~stay alive~

"When you get hurt, you don't need someone to heal the scar and take away the pain.

What you need is someone who will make you realize that nothing is really broken"

~I'm leaving this thought before I hang out with my friends. This goes for all the best people I met here in blogosphere. I only wish to just leave sweet smiles in your lips and heart. We are all fragile. We may hurt each other at times with our powerful words, but what matters most is that we still have "us" here..despite distance and racial differences, though we may not hear each other and only our eyes and fingers speak for our mouths, we still have that mutual feeling inside us -- CARE.

~Ok, stop the drama bean!!..

It's holiday!! Have a nice day everyone!!!

Beanizer: "I must stay in shape!"


ravali said...

well beany,some words may hurt people but those people must have the thinking that they should also forgive those who hurt through their words,just i dropped by to say this i'm sorry if u felt bad that i commented in your blog,just felt that to say this thing.

An Ordinary Gal said...

hmmmmm loved it "though we may not hear each other and only our eyes and fingers speak for our mouths, we still have that mutual feeling inside us -- CARE."

lol @ ur statement and pic "I must stay in shape!" :D :D

Tryant said...

What u said is true bro And I can't have a holiday cuz i have college!!

P.s:Wow bro those tiger abs look great!!!

beanizer_05 said...

@ ravie:
no need to say sorry..thanks for not missing my post:)

@extra-ordinary gal:
yeah..thanks for caring to read my post:)
...why? don't i have the right to stay in shape? see my abs there??

hehehe..you can't have the holiday today coz you're still in india..it's just a national holiday..
you heard my abs bro? it says "grrrrrrrrrr"...hehhehe

Bella said...

hmmm....nice post....words have a great effect...!

anyways...i found those pics really really cute.....

Nandita said...

Loved ur post...beany.!!
N also ur abs.. :P hehehe...

Btw...wer do u get dese pics??

Is dat ur baby pic?? heheh....

watevr...i lovd it..!

beanizer_05 said...

@bella & nandy:

hehehe..you loved those abs? that's how i study my exams, i do it with push-ups..i discipline myself that serious..

sudhi said...

ya ya some words hurt ppl nd wat u said yesterday hurt me hmpf!!! tsk tsk!!!

well i forgive my frnds nd ofcorse beany too!!!

hmmm beany trying to do exercise i knw y!!! to reduce fat..:P

beanizer_05 said...

huh? what did i say???
i didn't say anything bad with you..did i? *thinking*

i know you can't resist staring at my abs..i'm just keeping in shape..hmp!!

sudhi said...

:P u said u dont remember me!!! hmpff!!! grrrr!!!!

cheee those r nt abs those r fat bones:P

maya said...

aww...evrytym u bend- ur diapies stnkkng real badd(pooh)...y dont u chang dem...nd plzzz do u call dose as abs....i agreee wd sudhi-luks more lyk u r reducn fattt