--in style

Blogosphere always find ways to make me blog. As my site followers can attest, I ALWAYS keep my site updated..yeah! Updated every after two weeks or nearly a month of deeeeeeeep blog meditation.

And so, I want to thank
Karen for waking up my site again.

Karen: "Beanie, you look charmest in your new style diapy,
now you got a prize"

Beanie: "They begged me to endorse this.You like it?"

1. Thank the blogger who gave you the award by linking his or her blog in your answer-post.
2. Write your own, Seven Things That You Still Don't Know About Me post.

3. Pass on the award to 15 bloggers you've known lately.

4. Inform them that you have an award for them.

Thanks Karen!

Seven Things That You Still Don't Know About Me
(do i still have?)

1/ I think I got sleeping disorders. I can't sleep earlier than 10 in the evening. Despite how tired my baby muscles are, I spend at least half an hour turning on all sides of the bed..that leaves no one wants to sleep beside me.

2/ I don't drink milk unless it's choco :) I just can't take the taste of a pure white milk, even you threaten me to feed directly from Mrs. Moooooo..

3/ I like singing in a videoke machine provided there are NO fans! What? I love singing! Got a problem with that?

4/ I hate crowd. I hate skin contact to strangers. I'm NOT vain. I just don't like the sticky feeling especially when people sweat and rub their arms against you. Yikes!

5/ I don't like too loud music/talking people. It makes me dizzy. My baby nerves are vibrating.

6/ I love spicy foods. As long as it's still tolerable. Haha! ..

7/ I love making friends yet I choose them carefully. Friends are next to my family, so I always assure myself of good influences. I want to enjoy my life as craziest as possible without losing my self value. So the moment you're added to my list, you must doubt if you were blessed or cursed! ..'coz I will make a promise that you won't have a quiet life as long as I live..and to prove that...

I'm tagging some of my newly found best blogger friends..
and some of my "all time" favorite lucky tag-victims..hehe!!
I'll just choose the lucky 15..

1/ Ms. SiE = for inspiring me each and every day online and offline..should i say more?
2/ DiDZy= for keeping me tolerably insane! She's a very thoughtful friend, proving that, she didn't buy me a single lollie from Malaysia!
3/ rObBie = hmmm...she's kinda silent now, i just wanna poke her. hehe! Hey lady! wazzuP???
4/ gRAcey & Lance = since you lazy bones didn't make your blogsites, this is your assignment, find ways to respond to this tag! alright!
5/ niNG li = she didn't mind me when i first came to bloggers..i don't remember when and how she noticed my wiggling butt..but then i'm keeping this witty blogger friend.
6/ LiliNg = i love reading her personal write-ups..and i enjoy leaving her unearthly comments..(unearthly means from an "angel" like me)
zEe = i miss making my own posts, but i don't miss reading hers..hehe!
7/ raviE = if she ever finds this, giving her a reason to have a short break from her busy life there..don't get lonely there! smile!
8/ sudHi = always full of surprising facts to be found on her site..
9/ AngeL = YAM, i know you can reach your dreams so fly higher:)
10 / ayU = 'lil girl, sorry for missing your posts lately, but i'm certain you're doing well in school!..
11/ ms. Jill = coolest and funniest blogger mom..she loves her lenses, i love her captures:)
12/ momMy JP = my blogger mommy, very strict with my diet, she doesn't give me milk and lollie allowance..hmp!
13/ tAru = a good friend, very loving wife to her hubby, how are you taru?
14/ DeeJA= one should have a good memory to memorize her names..tigerlily, poetic tragedy..lunatic tragedy..but still, she's deeja for me :)
15/ rockY = the artistic writer, one of my first friends in the blogosphere..i wonder how she's doing..

to every one who celebrates Chinese New Year..
Kiong Hee Huat Tsai!

"Mommy, I'm starving!!
where's my food??? "

Oh! a cookie!!

a broken cookie???

huh? Mommy left me a note inside a cookie?

hmmm...i wonder what she's saying?

i know!!!

"i must dip it in my ice cyeeeeeam!!!"

Beanizer: "Hey kitty!! Who gave you the right
to borrow my diapy?!"


Simple Sie said...

Beany you tagged me again...but before I answer your questions got me thinking what are those things I am doing that inspires you offline?hehehehe....*blink blink* ok I'll do my assignment and it is hard hmp...

beanizer_05 said...

hehehe..sssshhH!! i'll tell you offline! those were easy ones..c'mon! you inspire me, remember? so do it na :)

Zezebel said...

again? auw Beani, you are such a naughty baby...

gracey said...

what on earth you kid I am not blogging let little dragon kitt your butt---

On my next comment I'll answer and on your broken cookie---

kid is not telling you something that PERTAINS TO LOVE? winkin'

Anonymous said...

bro.can I just answer with Gracey? I'm a little private hahaha!!

your not answering my mails :(

we will make thinkin' be back in a snap.Can I share even those hidden on my private closet?

beanizer_05 said...

@ zee:
i'm not! heheee..i'm just being thoughtful:)

well, lil dragon can't blog yet, so you do the honors..i ate the cookie as well as the note..

'lil private? good then, i'm a 'lil baby too, i can accept them so go on! write!!!

Didz said...

hai naku..another tag? haha! ok will do that soon..thanks in advance!

Rml said...

Hey baby! Ha, consider me poked! Thanks for the tag!
I sleep very well everyday, and LOVE to sing for a crowd, even though I sing horribly! But other than that, I'm just like you regarding numbers 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7! It's meant to be! =P

cLai ♥ said...

the broken cookie's phrase is amazing..^_^♥

gracey said...

here kid 7 things:

-I have a sweet tooth and always craves for sweet desserts like dips on choco syrups

-I hate being laughed at I kick there butts

-I can feel and see spirits

-I had attempted suicide before but because of my dear friend Sie that's why I am still commenting on your site alive hahahaha!!!

