~match or patch~

"You hate Filipinos for the hostage fiasco earlier this week, right?
Then, should I hate Chinese people for the lead poisoning and melamine contamination?

Wherein, NOT EIGHT but hundreds..maybe even thousands have suffered.
Is it right to blame a whole nation for a mistake of one man?
If you do, then you are mostly DENSE.
No arguments. Just an opinion."

**Pass this to all Filipinos you know.
If you love your country, perhaps you'll send this.

This message was sent to me by a friend. I have seen the same note posted in a comment corner of one you tube clip and in a Facebook page. It made me think. It made me confuse my own reaction on my last post. I made an apology for the mistake of the one man and begged for forgiveness and understanding. But it never occurred to me the hard fact that WE WERE ONCE VICTIMS TOO.

All I was thinking 'til now is..
We can never get back the lives lost from the hostage-drama
and at the same time stop the danger melamine brought to our nation in the past.

One Filipino caused the death of the 8 Chinese.
Hundred/ Thousand lives were put to risk of the melamine
found on Chinese milk and chocolates(still, I love Cadbury!)

Now, I'm leaving this question
to all Filipinos and Chinese people:
(my readers are very welcome to comment)

Is this the right time to PINPOINT EACH OTHER? or
yet, the perfect time to FORGIVE AND START AGAIN?


"Mommy he wanted to get my diapy
so I gave him a temporary eyewear!"


sudhi said...

hey chweet beany kool down!!!! no one z no ones enemy !!! lets b n unity!! hehe...

btw i too lov cadbury!!!! :O....

Didz-W said...

I'm not siding anyone here. let's just face it...s#&t happens regardless the race...it's a cruel world out there. to blame or pin pointing each other is useless anyway...

baby powder said...

yah! you're right bean

beanizer_05 said...

@bb powder:
hahahhaa!! dunlan man ko pgkkita simo ba!! hehehhe! halin ni ky jelai, mau gd mg.timing!

hmmm..gotcha!! you stole my chocos!! you gonna pay!!

wow! a serious comment :)
hahahha!!! yeah shit happens!! it happens..it happens with everyone regardless of the race and situation!! *wink*

sudhi said...

no i dint stole ur chocos beany!!! (munching chocos)....

i@иn℮™ said...

about the melamine thing, i certainly agree. this is actually a reality we need to face. there is no such thing as a safe place to live. we can die anywhere if its bound to happen. blaming should not be an issue.

Jolly Princess said...

Knock! Knock! I have a pint of ice cream for Baby Batman. Is he there? :)

Baby Batman, I know what you mean however let the Hong Kong people unveil their sentiments. It will pass ... soon.. Yet, it could not be done overnight.

Jill Wellington said...

You write so serious AND so funny!!! Truly amazing..you are!!!