--not that late??

Beanie's Hon: Are you taking baby drugs??

Beanie: Why should I pollute my precious body with unnecessary drugs when my only desire
is your smile to make me high?

This should be posted last V-day..but since i was too busy sharing my chocos with everyone (co'z i'm VEWY GENEROUS!),,i just finish this NOW.

So what? Love has no date..right?


hmmmm...maybe you were thinking i'm not vewy thoughtful..hmp!
i am the cutest!!..so that means i'm the sweetest too!! And because i'm the chweetest, those chocos i shared with everyone during V-day, i gave them enough time to pay in installment basis in 7-days term! Ain't i so considerate??

May i take this dance?
aren't those heels too fit fow you hon?

Those chocos are for a cause..a special cause! I used the pennies i collected to buy my hon few...gifts.. here they are..

pls. don't touch so they won't taste bad..

These are for you hon..

I don't want to starve you honey...

i search for a drum size but they only got this 'lil pail..

Yehaaaaa!! look honeypie!!
i top them on these tiny cakes..'
you are my cupcake!

you are my ice cream..
you always melt my 'lil *pointing heart*

they tried to put it on stick..
i taste it..but can't finish ..

'coz you are my other half..

i'm not that romantic you see...

Please say YES?..

ok then! I'll serenade you again...

I told you! i know how to count!!



Beanie: hon? i can feel some eyes staring at us...


Simple Sie said...

your the sweetest and most adorable person I've ever met...your hon must be smiling hearing the song

I didn't know there is a malteser ice cream on stick yummy,so sweet to share it with your hon...

I know your sick please get well soon ok...I'll go there and be your nanny so I can take care of you *wink*...at no charge...

you deserve all her love...*blink blink* hmmmmmmmm...mwah mwah :)

Bella said...

hey you mind telling me who your hon is???

cLai ♥ said...

ugh.....i want that cupcakes too..
^_^ late happy valentines to you and to your honey..♥

liling t. said...

Beanie! You're so sweet! Reading the post with the song playing made me smile. I'm sure your lil' honey would love it too. Aww... Nice nice nice!

gracey said...

Finally you made one kid.Now you made her happy at least after her two songs for you on her site.Continue loving and hold on to love both of you will make it.

Always be there for her kid she loves you very much and I know you feel the same way too for her.Send my kiss and hugs to my friend and don't make her sad or cry, make each other happy ok kid

evelyn said...

I just came from the new site of Sie and was crying now I am laughing.Both of you are friends and it makes me happy on both of you being in love.Sie is on a more serious approach of expressing her love while you are much on a cute side.

I wonder Sie has a post on loving you for someone with a song on one of her sites and you have also a post expressing your love.

Both of you made me happy reading your post.I'll also be following your post from now on like with Sie.This lady must be so special

ravali said...

Love is in air.....
well your HONEY is sooooo lucky to have you!!!

lance said...

woah bro so that's the favorite chocolate of our friend _____.We do know her and what you have done will make her happy.

Everything that you do even the simplest things is highly appreciated by her.That's how much she loves you.

She said even just hearing you breathe while sleeping makes her Thank God that He gave YOU to her yeah bro.

Both of your sites are just full of LOVE yeeeeeeeeeeeehah <^^>

Bianca says Hi and she said please hug _____ from us in real life bro. woah looooovvveeee <^^>

Dai Ning Li said...

♥♥♥ YIHEE!!! ♥♥♥

janice_ said...

Ohhh so sweeettt you are! :) I enjoy your post!

Didz said...

Oh too sweet! :) Hey just make sure your hon won't get diabetes due to the sweetness ok! :P do take care of her.
yeah..btw, go tell who's your honey!!

sudhi said...

beany u r hon z very lucky bt those chocolates look yummy (picking one choci) :D!!!!

beanizer_05 said...

@Ms. Sie:
you can't be my nanny..you will be my playmate 'til i get well :) mwah mwah!

YES! I DO MIND!! bleh!

ah...go ahead..i'm generous, you can have them for $2 each..ehheee

i guess you mean..i'm so cute right? you misspelled again!

beanizer_05 said...

i'll make her happy ofcourse, what do you think i'm doing eh? hmp! heheee!

@ms. evelyn:
thanks for following..such an honor to have you in my site :)

not just in the air but in my entire system! bleh!

sssssshhhh!!...i will hug her more..for bianca's sake!..

beanizer_05 said...

@ning li:

thanks for leaving a comment, appreciate it much!

huh! i can cure her too!! don't you know i'm her doc??

pay up! pay up!!

Balqis said...

Beanie, I'm sure your hon is very proud of you. And you're the luckiest person cos she's your choscos, cupcake and ice-cream...yummy love!

Loved the song. Awesome! :)