bitter surprises

Here in my virtual world, I met different people, unique personalities..some passed by, some stayed for months, while a few remained closer to me even outside the blog community. We built a virtual world where truest friendship lives. They became a part of my daily routine, a sweet part of my so-called personal life.

"Look Bro, we got more fans!"

At this time, I wanna share with you one of the most precious chapters of my virtual-personal world..
It's all about---
I met one very good friend in bloggers community.

Fewest facts about him:

* I used to call him my "devil-cupid", if ever you wonder how I met my new love, it's his doing. he and his cousin made me realize how I love her.
* He's a blogger who doesn't own a single blogsite but a very faithful commentor on my posts and my hon's pieces.

* He's responsible of my inbox-overload.

* He's my older version, we had the same story.

* He's my big brother.

" Bro, i'm not really small, am i??"

= From the time I met him, I knew I found a clown. Yes, a clown. He wore a big smile on his face, he teased, ideal playmate! He played along with me in bloggers. He teased me most often, he even told my should-be secrets!
"Bro! brain freeeezze!!"

"Ok Bro, so this is our hide out.. You sure the girls won't find us here??"

= But behind this crazy comedian is a faithful husband, a loving father. Such character every man should possess. My brother found his true love. She was his life. I can attest to how much he loved her. His queen, his bestfriend. He told me his love story several times and he gave me advices of dealing with true love. I admire him everytime he proved his love for her.

Until one day, God took her away. He didn't know she had a heart ailment. She kept it 'til her last breath. She passed away just last month. I felt sorry for my bro. He tried to overcome his sadness and lived for the sake of their kids. He was a strong man. He managed to show he's moving on, that he must move on like any matured responsible man and father.


I was on a trip to celebrate my birthday with my friends, planning to come back with my pics to share here. I wanted to make a happy post like I used to in this site..but an unknown tragedy happened the day before my bday.

As narrated by a friend (his brother-in-law), my brother was rushed to the hospital. Two bottles of pills comforted him in his longing for his wife. I can't believe it happened. We were just exchanging mails few days before my birthday. He poured to me his grief and regrets. I knew he missed her so much and he can't win her back from God.

Yesterday, a wrong info was relayed to us. I cried upon knowing that my Bro is gone. A certain bad person made us believe Lance was dead. What a stupid attempt to fool us!

His bro-in-law clarified everything now. Lance has a brain damaged and a part of his body is paralyzed. I'm sad of my Bro's condition, yet, I'm happy he's alive and will soon kick that bad a**!!!

"I'm strong Bro, don't worry my baby muscles are the firmest!"

This post is dedicated
to my blogger friend and Big Bro -

Big Brother,

I don't know how to explain my sadness of your condition. I used to mislook your messages in my inbox due to my busy routine. I used just to smile on your advices 'coz you put a lot of effort to convince me everyday. I'm sorry for getting mad at those times when you're trying to push plans on me. I was angry but you didn't leave me.
Now, I checked my inbox. Wishing yesterday was only a bad dream. I was waiting for your message but you didn't come, I'm disappointed.

I know I hate what you did..and I wish you won't do it again..don't make me super-mad!

**Let this song be a reminder..each of us deserves a New Beautiful Life..we just have to be open
~~this song is specially dedicated to my Hon, Gracey and Big Bro.

Let me just say..
"Will you please wear this Big Bro?"

Beanizer: "For your recovery bro, I'll do a sacrifice,
I WILL BE CHOCO-LESS until you get well"
(pls recover as fast as possible)


Sie said...

Lance have really been a good brother..and you have secrets that your hon doesn't know?..I'll tell you to your hon and hiding from those girls?..hala many are they..

On a serious note I have also found one of my true friends here.We can't explain how life can lead us to some people who can give us inner strength,true friendship and happiness.

Friendship and love may come in ways we didn't expect but it does happen.It happened to me :)

your post is long oh..much love for your big brother..I'm glad he came your way :)

sudhi said...

