I loved being remembered anyway!
Ok, I'm not complaining,, it's just my way of APPRECIATING their SWEETNESS..
Robbie, Lupe & Bella.

Let me start with the pretty brazilian torturer:

"You know bro, Ma'am Rob says
there's a big tummy man
who brings gifts to behaved students..
that means our angelic genes should be dominant!"

Dear Teacher Robbie , Being your ONLY favorite student *ahem*..actually, i was expecting my X'mas vacation, but being the "cutest" and most behaved student in the class, i will wholeheartedly do my xmas homework:

1. What movies would you recommend watching around Xmas? It's a nostalgic, sentimental time of the year, after all!
* Well, I don't know any new xmas movie, but I think i have seen the killer JACK FROST when i was 2 months old..guess, it's a valid reason of not having snow here in the country,,JACK FROST can't live here!! yey!!..

2. And speaking of which, what are your plans for the holidays - both Xmas and New Year's Eve?
* Just spend the holidays with my family,,i plan to convince my nephews and nieces to buy me a gift 'coz ever since they came to this world, they never bought me a gift..they only ask and ask!!..that's unfair!

3. How do you feel about Xmas? Are you actually celebrating the birth of Christ, or are you just in it for the food and presents? =P
* Ok! Don't make me feel guilty of not attending the 9 mornings! I can't wake up that early (4am), I'm still a baby!..Hmmm..but, I guess Yes, I do celebrate the thought of Christ's birth 'coz I'm doing my very best to be peace with everyone..
YET, I won't avoid food and presents!.

Btw, I am accepting xmas presents now (in any kind or CASH)!!..just saying :P

"These are not in my wish list!, may Santa got lost?"

4. Enough of Xmas. What do you think about right before sleeping, with your head lying on the pillow?
* Huh? What made you think this Q? ..what would i think before sleep..it's not WHAT actually,it's WHO!..hehe!

5. And what's your first thought when you wake up?
* I said it's WHO not what!..ok, i usually think if i can get on office on time..nothing more:)

6. If you killed somebody, where would you bury the body? =P
* Bury? That is stressful..i'll BURN IT instead.

7.What song do you avoid listening to, and why? (If I'm not prying, of course)
* I love songs..why should i avoid it? Maybe those songs that I can't understand the language 'coz it would never make sense to me..

8. Is there any song that inspires you to be a better person? To dare, go places, do things? Go the distance?
* Yeah, Go the Distance is one (but teacher stole it)..i go for..Flying Without Wings (westlife) and the Warrior Is A Child (Gary V.)..

Phew! I'm done! Yey! Ma'am Rob, send me my prize and my xmas gift alright?

Moving on to my next torturer..the ever-loyal wife of the vampire:
BELLA, despite bullying me all throughout the school year, I would still answer your tag 'coz my "angel" nature can't resist you esp. this Xmas season! Besides, I know your Vampire hubby Edward COOLING is frozen already! haha!
Ok, stop that pouting! I'll answer your questions..sssshhhhh!!!

1. What movies would you recommend watching around Xmas? (this one am not changing since i really wanna know...so that ill watch them on your recommendation)
* Well, since you're still a cheater , copying even Ma'am Robbie's Q, watch JACK FROST ..do i have to explain again? Read my explanation above there! *pointing*

2. Suggest me a good book....a comedy!
* I don't read books!! So I suggest you wait for my book it will be published soon! Ok, I got this one book, it's not a storybook but it is really sensible, opinionated and brilliantly funny..NON-SENSE & NON-SENSIBILITY--just try :)

3. What are your plans for Xmas & New Year?
* For the nth time! Why do you copy Ma'am Robbie's lines? Grrrrr.. my plan is *again* making my nephews & nieces feel guilty of not giving me gift even once!

4. Resolutions for the coming year.
* An angel kid like me don't need resolutions! I am already in my best-behavior..so NO promises for myself, besides, I don't want to be too kind--'coz you will abuse my kindness, you bully!
"Santa won't bring you gifts if you move!! Stay...stay..stay.."

5. What gifts are you giving your loved ones for this Xmas?
* Why made you think i will tell you? What gift are you giving me anyway? Tell me first!

6. What's your wish list for Santa?
* I don't think you and Santa are friends! Hmp! But ok, I wish for good health for my loved ones and harmony in my family.
"So..you're the fat tummy man who don't shave?"

7. Which is your fav Christmas carol?
* Xmas carols?..I like the 12 days of Xmas, Jingle bell rock, and that song in Ms. SIE's site = Christmas in Our Hearts..
"Oh..hooolllly night..oh night divine.."

8. Post a pic of yours(if you don't mind!), or your Christmas tree, church, sweets...anything but it should be something related to your real life:)
* Pic of mine?? Ofcourse I MIND! So you won't be seeing any! haha!

ok, here!
One of the oldest place of worship..

OK! I'm done! Now wrap me Xmas gift!!

And finally my 3rd torturer a.k.a. BELLA's twin sis!
LUPE , you were gone for few months and your twin Bella has been crazy searching for you everywhere..now that you're back, you joined forces with her of tag-torturing me..tsk.tsk..

1. Suggest me a good book..(kept this one b/c I am trying to find something new to read)
* same answer for you (your twin asked me too!)..

