~bean's happy~

Mark this day!


I usually hate Mondays!..But this day is UNUSUAL..I simply love it!
One reason is finding a wonderful blogger who got me this award..

Thanks so much Miss Angie:)

The Rules:
1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass the award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and who you think are fantastic!
4. Contact the bloggers you've picked and let them know about the award.

Ok, I'm not sure if these stuffs about me is intersting enough but I'll give it a try..

1/ I seriously love my friends. They make my life less complicated. Having them in an hour (less or more) is greater than having your lover beside you. And so I need them badly. If you are my friend, please do take precautions-- I will definitely hunt you down!
2/ I don't need a lover and I'm not prepared to have a serious one again. Just no commitment this time. I'm still 23,,what's the rush??..I still look good without one (hahaha!)..Ok, maybe I need one..but if possible, I wish that would be the last and final.
3/ I love beaches. I may not know how to swim and bond with the waves, but it's always a heaven.
4/ I hate those who hate me. Why not? Life is a mirror anyway.
5/ Currently, I have 96 votes in bloggers! Not bad. Thank you co-bloggers! Though I doubt what push them vote me..hehehhe..
6/ I got beautiful nemeses..oh yeah, they are gorgeous, charming, irresistible, crazee, grumpy and they're smiling and strongly believe what they are reading here. Love you guys! Though I doubt if the feeling is mutual! I just love doing the 3____ with you..hahahha!..Readers, it means 3x feeling dead!
7/ Oh seven..somebody likes this number. Ok, try to figure out what should be the 7th thing about me (coz i can't figure)..hehehe..

Though everyone deserves this, I still wanted to follow the rule so as to oblige them to pass the award to more people..

Beanizer would like to share this gift to:
* Didz - you always know you're in my list.
* Robbie - thanks for the story, haha..(hey bella! i'm her fave student!)
* Bella - still waiting for her Edward. (Edward is in the blood bank I told you!)
* Maya - for defending and watching over me during class.
* Ravali - for being so nice and letting me know you:)
* Sudhi - for calling me a kid! I always am!
* Dreamy Eyed Girl - keep blogging, so realistic views.
* Karen - I admire your wits. Write more.
* Ady - Lost but never forgotten!
* Leona - those cupcakes are really sweet,,simple lines still beautiful (add this award, don't ask)
* FJ - i love your Fill in The blanks..
* Suraj - hey! thanks for being my first friend here! blog more interesting views
* Extra-ordinary Gal - I miss your writings. Hope to find them soon again.
* Mariel - Lupe, join the class..but please don't bully me.
* Worthy Me - Hope you can overcome that fear.

I'm catching my time now, sorry for missing the links guys.
Hope this made you happy just as I am.

~~beanizer is more than happy


Karen Lopez said...

thank you beanizer! i made my reply already...its a privilege to be part of the fifteen people...My Regency and Best of Life

bella said...

beani!! ok let me be sweet first...thank you...soooooooo much for the award!!
now let me remind you that my exams(stupid exams) are going on n so my brain is acting very weird! n so i cant do this Home work immediately..but i will soon complete it!
also i am ma'am's fave student!

ok...wat else..? rest of the things ill write in my home work...!
ps: luv ya...too!

♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

wow..nice lists of things about you esp. no. 1~~ congratz on the award!!! :D

visit my blog if you have time ^_^

MED-oholic !!! said...

Thanks bean... its such an honor to be a part of ur post...the award is just the cherry on the cake...keep posting.

beanizer_05 said...

@ karl:
yeah, u'r welcome:) ive commented back on it:)

@ bella:
sure..despite bullying me, you know i'm still thoughtful..but please don't lie! im teacher's fave not you!
oh i knew u luv me..with those stares??i did feel it..wahahahahah!

Suraj Vibhute said...

oh thank you so much Beanizer. It is my pleasure to having a good friend like you. I know I meat you so early but I was not able to come online lot of days.
When I came I thought you forgot me, but when you replied me and said that 'How can I forget you' I was so surprised that you din't forget me.
I as well as all fellow bloggers know that you have great potential of writing. So keep it up, my best wishes are always with you! ^_^

Rml said...

Hey beani boy! Hahaha, thnx! Don't know if I'll post my 7 facts, though... I've already shared too many! Don't think I've got any left...
Aren't I always on ur list as well??? Ouch, that hurts!... sob... sob...

beanizer_05 said...

@ ayu:
sweetie, you deserve this award too! i always admire your writings!
mkklimutin tlga ako, pero lam mo namang u deserve more than this..how's skul?

@ MED-holic:
ur welcum:) and thanks too:)

@ suraj:
you were a great friend..u helped me when i was new in this blog thing, i owe you so much:)

Rml said...

Oh btw: thank u so much for no. 6!!!! It IS mutual silly silly boy!

beanizer_05 said...

@ robbie:
i know! got the same thinking too while posting this, such that i passed it to you too..hahahaha!
Baby, what's with the sob? love you honey!!,,i always got my awards for you too you know that!

Lupe said...

hey beani!
Thanks so much for adding me to your list, I really apreciate it and I think ur fantastic too!
I'll join the class, but don't worry I'll be good and I won't bully you. I'd rather not get in between you and Bella ;]

Didz-W said...

Thanks Bean! thats nice of u. Oh! Ive done the 25s, the 10s now I have to do the 7s? it's gonna be of the same qualities of myself tho...hmmm welll i'll be adding in the award in my site soon. Thanks again :)

beanizer_05 said...

@ lupe:
haha! alright then, see you in class..(*whispering* don't mind bella, she luvs bullying me)

@ didz:
same thinking didz, it was really hard after the 35s..but to refuse a gift is an insult..so better put it there before i get grumpy, remember, i still don't have my period!

bella said...

i heard that!
n i luv u..coz u do! u do..right??

FJ said...

beanizer!!! i never thought i'll get this award. thank you soooooo much. *hugs* im sorry that i just replied, coz i actually saw your comment in my blog yesterday. but i hadn't the time to do it. but hoooray, i did it. thank you so much for the award!!!

and anyone who happens to be your friend will be a lucky one. coz they have a loving friend around them, who always love them! i hate people who hate me too. haha. totally agree with you on the #4 there.

beanizer_05 said...

@ bella:
i do bully, i mean bella!
i olwez do!!

@ fj:
u'r welcum:)
hehe, right..we shud hate them too..hahahaha

bella said...

my name's BELLA!!!!!

Leona said...

I didn't notice this before! :O Thanks so much!