didz-W said...

I read this on our local papers yesterday and I'm really sorry for the tourists...
that guy..he's setting a bad example for others to dare u see...an act of desperation. they shot him dead on the forehead by a sniper right??

beanizer_05 said...

yeah..he was shot in the forehead.
The guy was desperate, he was calm at first, he even released other hostages but in the later part he changed his mood..many factors provoked him in doing the crime.
And yeah, not a good example.

Jolly Princess said...

The Chinese will understand Baby Batman that this is an isolated case. Hopefully this will be the first and the last incident in our country right at Capital City of the Philippines. Let us also pray for our uniformed men that they must understand no one is above the law. Like any civilian Filipinos who suffered the so called slow due process they have to undergo the same process. Not to take the law in their hands by using their firearms just to reiterate their demands.

beanizer_05 said...

Yes Mommy. This should serve as a lesson to all. Selfishness always kills. The government should be awaken and not stay passive. Incompetence is never an excused. Hopefully this is the last.

Jill Wellington said...

Beanie..I am very relieved to know that you were safe on the couch with your sis when this unfolded. I heard about it on our news, too and worried about you, Jolly, Lyn and Christian!

SCARY and sad, but glad my friends are SAFE!

I'm glad you and Jolly blogged about it.

Janz said...

I am deeply sadden of this tragedy and it should have never ended the way it had ended. Nobody wanted this to happen. And I do hope that forgiveness will still reign in the hearts of the people in Hong Kong. I just wish that the people of Hong Kong and especially the victims' families will never hate the Philippines and its people because of just one Filipino who committed the crime. I hope that this will be the last crime that will happen in the Philippines or in any parts of the world. I am sorry too for what had happened because I am a Filipino too. I know that that time will heal all wounds and I'm sure that things will be fixed in the right place and at the right time. I will be praying that everything will be okay.

It was nice of you to post this Beany. Thanks for sharing! Take care. talk to you soon!

sudhi said...

i too read this in paper beany!!! sad!!! bt jst dont feel tht this small incident wil make others hate ur country!!!!!