"Sometimes you have to let someone go..
not because you suddenly stopped loving them..
but to see if they remember enough to come back"

(p/s: the quote is exclusive for the living ONLY)

* It's easier to find people to value but it's harder to find few ones who will stay and won't give up on us no matter how we mess up. I have met best people in the different chapters of my life. Each is unique from the other, each has his/her own incredible way that made me kept him/her.

** But no matter how good every one seemed, I am still stupid at most times. Those are the times when I risk everything I have for the sake of saving my pride.

*** Yet, there is SOMETHING PERFECT when I am in my most stupid state..
for it is when I become the most stupid human being on earth..that I realize that there are more idiots who care to understand my undesirable personality and stay unconditionally.

Special Thanks to:
My Template Pimper--D I D Z Y

Beanizer: "I guess I should fire my nanny.."


ravali said...

hehehe...beany shame shame puppy shame.....

well i understand you and i can say it perfectly.i really love the way you express your feelings in your blog,that's the reason inspite of you not commenting on my blog but i still post my comment on your's because i follow only the best blogs...oops...i made a large comment...*hitting beany on head*

beanizer_05 said...

ouch!! you keep on hitting me rude girl! *holding head*
hmmm...thanks for the support..hey! i do comment in your blog..i just missed sometimes *wide grin*
i'll be there soon..

Didz-W said...

hmm...am i one of those idiots? heheheee...

Bella said...

changed your template huh......nice....

good thoughts...and where are your PANTS??!!

beanizer_05 said...

i'm the stupid..you're the idiot..hehehe..thanks for being there..and hey!! THANKS FOR THE TEMPLATE!!..you really know how to please me.. let me hug you ...hmmmmmmmmmm..

my pants..ahmmmm..i don't know..i'm waiting for my nanny..
btw, i owe the template pimping to DIDZ..she's my blog pimper :)

Didz-W said...

Oh! I didn't notice that I'm pleasing u! :P hahahaa!....now I'm the blog pimper eh? hmm..never thought of that before. ;)

beanizer_05 said...

haist! what do i expect..you're still blurry..the same blurry pengwee..tsk.tsk..it's ok..im keeping you..you got no choice! :)

Rml said...

Maybe it's not about their remembering to come back - maybe it's about your not forgetting to ask them.
I noticed you now can live w/o my blog. Oh well.

beanizer_05 said...

rml, i'm having sml--short memory loss..ahem! what's with the drama eh?
just done lil changes with my blog details..it's done anywei..check it..and pls!! stop the drama..don't make me cry..

Jolly Princess said...

Hi Baby Batman.. Oh, no do not fire your nanny. She will always be there when you need to chance diapy. (lol)

Thanks for the blog visits and your comments. Appreciate you much! Mwahh! :)

beanizer_05 said...

but mommy, i'm feeling cold already..look!! my nanny is busy with her chatmate..hmp!

Sie said...

why beany bean bean got emotional so sudden?wondering who am I then?You will always be loved beany bean bean because we are ready to accept who you are! that's what friends for to be there and hay naku stop using idiot word bad ha bulilit hehehehe......I will always be here ok till time may! yOU WILL ALWAYS BE SPECIAL TO ME!

beanizer_05 said...

*big smile*
you are special to me ate sie:)
*hugging ate sie*
ate..hmmmm..mukhang npilitan ka lang mgcomment dito ah..hmp!

Jill Wellington said...

YOU, an undesirable personality??? Quite the opposite!

Jolly, aren't you supposed to be watching lil' Beanie? He's gonna fall out of that sink!

beanizer_05 said...

@ ms jill:
*thinking* *staring at Mommy JP*
*murmuring*--Ms. Jill's right..mommy should be watching over me..but..

ahmmmm..Ms. Jill, my mommy is busy at work and leaves me with nanny..mommy knows i am baby batman..so..i fly i don't fall..but i should be flying at night not on daytime..now beany is confused :( *teary eyed*

Jolly Princess said...

I want to reply to your comment to my blog here - ~♥

You are such a darling. Mommy is alright Baby Batman. I am physically alright no more fever and colds. My brain is just busy thinking of some work related issues. Nothing to worry, I know I will be able to sort things out. I just need some kind of “brain storming”. Thanks… You have been very thoughtful. BIGGEST HUG! :)