Remember one time I told you my secret identity?
Yeah, I'm Baby Batman!
Don't laugh!
I am serious!
My DNA proves it!

Anyway, I came here not to blog about my stunts and bat car. I am here to tell you one very special thing. A beautiful realization yesterday that made me drop my lollies and forget my chocos.

But hey! I remember my chocos now, so don't dare!

Note first: This is a long post. Not suited for those allergic to novels.

Ok, as I was saying..It's a realization, a reflection I wanted to share, simply because it made me smile and be grateful for the rest of my blog life.

There was a good friend of mine who was seriously ill. She was brought to the hospital by a faithful friend. She is special to me in ways that this page can't fully define. She is a woman of strength, my admiration on her will never fade no matter what. Her unique beautiful being made her friends love her..and made me love her most:)

Yesterday was a hard day for her and a painful day to me.
It was a moment that I spent most of my times staring at my phone waiting for updates.

The only source I have is our friend who never left her (thanks to you G!).

My special friend was in a very critical condition.
She struggled to fight and live for the people around her.

How about me? What can I do? I can't do a thing.
I can't help the doctors. I can't bribe the Heavens. I can't threaten death.

I paused. And realize I am no superhero. My batcar can't take her, my powers are useless.

friend G said:
"Let's stop texting for a while, and just pray."

"Yes", I said to my inner self.
"If He can hear me now, He can do miracles"

And so I started to ask for His mercy.
I asked St. Jude Thaddeus to give assistance.
I am not a devotee, but I'm not an atheist.
After my plea, I remember one thing,
"At this moment, others are praying too, I'm not sure if I'm His favorite.."

" Good kitty, be sincere when you pray"

I stared longer on my computer screen, my fingers are feeling cold.
And an idea occupied my mind.
"Ask for more help"

I signed in my google account and took the chance,
asking more prayers from my great friends online.
I wished them to find my note.

"There goes my best BROs..and great SIS's"

Few minutes later, I was told that my special friend was revived.
I was relieved for a moment. And thank Him.

This morning, I checked my inbox, and found my great friends.
ALL of them (whom i noted) replied and asked.
God is so good, everything is possible with Him.

"Woah! So..colorful!!!
I knew you don't have a fave color"

One more fact I realize,,most of my friends are not Catholics,
they are not Christians..but they were there
and we have One Same God..

"me and my superfriends"

Now, my special friend is back home.
She is not fully well,
but I believe she'll stay and will fight 'til the end..
'coz she knows WE love her
and He's just there watching..
I do wonder if He blogs too.
I am pretty sure He got the most number of followers
whether He's a blogger or not.

Beanie: "Save my friend,
I promised to take a bath and change my diapy


Didzy said...

I'm super glad and relieved that she's awake now..i keep praying for her to recover to the fullest. Do tell her that i say hi & lots of hug for her.

Jolly Princess said...

I will give you a PERFECT score of TEN for this blog post Baby Batman. Did you say the post is lengthy? Not at all… I enjoyed reading it. Count me in to pray for her, too.

Yes, God answers prayers. I had proven His answers to my prayers so many times. :)

Bella said...

hey beani...relax now....everything will be fine....I hope and pray that she gets well soon....:)

sudhi said...

lets be strong for her beany!!!! i knw abt whom u r taking abt ,i thought she was fine bt im vry sad now :(. i'll pray every day for her!!!

ravali said...

i'm happy to see ur message about her beany,really it made my day,well i might be busy now but you people are always in my mind and will be there forever!!!
I know she is a strong woman and i knew she will fight back and return to blogging soon
*well beany i'm taking your lollie's and a that bat car...bye...hitting beany hardly*

Zezebel said...

Glad your friend is ok now. Keep praying dear Beanie, for God won't let our pray unanswered.

Dai Ning Li said...

Don't worry little batman, God will take care of your friend. I will include her in my prayers.

An Ordinary Gal said...

I m glad that she came back her home. I will pray for her :)

lol@Beanie's prayer(last one) :P

beanizer_05 said...

@ ladies:
thanks for the support and the concern..i'm glad you are always there..thanks so much! please continue praying..
i can give a break on my lollies *keeping lollies* but she must be well and safe all the time.
*hugs to all of you*

lance said...

Beanizer me and Gracey can't stop our tears.I just hope she reads this post of yours.

You know the Truth kid how your special fwend can get healed!!

Just make her happy and always be there for her.If the whole world would just know who really is she.Nothing to hide kid hehehehehe

Gracey says urf urf can I be the editor in chief and have a headline on my sisters magazine about the truth?

gracey said...

urf urf--Kid you know YOU can be a superhero and you know the truth HOW--winkin'--

David Scott said...

beanie I just finished praying and have no idea why I just have dropped here on your site.I was about to comment on my friends site and I was just blog hopping.

I am a pastor and I believe that everything has been called for.

Reading this I have a message for you:

Prayers are powerful but it is more powerful when it comes with action."God hears prayers but he answers prayers fast if he sees action with it!"

"Whenever you can, never wait to do something until tomorrow because tomorrow may not come.In everyone Beanie like your special friend here life is short.

"People die we have no guarantee of tomorrow"."If you want to express love,no matter what situation you are into,you had better do it now."

Like with your friend Beanie time is most essential,every second counts of her life and love is most important.

So with everyone when you want to express love and make someone happy there should be no delays it should be now.

God can talk through people Beanie.

David Scott said...

you have superpowers Beanie so don't delay let it be seen go unleash those superpowers to every person who needs you.

beanizer_05 said...

@lance and gracey:
c'mon! don't cry! ssssssshhhH!!!
haha! an EIC gracey??..tell your sis, hehe! can i write there too?? hehe! but pay me a lifetime supply of ice cyeam!!!

@Mr. Scott:
Thanks for your wonderful comments. I do agree with your words..God bless you and your family. Always BE an instrument of God's love to all..

cLai ♥ said...

God is Good....
her fast recovery will be included in my prayer...

Simple Sie said...

Thank You So Much For All Your Prayers.

Beany I am now crying I so blessed to have you.Thank You and I can't find such words to express my gratitude to you.I can't say much tears are just falling on my eyes.

Thank You For Praying For Me :)

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...hugs mwahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... :)

beanizer_05 said...

Indeed, He's the best!
Thanks Clai:)

beanizer_05 said...

@ms. sie:
*blush**wide grin*
you are always here *touching chest*
eh, i didn't do it for free, you have to pay! pay me huggggggsss..
and pay interest! interest of kisses!! mwah mwah mwah mwah, hehe, i just licked my lollie, but i'm not sticky *blink2*

Simple Sie said...

@ Beany-you will always be here in my heart forever :)

pay you hugs?hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

interest of kisses? mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah mwah...*blink blink*

Krincess Carl said...

Hello Bean! I have a blogger award for you. Please visit, Seven Things That You Still Don't Know About Me.


Zezebel said...

oh beanie....where are you..........