hmmm..just a special day

When I was months younger, I tried to find the better me. I look at myself trying to figure out what I really wanted. But can't see the soul I was searching.

"Soulmate, is that you?
Well, you look cute too"

Until I found you.. and started to know you each passing day..
You only know how to make me feel special,nothing more..

"Promise, we won't get cold honey.."

"Your powers touch me in every way"

"As i can feel how you sweep me off my diapy"

Your presence tells the beauty of life. You make everyone love you dearly. And I don't know how you do it..but I love how it is..

"I want to grow with you in every possible way"


it tells everything..
(p/s: to the couple who made this, i'll trade my lollie for the rent, ok?:)


"Oh you know, you know, you know
I'd never ask you to change

If perfect is what you're searching for
Then just stay the same"

"I want to make my dreams come true
through you"

"Oh..our little darlings.."

You know why I love number 8 the more??
it's because..*counting*

"It consists the perfect figures
I want to tell you everyday"

"Hon, can you hear my heart there?"

BEANIE: "Sun bathing is still best for babies
until.. buttburn"


Simple Sie said...

"When we love, it isn't because the person's perfect, it's because we learn to see an imperfect person perfectly."

But I'm sure your Hon would say she loves you because you are Perfect for her in every way :)

She is so blessed to have you in her life.She is always praying and thanking HIM for giving someone like you much more than what she wished for.She is not just smiling but also teary eyed for the happiness of being loved by YOU :)

gracey said...

Out of the three post you have made for my friend this is the most appropriate post you have made.Ok then a clap lots of it for you.Finally you know how to properly court my friend.I came from her site and both of you are really compatible but the BIG difference is and why should you always show a BUTT kid---

Balqis said...

Beanie, you're so romantic and I've to tell you that I like the way you express your love for your honey. So lucky is someone special you call 'honey'. Wishing you every happiness you deserve with her! :)

Bruno Mars "Just the way you are" is in my fave list. I love the lyric which says and conveys so much love for that special person in our lives. Thanks for sharing. :)

evelyn said...

grandson you have said it right! I know she is happy now to see how much you also love her.You both deserve to be loved like what it should be.I had regrets before in my early years but now I can feel that both of you will have a happy ending!

grandson do me a favor to love her with all your heart because she deserves it.Take care of her heart and be careful not to make her cry I do love you both.

One day I will be smiling there in heaven seeing you both getting married and having a happy family like what she has wished for grandson.

Thank You for loving her.Do everything so you won't have regrets in the end grandson.

beanizer_05 said...

@ms. sie:
true..the feeling is perfect in every way when you know you are complete because you know how to love:)

my butt?! well,, i'm just scared of diapy rash..hmmmm..and why are you staring in my butt eh??

@mommy balqis (of ning li):
the truth is, i'm the luckiest to found my hon :)
woah! you like my fave song too??..ok, for that, buy me ice cyeam!! yey!

beanizer_05 said...

don't be sad,,lolo is happy because he met you and you made him feel special..
don't say that-- 'coz i know for sure that you will bless and witness our happy ending:)

lance said...

hey bro.and you got the sweetest bone in there saying I'm so in love.Ok I must say this is the right way to make her love you more if there is a space left to love you more 'coz she is loving you more than her everything.

The song is really meant for her and you have chosen the right song.Maybe you can start making your triplets.I am happy for both of you bro. continue loving each other and ok then you are both lucky to have each other <^^>

ravali said...

love is in air beany.......
kiddo heart touching post for me!!!
*grabbing beany's lollies*

Didz said...

Ok...i'm lost with the no.8...*scratching head* a special day/date perhaps?
may both of you will always be happier together! I can't wait to hear the next good news too from you & her :D *wide grin* Hmm...I wonder when is that gonna happen

Have a great times together each day to you & her! ;)

beanizer_05 said...

ofcourse i'm the sweetest! about you make your twins first huh? whatcha think? heheee

stop stealing my lollie!! i can give you some if you ask for it, see, i'm generous now *evil grin*

haha!! i just gave another reason why i love the number 'coz the line i want to tell is composed of 8 letters..hmmm..but yeah! you're right..special date!
take care of didzlet!!

gracey said...

I was not staring and my friend would slap me if I will be staring at you butt urfffffffff---how is she? now you know why we love her kid---

lance said...

twins bro? I guess it would be hard for Bianca and me.I am not as young as you are bro!

Jill Wellington said...

Your words and those precious baby pictures...exquisite! Love the babies in the ice cream cones! Don't put choco on them and eat them up..ha ha!

Jolly Princess said...

(lol) Hey Baby Batman, has it ever occurred to you, you have a talent for song writing aside from being a comedian and a blogger? Hahah!:)

Krincess Carl said...

Hello Bean! I agree with Jolly Princess. Like reading your posts :)

YAM said...

I love that blogger world is oozing with love:)

Zezebel said...

Love is in the air...


sudhi said...

hey fat beany such a sweet post for ur hon (licking ice cream) , your hon is a very sweet person, u r lucky to have her :D .... dnt eat lollies every day fatty pot :P u have to look handsome beside ur beautiful hon!!!!

beanizer_05 said...

@ms. jill:
no, that's me and my hon..noneed to put ice cyeam coz my hon melts my heart

@ mommy jp:
yeah! i have made songs already, but haven't produced my album yet..i prefer live performances though..woul you like to produce my first album? *blink2*

@karen: your posts too :)

yeah..sooo in love...

yup in the makes me breathe better :)

no worries! my lollies are non-fat..and i am already a cutie!!

fashioneggpplant said...

lovely and inspiring post :)