i simply LoVE 8!!!

I always say 5 if my number. My fave one, and yes, it surely is.
Yet, there's one number that I simply love..the number 8.

"I'm a team player!"

I am writing this exactly11:33 AM, January 8 of new year 2011.
I planned to write the usual stuff of welcoming the year like most bloggers did 'til I reach this date with my plan undone (the reason why I don't make resolutions).

I don't like something with no particular reason.

Why do I love 8?

I love 8 because:
1/ It's a Chinese Lucky number. It goes up.
2/ When you write it, it leads back to the same point. (but i don't like zero)
3/ I like how it appears on a billiard ball. (same with 5)"This marble is so heavy,
I should've brought a bigger stick"

4/ I can't often write it perfectly.
5/ I'm the 8th child and the cutest, charmest, adorablest,
*ahmmm*..did i already mention cutest? no? --i always forget that..tsk.tsk.. "you heard it right! I'm the cutest
now kiss me!! c'mon! don't be shy!"

6/ 'Coz i got 8-packet abs when i turn around

"I told yah! See my abs!? huh!
Alright, le'me answer my mails first"

7/ 'Coz that will be the age I'll get married..yeah! yeah! "Honey, why'd you grow so fast?
I'm taller than you yesterday.."

8/ It's a special day of every month 'coz it's dated for my perfect ONE.

"I mean it hon, you are perfect!
You look more pretty..grrrr"

What did i just blog???
Sorry readers, I'm a 'lil blank for the moment..
How about writing posts in my behalf?

Beanie: "Hon, is this part of our marriage contract?
I'm feeling cold in here"


Simple Sie said...

I am not into having faves on nos. but lately 8 has also been such a special day for me.

Why? It is when someone came that gave "meaning" to my life.A reason to live again and believe that love is still possible *wink*

So your Hon is looking more pretty , it is because she is happy and feels loved by you :)...

Dai Ning Li said...

Yihee! ♥

Didzy said...

Ah...8 is actually 2 stacked zeros being twisted! Hehehe..

Bella said...


Tryant said...

Haha...bro were quite close my lucky number is no 9.

LiLing said...

Aww... So sweet. When's the big day? ;)

ravali said...

shall i post the rest of numbers here on behalf of yours...
well starting now...
1)Beany eats a lot as he is fat kid so he likes 8.
2)people who eat lots of lollies loose their teeth (hmm...wat abt beany???)
3)beany has a misinterpretation saying CUTEST but he is the FATTEST...
well that's all folks that's the reason he likes number 8!!!!
(Well said!)

beanizer_05 said...

@ms. sie:
*giggles* she's always beautiful to me..
@ning li:
thanks for the longest comment! hehe!
hmp! no! it's not! it's meant to twist seven! hmp!
that's why we're bro!
big day..hmmmmm...i'll tell you sooonest!
hmp! you lollie-snatcher i'll hit you! i'm the cutest!!

An Ordinary Gal said...

cute post lol :D

lance said...

Beanizer nice post and your friends are always saying my friend in lucky to have you.The truth is it is you kid who is very lucky to have her and be loved by her. She is so kind and loves yo very much you she has been in pain from her past so please do be extra careful with her heart.-Gracey and Lance

delightfullness said...

i heard that if the sum of your birthday is 8..your'e a lucky person

example: birthday : jan. 7, 1989

the computation...(nose bleed)

1+7+1+9+8+9 = 35

3+5 = 8

Krincess Carl said...

Hi Beanizer! This post is so hilarious! :) :)

beanizer_05 said...

well,i often forget me-cute! hehe!
you're referring to me, right/
indeed i'm more than lucky
that is a 'lil complicated! le'me remind you, i'm just 6 yeys old..i should drink more milk before learning that equation..
ahmm..hilarious..is it a good thing?..thanks for visiting me here!

Krincess Carl said...

It's a good thing Beanizer, kasi tawa ako ng tawa. Yung baby pictures are so funny. :)

By the way, please support my blog here The Blog Awards Finalists. I was one of the finalists for Best English Blogger of the Year via My Regency. Please share to your friends. Thanks!


Jolly Princess said...

Of course you lv♥e number 8. :) I am your descendant. I lv♥e number 7. (lol)

Jill Wellington said...

I love seeing you so light-hearted and happy!!!

beanizer_05 said...

thanks. Hey! congrats! Sure, soonest i'll mention it in my next posts.

@mommy jp:
hehe! now, i'm vewy sure you're my mommy!!

@ms. jill:
as long as you my friends are there, i will always have a reason to be happy and grateful.

Zezebel said...

I like no 5...but i like 8 too, in fact I like all number...

beanizer_05 said...

what a glutton!!
why'd didn't you give me more points in your contest, i won't ask for your books, i'll ask for chocos only..hmp!

beanizer_05 said...

what a glutton!!
why'd didn't you give me more points in your contest, i won't ask for your books, i'll ask for chocos only..hmp!