2. What is your favorite song right now?
* could you give me a list of new songs? i'm not updated..hehe!..perhaps, some old same songs..FIREFLIES, THE GIFT, SIMPLE THINGS, SOMETHING STUPID, WARRIOR IS A CHILD, FLYNG W/O WINGS..some new songs: SO BIG, REPLAY..yeah! those of Iyaz!

3. How and Who do you usually spent Christmas with?
* WHO= with my family.. and friends (if possible), HOW= just the usual bonding-laughing moments..no plans really:)

4. How big or small is your family?(siblings)
* Guess, just enough size for a Happy Family..hehe! ok! I got seven siblings! ..and i'm the baby!
"Wake up playmates! Santa doesn't like lazy bone babies!"

5. Apart from English, do you speak another language? (if not, what language would you like to learn?)

* My own language ofcourse..what else..hmmmmm...angel's language, but i don't think it's applicable on this planet..want to learn Mandarin Chinese, French..and SIGN language?..

6. What is your favorite past-time?
* Sleeping ..listening to music.

7. Is there anything special you hope to get for Christmas?
* Harmony in the family.
"Hon, you're squeezing me tooo tight"

8. What is your favorite Christmas Cartoon? (For instace, I like Charlie Brown)

* I'm not familiar w/ xmas cartoon..the freshest in my memory is Donald Duck and the 3 naughty duckboys (are they his kids or his nephews?)
..My nephews seem to look like cartoon characters too so i guess they are my favorites..hehe!

Thanks for the tags ladies!

"Santa is coming, my abs are deforming!"

And now my turn!! *evil grin*
Beanie asks:

1/ What is your favorite foodie on Christmas?
2/ Is there something you wanted to change or make unusual this Christmas or New Year?

3/ If you would be asked to choose honestly between a last-piece gift (material) you've been dying to have and a 12-hour bonding with someone you longed for..which would you choose?
4/ Aside from home, where would you like to spend your Christmas or New yEar?
5/ Proceeds will go to charity, Which would you prefer to pet? Piranha, Shark, Snake, Crocodile? You MUST choose one.
6/ You are obliged to date someone, who would you choose: a murderer? a retard? a perv? Choose wisely and explain.
7/ What talent/ skill do you desperately want but never owned? State one.
8/ If you are to buy me a gift, what would it be? Excuses of not-giving is not allowed.

and i'm giving this special assignment to:

*my torturers OFCOURSE! (bella, lupe, rml)
*My special fwend SiE

*The blogger wife diDzy

*the lens' guru Ms. jiLL
*my bloggermom Mom JP
*playmates try, nands, sudhi, mulan, ravie
*newly found friend Liling
*the contest-maker Zee

*artistic fwend rocky

*the duo kuya jec and ning li



Rml said...

And merry Christmas to ya, sweet torturee! =P

ravali said...

no ravie here.....
*walking away*

sudhi said...


Anonymous said...

am reading sense n sensibility right now but it doesnt make any sense! so i guess ill will go for the one you suggested!:) & stop calling me a bully...! hmp!! umm...your gift...how about an entire box of lollies?! oh btw i love- fireflies & simple things:)
you tag'd me? is that coz you like me or you just wanna torture me?? if its the torture thing...then wait for my next post.....and your "tag"... ;) hehehahaha......

beanizer_05 said...

MErry Xmas MA'am! where's my hug??

hey! i tagged you! look! *wide grin* see? merry xaas! now do your homework!

merry xmas! i haven't received your gift yet! hmp!

guess you got the wrong book it's NON-SENSE & NONSENSIBILITY! and it's better than your vampire book! wrap me my gifts! grrrr..you CAN stop tagging me, it's VEWY okay with me!!

Dai Ning Li said...

I so love you tagging us, "duo" hehehe! ;') Jec seems so busy nowadays! I heard he's having an explore in Pagudpod with his family.

beanizer_05 said...

@ ning li:
whaaaaat? kuya jec is leaving w/o me?? *sniff sniff*..but he'll buy me gifts right? *puppy eyes*
please tell kuya not to pagud pagud there in Pagudpod ok?
and,.that's no excuse doing THIS homework! you too!! gimee my gift and answer my questions! hmp!
merry xmas!

Anonymous said...

but i wont stop torturing..oops...tagging you!!! :P

Jolly Princess said...


Hmmm... you have given me assignments, eh. Sorry I read your blog late. But I will work on my assignment before 2011. Hehehe..


LiLing said...

oh dear! the questions! lol! i will try to answer them by tonight. thanks for tagging dear!

Krincess Carl said...

So hilarious!

Happy New Year, Beanizer!

Zezebel said...

So, how is your christmas my cute baby? hehehe

beanizer_05 said...

@bella: *showing fist*

@mommy jp: it's alright, i'll remember that! before New year you must fulfill your pwomise!

thanks for giving time for my tag, you were the first to respond! thanks!

haha! Happy New Year too! Would you mind doing the tagging too??

I'm getting more cute on holidays! hehe! hey! do your homework!

Anonymous said...

hey! ill hit you now!! :P

Simple Sie said...

ok I came in late again...I'll make my assignments ok just give me enough time to think...oooppps and what's my reward for answering this questions of yours ha?*wink*

Zezebel said...

where are you my lil baby?

beanizer_05 said...

stop being rude! make your new year's resolution!

@ms. sie:
hehe! hugs and kisses will do ms. sie? blink2

i'm here!! where's your answer to my tag huh!

Zezebel said...

haha..ok, ok, i will try to answer it by this week, can?