-I am choosy on friends and not mingle easily

-I am hard to deal with got rudeness sometimes that's why I wonder how Sie handles me

-I hate eating pork I go for beef instead

now I will tag you Beanizer--what is the BEST THING you like about your Hon? answer urf urf---

Anonymous said...

I'm next Gracey give way cousin mommy dragon:

1.Bro.I love all out.I don't look on the physical i go for the heart inside,on character.I can do anything just for her.

2.I love cars next to my wife and kids they are my babies.

3.I collect justice league items

4.I love mountain hiking alone

5.I eat steak my favorite with corn or mashed potato on side now I'm starving.It shows on my weight gaining now.

6.I choose also my friends and I am always loyal to them

7.hate flying insects makes my eyes blur and I hate blood too!!!

*I will tag you too Bro.like gracey-here is my phone in question-ring ring phone ring:

how much do you love your hon? what is the craziest thing that you can do for her?

ravali said...

well beany boy thanks for the award and hmmm...i'm not that busy anyways !!!
well iam glad you are getting inspiration offline too....blink....blink....
well i think that is my ice cream you took that...you ice cream snatcher!!!!!

beanizer_05 said...

stop saying thanks! just do it! hmp!

tsk.tsk. there isn't a rule saying you're gonna based on my answers! it's meant to be?--meant to be answered lazily! you teacher! grrrrrrrr!!

i'm thinking to tag you but i guess i found this award in one of your posts already :) ..ahmm..i don't understand what the cokie says..hehe!

beanizer_05 said...

-sweet tooth? since when? you always watch over your sugars! hmm..maybe it's lil dragon who love sweets!
-i'm not laughing *holding laugh*
-hmmm..spirits? can you feel me? i'm an angel!
-tsk.tsk..thanks to Sie you still got the nerves to prick my butt! hmp!
-i know you're a snob! haha! crrection--verrrrryy rude!!
-i hate beef..i prefer fish:)
HOW DARE YOU ASK ME! It's not part of the rule!
Ok, for your satisfaction! The best thing about her..she always made me feel BEST in everything..the best of her is she made me believe in true love again.

beanizer_05 said...

-true love runs deep:)
-can you give me one of your cars?
-don't try to include me in your items, i'm just a baby batman!
-alone..you sure?
-yumyum! perfect! treat me!
-yeah, friends..
-let's go to the blood bank, you should donate blood to the needy!
How much?--hmmm..immeasurable!
What?--craziest? that's a secret and a surprise! bleh!

beanizer_05 said...

good to know you're doing great there! i don't have snatcher genes!You are the only snatcher!

gracey said...

since I got little dragon I have sweet tooth and I'm munching snickers the choco bar ok not shoes bleh blah---

thanks for answering my tag and yeah I know you love her too and she made you believe in true love again no doubt on that and hats off on you Beanizer kid for making her happy.Wondering how she is handling you bleh!!!

She is getting prettier it shows you are a good influence also to her life in SOME ways SOME only bleahhhhhhh---look whose talking on being rude urffff---tongue out

Anonymous said...

I said I hate blood bro.I can donate my urine or some of it on a bank hahahahaha!!! forget it.

Baby Batman nice one I don't have that still on my collection.

secrets again go on do your thing just make her happy and give her time that's it.

Gracey said-Good thing she is patient and understanding always.

wishing you both eternal love

Sabahan Bloggers Club said...

You're the one who tagged that blogger that i comment before this. You really love to tag people huh? ["p]

beanizer_05 said...

@gracey: huh! i'm a good and best influence! you should let lil dragon play with me often so she'll be as much as behaved like me..

nobody wants your urine lance! yikes! but many wants my diapy..yeah! you can put some in your car as a freshener! hehe!

beanizer_05 said...

@sabahan club:
hi! is it zee you were referring to?..it's a sweet torture, a part of the rule..hehe

Dai Ning Li said...

If only you said it has to be 10 things, I would have added more -- I am allergic of squid, I am afraid of dogs, and I am afraid with fast running vehicle and so on and so forth. But then I'll become less interesting to know afterwards. Should I be rewarded for my every honest answer little Bean? ;')

liling t. said...

Hello Beanie! First of all, thank you for the award/tag. LOL! You're trying to dig more info from everyone eh? Hahaha! I'll do it real soon aight? :D Now, it's your turn to gimme chocos! :D

beanizer_05 said...

@ning li:
reward granted! *reaching half lollie* if you added few more i'll give you the other half of my lollie..*wide grin*

hehe! got no choice, it's part of the rule, to know you more! haha!

Jill Wellington said...

Awww...thanks for tagging me, Beanie! I was laughing and smiling all through this post. The pictures are ADORABLE! You are one cute baby!

beanizer_05 said...

@ms. jill:
ain't i the cutessssssst??? *blink blink*
but it's not an excuse for you to answer the tag..owkei????

Balqis said...

You always look cute in a perfect diaper. Now, I'm learning more of you. Thanks for your revelations. :)

beanizer_05 said...

@ balqis:
thank you ning li's mommy!
Shhhh..keep it low..ning li might hear and envy me again..hehe!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

haha..thanks for the tag :D

sudhi said...

thanq beany , OMG unbelievable , (liking lollie) want one fatty??? hush i wont giv u:P

cissydette said...

this made me LOL.. hahahah

:) nice and sweet. :)

Krincess Carl said...

Hi Bean! Thanks for blogging on this one. I'm really happy that you did this post.