I wanna insert this quick homework..

EXTRA-ORDINARY GAL hit me again..and now it's a TAG..
Thanks for remembering me Riya!!!

My 3 Famous Names: (Only in blogosphere)
*Bean, Beanie, Beanizer

3 things that scares me:
*Growing old
*Losing someone special
*Flying Cockroaches

3 things which make me smile:
*Family bonding
*memories of Friends & special people

3 things I Love:
*All the people I'm building relationship with (family, friends)
*Going back to college days (if only I can)

3 things I hate:
*Nuts on Ice Cream / Chocolate
*Conceited People

3 things I don't understand:
*Why I don't know how to swim.
*Why I don't play volleyball.
*Why I can't sulk reading books.

3 things I am doing right now:
*Answering the tag
*Pretending I'm busy working
*Thinking what to do later

3 things I can't do:
*Leave my loved ones
*Disappoint my family
*Going back to the past

3 things I want in a relationship:

3 Physical things that appeal to me from opposite sex:
*Sense of humor and wit.
*Good smell.
*Beautiful eyes and smile.

3 of my favorite hobbies:
*watching Disney Channel
*playing games

3 things I like about myself:
*Willingness to help
*Fun-to-be-with (AM I?)
*Being a listener.

3 things I hate about myself:
*Getting rude unknowingly
*Jealous (???)

3 things I am wearing right now:
*Blue shirt

2 truths and a lie:
+*I hate someone right now.(grrrr)
*I am thinking of someone I miss. (hehe)

-*I am NOT passing this tag.

3 bloggies i want to pass this tag to:
*Roachy Pengwee (didz)
*Protective bro (Try)
*Mr. Engineer/ Ms. Lyn (whoever finds this tag)

ahmmm..sorry Riya, but I need more victims,,so I'm passing this tag to:
*Ms. JP
*Emee Lyn

Enjoy guys!!

~~beanizer: "who says i cannot swim? huh!! and learn!!"


Bella said...

hey!!!!! such big work!!! hmp!!!

An Ordinary Gal said...

hey whom u hate right now ?

Don't be Sorry...feel free to tag whomsoever u want to :P

Now I know something more about you :)

sudhi said...

beany!!!! no clothes ... yew!!!

bt im glad tht u left tht stinky pot!!!!

Tryant said...

Thanks bro!! For passing this tag.Wait a sec What is tag.Any way thanks so much bro!!

P.s:Ur swimming wait for me!!

Nandita said...

Oh no....So, much work...!!
I'll need time...

I don't think...I'll be able to tag so many things...
Coz I don't knw myself well... :P

beanizer_05 said...

i knew tag subjects will complain..they got lazy bones..alright i won't tag you again..

haha..forget who i hated..the hatred is slowly vanishing..thanks for remembering again:)

No, i'm not nude! i still have my trunks..see?? conservative i don't get overexposed..hehehe

take ur turn bro! my next post i'll be showing you the place i spent my day when im not here..

@bella & nandz:
it's fine..i won't include you again..hmp!

Bella said...

hey i dint mean to hurt you!!
infact am happy that you tag me! but so much home work.....

sudhi said...

:-| hmmmm ... hmmmmm..... i got i nw.....ehahahahaha....

Leona said...

Ohh. You're not in college anymore? :O I didn't know.

Didz-W said...

Hey bean! thanks for the tag. thing got my attention there..Oh, never mind! I'll have a talk with u on that. hahaha! :P

JollyPrincess said...

Howdy? My… What are you doing with that over-sized donut? I can teach you how to swim. And do not worry. You will not drown. I am not an expert swimmer myself. We will practice in a 5 feet deep swimming pool. How is that? ;)

beanizer_05 said...

@sudhi & bella:

yeah..i miss being just a stress..

@ didz:
hmmmmm?? which one? c'mon just whisper listening..

@Ms. JP:
i thought that donut is tasty, but i can't get a bite..5 feet??..but im just 2'11"...can we settle for 2'10" pool??