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anger doesn't always mean hatred. Sometimes it is a masked emoton of one's true but inwanted feeling. Rejection doesn't pushes a person away, it is ften a measure of another's loyalty and patience..bein silent is not a reflection of calmness..most of the time it is a hidden chamber of confsions and fears..the best relief of a tired spirit is not always laughter..but salty drops of helpless hearts..//0926091048


ambiguous_angel said...

still angry of me because of some abs?
sorry na..
im just kidding mr.j****..


this is another nice post anyway:)

beanizer_05 said...

hey..i postd ds erlier b4 dt abs thing!
napipilitan mg. coment..hmp.

Bhanu said...

yep its kinda true.what can i say more.i've no words to write.keepoon posting posts like it

beanizer_05 said...

tnx 4 dropin bhanu :)