~~funny but sweet~~

this video sent to me by a friend.. it is reeeeeeeeeaally cute-- like me *ahem*
.. well, ofcourse it is!..why do you think i'll be sharing it eh? ..

again..thanks Doc!..
You made me smile and laugh at the same time..
i look like crazy seriously but i was completely moved!!


Tryant said...

Yeah bro! the video is kinda good and kickin!!

It's been a while since i stopped commenting!It sure feels great to be back

van said...

ei beany,.that's cute !!!
it reminds me of your character :)
thanks for sharing..
so you want to keep an ostrich eh???

Jolly Princess said...

Great! Btw, I like your bloggers.com widget. (lol)

beanizer_05 said...

thanks bro! yeah..it's a great vid from doc sali..

hmmm...my character?? well, yeah,,i'm cute!..but much cuter than Pon!..
hmmm...ostrich..i'm still thinking coz i wnat to keep a tiger..will they be good friends then?

hmmmm..what widget??*confused*
Mommy i was to ask u..do i look like that when i was smaller?

Jolly Princess said...

beanizer_05 - Hahaha! Some of our blogger friends asked me already if indeed you are my son. Looks like the joke is kicking good.

Errr.. I guess so you are like this toddler when it comes to curiosity. Toddlers are always inquisitive. The way this little darling looks... Hmmm... I could not tell unless I see your real photo. :)

Thanks for the blog comment message, btw. :)

Janz said...

Agree! just like Beany! hmmm.... cute?!?!?!?!?! hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... hehehe! peace!

sudhi said...

beany cute post!!!!

lil beany ru angry on me??? chorry i'll cme to bloggers here aft only for u!!!!

beanizer_05 said...

hmp!! you always hiding!! rude puddy tat!

*showing fist*
i am the cutest!! got a prob with that??

Mommy! i'm cuter than Pon!..how come you didn't see me, i'm your 'lil darling! *sniff sniff*