~bean's invasion~

I was too lazy to post these captures when i arrived home.. But thinking again, I guess I should share some real pics.. it's been a week already and i haven't shared some details of my birthday trip.. Just bear with not being a pro-photographer..hehehe..


In Mactan Shrine..
wanna hear some history??

He's the man! The First Filipino hero..LAPU-LAPU.. I was trying to reach his armor but he's out of reach and kinda snobbish!.. hmp!!..Maybe he thought I am with Magellan's camp..he's not minding me at all..HMP!!

hey bro!! i want to prove to you
that our hero wears diapy too!!
*pointing at him*

see!? i told you!

Here! Read what is written in the stone..
Yeah, on this very spot Magellan died. Ferdinand Magellan (a Spaniard) who brought Christianity to the Philippines... Lapu-Lapu (a Muslim), the chief of Mactan refused to become a Christian..and so with his men, they defended the invaders..
~ I waited so long for Magellan to say hello to me..hmmm..i think he's kinda shy..and so i left him..

~Now, here is the place where the Spaniards approached our brave heroes..

~hehehe..i was looking for some playmates.
i look everywhere..
and found this dude..
i think he lost his diapy too..

~no more playmates here..???..

~ how about here?? yuhooo playmates!!! ooops!!..why are they not moving?? ..are those milk lollies?? *looking closer* errr..animal skulls...
hmmm...maybe we can play hide & seek here..hehehhe

~This is it!!..
Magellan's Cross..i almost break my neck capturing this..they said that the original cross is encased inside the wooden cross that is found in the center of the chapel..this is to protect the original cross from people who chipped away parts of the cross for souvenir purposes or in the belief that the cross possesses miraculous powers..

*singing* "I'm on the top of Cebu looking down on creation and the only explanation..."
I really wanted to go to TOPS (sowi pengwee) but unfortunately the place is unsafe to be conquered at the time..instead I ended here..i love heights...


Beverly Hills , CEBU CITY

~Lady Dragon..is that you???
That explains why you joined the bloggers..
you're looking for me!

~AYALA Mall in Cebu..the place is pretty crowded, can't find clear spots..

Ooops! kinda blurry... i'm having double vision.. i saw my name there *pointing*.. i ask for my milk.. but they just nod and laugh at me.. *sniff sniff*

inside the Park Mall..

Bro! Remember your piggy bank?? I think I tripped your coins here when i was searching for my barbie..your coins..can you see them??....I tried to pick them, but the security guard scolded me..he said i might get drown..bad man! so i just throw my diapy on him..

*grrrrrrrr*...it takes forever to upload pics here..
ok, here's the last pic..

look who i found!!! Yepey!!!
i found another playmate
at Taoist Temple..
he stared..stared..stared..
asked for my lollie.. hmp!..gluton kiddo!!

ok! ok! ...my fans are asking for my pic!..here!
i told you i'm generous..

Beanizer: "it's great to be 6 yeys old!!.."


ravali said...

well those were lovely pics,hmmm...but i can't see beany here???
ok,don't worry he might have lost his diapy that's the reason!!!wahahahaha

Nandita said...


Thanx for givng me a short sweet ride to cebu...da places u visitd r beautiful...!!

N ur playmate is so cute...hehe...
Bt y is he starng at u lyk dat??!!

JollyPrincess said...

Knock! Knock!

Oh, great photos! Nice story! It looks like you enjoyed your birthday trip to Cebu. Do you have danggits for me by the way? Maybe I can barter with you with some lollies. :)

An Ordinary Gal said...

ohh nice pics...Belated Happy Birthday to you bean :)

Tryant said...

Hehe....Tell that warrior to stop exposing the lower part why didn't u give him a diapy bro!!And my coins are drowned!!I hope they have air in the water to live

Gr...That security guy is in my hit list!!And Yay we have a new playmate now!!

Rml said...

I LOVED those pics!!! Thanks for sharting them with us beanie!
Hahaha, and when I saw Café Bean, I agreed with you: you're really no professional photographer, lol!

beanizer_05 said...

hmmm...well, most of the shots had me..i just chose the no-beany shots..heheheh

yeah..he's staring at my lollie..

@Ms. JP:
sowi but no danggit..

thanks..better late than never..

who got no diapy? the hero?..he got 1..but that dude in the water lost his diapy..i'll add another pic of that hero proving he got diapy

it was 1 and only shot of that cafe before we left the place..did it ever come to you that i'm starving and they didn't give me the chance to drink milk in my own cafe???

sudhi said...

nice pictures beany bt i wonder wherez beany kid in those pictures??? hey wait r those ur eyes ?????...hmm...

beanizer_05 said...

im there puddy tat!!

yeah..those are mine!!..got problem with my eyebags???????..hmp!

ravali said...

yeah you are fat kid,see in that picture only your eyes got fit not whole face wahahhahahahahahahaha....*rolling in laughter*
*rolling again*

Bella said...

nice pics....thanks for sharing...

sudhi said...

ur eyes look like ur grown up tht means ur not small!! bhooo grown up beany nanananananana!!!

Didz-W said...

Hahha! wow! interesting shots bean! especially the last one!! :P you really had a great time in Cebu, I'm glad and thanks for the lil history...it's a nice place indeed! hmm..when are u planning to visit Cebu again? do count me in, u can hire me as the pro photographer :P but I'm not gonna follow u to the tops, I'll wait for u to come back down...hey sorry for the late comments, well u do know what's my situation now.

Krincess Karl said...

Hi Bean! I like the pictures! Missed Cebu. Sorry pala not able to blog na always because busy sa work. God bless. (Karen of My Regency and Best of Life)

Nur said...

Hey beany, I haven't been to Cebu yet. Maybe, I have to cry "sa inggit" because of your "yummy" photos...how about danggit and dried mangoes?

Jill Wellington said...

Beanie...I laughed my way through this because of your hilarious comments. You need to write comedy...oh, you already DO!!

Loved seeing all those places through your witty eyes...also liked seeing YOUR witty eyes. Please unveil MORE of your face.

beanizer_05 said...

hmp!!..i'm not fat!..i'm hot!!..i just don't want you to stare at me that long so i prefer to show just my eyes instead!

is that all you will say? you won't greet me belated happy birthday??

you puddy tat!!..why are you staring at my cute lil eyes eh??

sure..you can come with me..your treat!! yey!!!
well what do i expect??late comments as always from a busy pengwee..haist

sowi no danggit..only dried mangoes..i promised myself to keep them for you,,i keep them..but all in my tummy..hehehe,,,thanks for the visit! :)

@Ms. Jill:
oh Ms. Jill..unveil my whole face?? that is too much exposure,,i'm afraid my fans will flock at my wall..i'm just taking precautions..hahahhaah!!

Guys, thanks for all your lovely comments..but i guess you missed to realize one thing..IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY!!..you commented on the pics w/o greeting me!!!..hmp!!
Only Extra-ordinary gal remembered my bday..*sniff sniff*

beanizer_05 said...


thanks for dropping! it's alright..i haven't updated my blog too:)

Krincess Karl said...

Bean, thanks for dropping by in my blog. Yes, QSD is about to end. At last, I was able to convince my husband that the drama is nice. Before, he was so angry with me because I finished watching the show for straight two days. Hehehe! (www.myregencyandbestoflife.blogspot.com)