Oh beany that is so sweet.

I hope lance read this. I never thought that he will take such a decision. lets pray to god for his early recover.

cLai ♥ said...

shocks! lets pray for him....

Sie said...

I am reading it again and I hope Lance could read this when he gets well.The two of you have really formed a bond of not just friendship but of brotherhood.Sometimes we couldn't explain how our virtual world have created relationships that where bound to last.

I'm sure your big bro. misses you too.Let us continue to pray for his fast recovery.

I was crying when I was listening to the song.The lyrics was speaking to me as well.You know my story and I have been hiding with my fears for some time because of the traumatic experiences that I had in my life since I was a child.

But now I am not afraid to face the real world because I know I am not alone now - my kids and my quiet angel will always be beside me to walk on with me to my life's journey :)

Balqis said...

Beanie, you wrote this right from your heart. I could feel the agony over what had happened to your bro. You really love him as a brother. It's amazing what the virtual world does to us. Initially, we get to know others virtually but it becomes a reality when the friendship goes beyond the virtual world. Both of you are blessed to have met each other. I pray Lance will get well soon.

Btw, I love listening to the song "I'm moving' on..." It has such a very touching lyrics and so meaningful.

beanizer_05 said...

We're destined to meet them in our journey. I know my bro will recover soon. Let's pray for him.
You must never be afraid of life's surprises, we have to taste all of them to make us stronger..and to lead us closer to Him.

i do hope he finds this. Let's pray for him. Thanks.

yup, a bitter surprise..let's do pray.thank you

yes, i am lucky to found my bro and every one of you here.
Thanks so much for bringing happiness to my virtual world.
I love the lyrics of the song too :)

Anonymous said...

I have been away from bloggers for such a long many things have changed here!!!!

I'll pray that Lance recovers asap!

btw how are you?

evelyn said...

I met you here and Sie.Never thought it will lead me back to my love story.You and Lance are like brothers and you have the same tickling bones with your comments on Sie's site.So with Gracey giving comfort and being always there for Sie.May Lance recover fast.

ravali said...

Really shocked to read this beany!
Lance is the handsome hunk,ohh man i'm really shocked of his decision.ok.lets pray for his recovery!

Lance you will be well for soon!!

Thanks for posting beany!

David Scott said...

"A brother is a friend God gave you; a friend is a brother your heart chose for you." May he be well and his spirit heal.

Trendy Karen said...

Hi Beanizer!

I learned a lot from this post. I need to be more concerned or be mindful of my friends and loved ones.

By the way, you may visit my new blog, Trendy Karen. I'm from My Regency. :)

gracey said...

hi this Vic, very touching for your bro. Lancey will be very happy to read it! I'll tell to him Bean.

bulek128 said...

I will also include Lance in my prayers for his fast-recovery. So sad to hear the news. Nice one for a wonderful friend! Godbless!

beanizer_05 said...

I'm doing well bells, thanks for your prayers.

yes, hopefully he recovers soonest. Thanks po!

yup, handsome next to me..i can't believe he did such ac. let's do pray. Thanks.

@mr. scott:
that caption is always true. We choose our friends and God gave them. Thanks.

indeed, we must value them all the time. I'll get to your trendy site soonest. Thanks.

thanks vic. Hopefully he finds this and will comment too.

God bless you too. thanks for the prayers po!

Anonymous said...

Thats So Sweet:) Hopefully He Recovers Soon:) Your Such An Amazing Friend<3

Anonymous said...

you are my bro. thanks bro.

Anonymous said...

I have physically recovered but can't move on 'coz my love for my wife.Thanks for your sacrifice of not eating chocos.You made me laugh on that picture after crying and you made me lunatic or somethin'.I missed you younger bro.

I have a check it out bro.

Zezebel said...

Sad love story. Hopefully he can get his strength back for the sake of his children...