"Ok! don't get too excited!!"
I just want to blog about one unusual thing that happened last 14 or 15 days. Unusual in a way that it made my cute butt bothered.

It happened one cold night in our sweet peaceful home (in the laundry area to be exact). It isn't a surprise to my few closest friends here that I live with my older sister ('coz I'm still a baby ofcourse!). But to those who just know..well...SURPRISE!!!

Anyway, this is what happened:
My sister was in the laundry area fixing some mess. She found this old box with useless papers and plastics (or trash). She was about to throw it when she noticed something moving inside the box. She called me up..and ofcourse ORDERED me:

"Throw this in the garbage, (pause) there's something inside".

So I took the old box and discover the unknown present. *peek peek* I was delighted to see the surprise! She noticed me smiling secretly.

The conversation goes this way:

Her: "Throw it away immediately"
Me: "Can we just keep them for a while"
Her: "They are nasty and will only stink"
Me: "Don't you have a heart? They are still babies, look at them..besides, you don't like dogs..and I wanted a tiger *looking at them*..hmmm...they will soon be like tigers!"
Her: "And where will you keep them? They stink!"
Me: "We'll keep them until they are strong enough to walk and find their irresponsible mommy"
Her: "Throw them or I'll throw you!"
Me: *blink blink*

I was silent for a minute, put the box down and hurried inside the house. I took the camera and get back to those 'lil darlings. I held them out of the box and took some snaps.

I told them to keep still but
they keep on searching for each other.

Guess they're feeling cold..

or yet their mommy told them to stay together. *kiss kiss*

"sleep my 'lil Simba" "i hate fans, no autographs pls!" "i will be the next cat model"

After taking few snaps, I took another box, put a cloth on it and place each of them inside. I put the box on one corner of the laundry area, peeked on them again and say goodnight.
When I was about to get in the house, I saw a cat with a black and brown orange fur approaching the gate. I said "Your babies are there" *pointing the laundry area* It simply stared and turned it's back at me.

Now, it made me think:
1/ What's the language of that cat that she didn't understand me?
2/ Maybe she (the cat) thought I put her babies in the washing machine. (But I pointed the laundry area not the machine)

3/ My sis can't throw me outside of the house, our folks will scold her! hahaha!

4/ Is this the answer to my wish to have triplets in the future?

5/ Why did the mom cat stared as if I have an obligation with the kitties? I can't remember any night I sleep with a cat..


6/ Will Didz accept them as my gifts for her wed? They will help her find Lucy or they will get lost too?? *confused*
7/ How can I make them roar instead of meow?

8/Should I share my coffee to feed them or should I sneak sometimes on my sis' slim fresh milk in the fridge?

E E E E E E L P!!!

Beanizer: "Bad puddy tat! Gimme back my lollies!"


Simple Sie said...

There goes the real Beany...hmmmmm....a Beany with a soft heart I knew it you have that kind heart just hiding inside?hehehe....

ah triplets? Oh my so three cute beany running and playing around hahaha...nice one what a happy family, so when will it come true?*whisper it to me fast* oh really hehehehe......

lance said...

three little kittens went to the market ows haha I was referring to pigs bro.

Finally after a long busy week? Now you have a post cat lover meow? do cats roar?

yeah triplets your wish? so you mean three of them with wiggling butts to the right to the left.So when will I see them BUT have you seen their Mom to be?

triplets from who? (oh YOUR______)only love.Does she knows it haha!!!

ravali said...

well beans i know that you will bite a cat too....fat kiddo!!!!!
that's sad even cats won't understand you...well how can they you are still a kid though...
well to see soon then...when r u calling me to ur wedding...(booking aeroplane tickets....)
hope you won't place a cat meal in ur wedding...hahaha...miss ya pal...thats funny to see ur blog with a cat in it!!!

sudhi said...

beany!!!!!!!!!!! can i keep one of them????? they are sooooooooooooooo adorable .. y didn't u keep them (blowing kisses to lil kitties)...

btw i dint take ur lollies nd y dint tht mother cat dint bite u!!!

Bella said...

hey I just noticed that you gavme a lovely award...THANKS!!!!!!! :D

and Beani... triplets??!!!!

Tryant said...

Cool bro we got new play mates!!Tigers huh....*wink,Wink*!!Take care of them

P.s:So it was the pussy which stole our lollies!!Let me bite it too*getting ready to bite*..

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

wow..ang kyut nung mga kittens!

Jill Wellington said...

Awwww, Beanie, I LOVED reading this. You wrote it so well, and I was in full suspense. Those little kitties are adorable, but YOU are even more adorable the way you love them and cuddle with them and chew on their tails. GREAT heart is fluttering!

beanizer_05 said...

@ate sie:
yeah..triplets..but i willl keep my lollies first so they won't snatch it..
she knew it so well! i was even thinking of a basketball team..hehehe!
hmp! i told you i'm not fat! my wed will be..*thinking*..hmmmmm....
the mom cat didn't bite me 'coz i'm the cutest!
yeah, triplets! or quads..either way! hehe!
@bro try:
yeah! go that puddy tat who's the boss! bite it!
well,,yeah but not cute as *ahem* me..hahaha!
@ms. jill:
thanks! me adorable?, you're really honest! haha! *hugs*

Didzy said...

That's so cute! I mean those kittens and not you! I can raise them in the meantime while me waiting for a real baby. hahaha! and fyi, mother cat don't like her kittens to be touched by humans when they're still few weeks old but I think it's ok coz I know you're not human either anyway!! :P:P:P

Jolly Princess said...

They are sooooo cute! Sorry Baby Batman in as much as I want to adopt them... But I am allergic to their furs. :)

beanizer_05 said...

@didzy: not cute..i'm the cutest! hey! the mom cat didn't see me touching her kitties! hmp!

@mommy jp:
it's alright mom, didz can have them..i'm afraid they'll share with my milk allowance..

Rml said...

OMG!!! Those are sooooooooo cuuuuuuuute!!! I do hope you're taking god care of them! You guys will be cute together. ;)

beanizer_05 said...

*staring at the mirror* cute! hehe..well, what they feel cute in my tender loving hands :)

Victor Mateus said...

please visit thanks

Zezebel said...

that's so kind of you my lil baby...hehe