the question

..i woke up still occupied of the last thing I had last night..
..she called again, but (as usual), I didn’t answer..i turned off my phone for few hours to save my ears and my battery as well..
..when I was about to enter my room, I turned it on,,and found her ONLY says:
..“ (__), how wud u know u’r gonna give up?”..
--the question struck me..maybe bcoz I don’t know the answer, or I doubted my answr, or I juz don’t want to answer..
..i was confused somehow,
..did she mean she’s giving up on me now, ..or me-- when I gave her up..or herself on some thing else..?

..i lied on my bed, stared at the ceiling..thinking that line..i don’t wanna ask her,of course, ..what will Mr. Ego and M. Pride will say if I do such?? (hehhehe)..

..but,..her asking wasn’t bad nywei,,why?,..’coz it made me think and blog here..

(I’m not only referring to love matters, ..any thing that affects our lives is the SUBJECT)

Beanizer’s VIEW: No one knows if you are in the state of giving up, why?..’coz no one can understand what you really feel UNTIL THEY ARE YOU..we often say the same line--I can feel what you are feeling right now..” , every time we are comforting a lonely person..yet, few of us are fully aware, it’s not true. I am not saying I am not sincere in my actions; it is just a realization, that, UNDERSTANDING an emotion is far different from FEELING an emotion. We can understand other people because we are rational beings..we are capable of thinking what it is to be on that situation, we comfort them ‘coz we don’t want them to be unhappy, we are sad ‘coz we care for them, and most of all, it is a lonely and unwanted story no one would wish to have.

Same thing as-- anyone may have the courage to tell us to stop, yet, still the final action lies in the choice WE follow.. anyone can criticize our every move-- criticisms may be taken as insults yet we can take hem as CHALLENGES too, it all depends on how we see it..

(and with the fave subject—love)
I remember what a friend has said “The most hard-headed people are those who are in-love, they ONLY SMILE BUT THEY WON’T LISTEN”.. or yet they do listen but take it for granted..true enough..simply b’coz THEY ARE NOT US..and logically, WE ARE NOT THEM..

Going back to the topic of knowing the signs of giving up, I believe, they are no signs, any one can give up any time if he/she wants to..
it’s not all because of getting tired of doing the same routine..getting tired is part of being human, after all, we can take a rest and still pursue a goal, right? .. and we can certainly QUIT if we opt to stop fighting for the same unreasonable purpose..

Therefore, I conclude: Giving up is not a feeling, it is a conscious choice.
It has no signs, no hypotheses,
it comes when we are ready and not because we are tired..
it is not a total surrender of one’s goal but a total acceptance of a new dream..

Beanizer TELLS: If you want to give up, don’t ask anyone’s advice.
I will comfort you, but, you stand for your choice,
decide not because you have to, but because you want to be happy..
Above all, make a choice not to impress the world of your toughness
—but to express what you think love is all about. //091709


Didz-W said...

You're up is a choice and I personally think it includes the feeling too. I feel nothing about it anymore when I'm giving up on something..

Jesslynn M. said...

You know you have given up when you believe you've put everything you've got into one matter and still nothing has changed.There is nothing one can do, but let go. Eventually one just gives up because they become frustrated, fatigue, and upset.

Great blogs! Keep them coming...



beanizer_05 said...

ladies' views r ryt..
we ol hv r own reaons of giving up..
and indeed, it ncludes feelings 2 (i must admit didz)..
..and jes, tnx 4 dt coment..true..wen evrythin u do s worthless..and ur whole system's tired..u juz hav 2 rest..and stop..
thanx ladies..