~delayed homeworks (2)

As promised, here is another set of delayed homeworks.
For my dearest blogger friends who deserve these, please do take care of my gifts and don't leave this cute potty kid..ok???

The EXTRA-ORDINARY GAL gave Beanie xtra-ordinary GIFTS all in a single post.
Thanks so much RIYA!!!

As a rule, I have to tell 3 good things about me.
Still squeezing another facts about me, I almost have nothing left for myself.
Anyway, here's more: (i guess they are also good for me)

1/ I love shades (eyewear).
2/ I hate being pressured.
3/ I can't live without coke.

Passing this gift to my cupcakes:
* didZ
* robBie
* ravie
* tarunita
* sudheera

Riya is so generous, here's another gift..


- In order to accept the award, please post it on your blog with the name of the person who awarded it, including the link to their blog.
- Pass the award onto 5-10 of your most loyal followers.
- Remember to contact those followers and let them know they have been chosen for this award.

Here are the people who blows my mind everyday:


~Sorry, I am catching my time..haven't provided links..

Riya has never grown tired sending me gifts..

Rule 1: I need to reveal 5 things i love to do
Rule 2: Pass onto 10 blogger friends.

~Another revelation..oh God! Let's see..
1/ I love to eat KFC Hot shots and Krushers .
2/ I love to watch movies.
3/ I love to play on arcade..(how many times did i say this?)
4/ I love listening to music when I'm alone.
5/ I love to make people smile and laugh as often as possible.

I want to keep the circle of friendship with:
*Ms. JP

~Sorry I have to break the rule,,I want to keep everyone in the circle. I just hope they feel the same way and keep beany despite the distance and time..

Another rule: Smile before you claim your gifts :)

Ahmm...I'm in s super great mood..so,,here, my lollies for you..go on..pick one..don't be shy..


~~beanizer: "Oh my!! I'm so sleeepy.."


Bella said...

you always sleepy!!
btw thanks for the awards...

Miss Angie said...

Congrats! You deserve them!

Bloody Fang said...

Awwwww........Thank you so much for the awards bro!!! i was not expecting this.

ravali said...

WOW...YIPEEE.....i like the ice cream award....!!!!!
well do sleep well....meanwhile give me that green lollipop(*grabbing it and running away*)

Nandita said...

Wow!! 2 awards for me...Yipeeee
Thanks a lot Beany...!!!
Here.. A lollie for my Sweet bro..Take it..

JollyPrincess said...

Hello, thanks for the award.:)

sudhi said...

thanx for the awards beany .....
I hope u dint dip tht cup cake in your pot...(cng the cup cake)....
But beany kid y r u callng me sudheera instead of sudhi( thinking )....

(searching for black lollie) hey no black lollie here ...hmpf!!!!!

(taking black lollie from beany's pocket!!!!)

Leona said...

Thank you!
I almost missed them, but I didn't.

And I love watching movies, too!
What genre do you usually watch?

An Ordinary Gal said...

Congrats bean...I loved the captions you have written below awards :)

beanizer_05 said...

yeah..i always am! wanna lullaby me??

@Ms. Angie:
thanks for the visit again..how are you??

you deserve them bro!!

what ice cream award? it's cupcake!!..and hey! pick among the lollies i provided, don't get mine!

oh..you're giving me another lollie?? i'll frame it *putting in a frame*

@ms. JP:
hope that made you smile:)

i forgot,,but i guess they're clean..i didn't notice i called you that way..hehehe..
i've already provided you lollies, give me back my precious black lollie!

hmmmmm...i luv comedy, action, cartoons..selected sci-fi..
i choose good actors worth-watching..

@xtra-ordinary gaL:
It's all because of you..thanks so much!! i made my other friends happy because of you:)

sudhi said...

:P i wont give u this black lollie not in a hundred worlds... :P

Bella said...

hahaha....lullaby?? you'll definetly run away! i am a bad singer....hehehe....

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

aww..thanks for the award..anyway..you cant live without coke..? hmm..so much sugar content..try coke zero for a healthier you :D

(p.s. check out my latest post if you have time,,.thanks :3)

JollyPrincess said...

Hey, buddy thanks for sharing about your migraine story. Oh, btw, when you drink coffee when you have migraine is should be strong coffee. Please just make sure you do not have kidney, and heart problem.

Nope, going back and forth at the pole does not give you a good exercise to lessen the attack of migraine. However, you may try this exercise. If you are standing at the side of the pool, inhale, then sit down with your head dip in the water. Exhale the air from your mouth while your head is dip in the water. Please just make sure not to the drink the water. It does not taste good, you know. (lol)

Repeat several times. That is what you call bubbling in swimming. That is how swimmers breathe. This exercise will fill in the needed oxygen in your brain to contain or at least lessen migraine attack.

Thanks for the blogger award. It is in my blog now.