~in memory~

This post is dedicated to my crazee friend's pet--

He is QUAD~

Didz already mentioned Quad's lost in her corner. But, I guess some of my newest friends would want to know more of this 'lil buddy. Pengwee (Didz) loves Quad dearly (not to mention, she became a SAFE pet owner to Quad *wink*)..

We witnessed how sensitive she is to Quad's needs..

One proof was on Valentine's Day..
Pengwee was more desperate to find Quad a date..

Here's a proof!

Quad's Valentine

And another crazy pet owner here..
Quad's Dating

But there is just a 'lil prob with my Pengwee friend..
she's kinda blurry...

and so forgot one important fact..
--Bettas are fighting fishes!!
(making baby Quads is not that easy didzy!!)

That's how special a betta is to a pengwee's life..

You will always be remembered

Beanizer: "Allah take care of Quad"


Didz-W said...

Aww...*teary eyes* that's very nice & sweet of u bean to do this..I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart!
There! you've explained everything how special was Quad to me...
I really feel his lost compare to the 1st beta fish that I had (which obviously u knew what happened!)
Next time if any of my pets died or any fellow blogger's pet died, you are the right person to post something like this :) I know where to find u! although i'm still a bit sad, u make my day/evening!
Thanks again bean xoxo! >.<

Jolly Princess said...

Wow! You are a great friend Baby Batman. I hope I have a pet you can publish in your blog too. :)

beanizer_05 said...

well..what are crazy friends are for??..Quad has been a part of me too--in a way..and i feel sad of his lost..if only he had the chance to have Quad juniors..it's ok..at least he saved his "innocence" until the very end..Allah will take care of Quad..guess he's happy wherever he is now..he's so lucky to be pampered by you..we'll miss him

beanizer_05 said...

@Mommy JP:
sure mommy! i can make a post for your pet(if u have na) anytime!
It's just..Quad is a very special betta fish..and so didz is a very special child *cough* i mean special pet owner *wide grin*

Janz said...

hmmm... thats very sweet of you. I hope you're sweet with my Cokey too and not choke him when you try to hug him. choking is bad. it takes your breath away like the song... take my breath awayyyyyy!!!!

Tryant said...

May It's poor soul rest in peace!!

beanizer_05 said...

hmmmmmmmmm...im not choking him..im just chowing him chum luv..vanvan called him chokey!..maybe that's because he stole my chocos!

yeah bro..Quad is in peace now..for sure

sudhi said...

poor fishy!!!!!

Jill Wellington said...

Gosh, Beanie...touching. Can you say something about MY betta fish named Bubbles who died after exactly three days of ownership? I also lost Sunshine and Sushi which were goldfish my kids won at the school fair and died before they ever had a chance to date!

beanizer_05 said...

no..he's not poor..he's so lucky to have a crazy pet owner who spoiled him though..and he got this tumor..so on the lighter side, he's all well now..God bless his soul

@Ms. Jill:
sure! no problemo, but you must give us few details of Bubbles, Sunshine & Sushi..Quad has been closer to me in the ideal world though we haven't got the chance to chat..i was even thinking he could teach me how to swim while i'll teach him how to get a GF *wide grin*..hehe!