~let's celebrate!!~

There are many beautiful reasons to celebrate each day.
Today, I got 2 special and great reasons to remember this day..

First and foremost, I would like to take this chance to greet my BFF who's celebrating his 24th birthday this very day.. Happy Birthday Je!..I am 87 days younger than you! Tigulang ka na gid ya! wahahaha!

A little info about my best buddy, Je is the one who:
1/..Taught me the trick of solving a 3-layer rubix cube. (Source of the cheat!)
2/..We (me and my other buddy) met in the library one fine day, and just that look in our eyes--we knew we are of the same feathers! (angels or chickens?)
3/..You can find most of the time in the library bonding with the bulky books (but never transformed me into a bookworm)
4/..Currently own a roller-coaster Blood Pressure but still living a healthy lifestyle. (tubig lang kag the bar!)
5/..An accounting wizard.. Don't deny! (Humble? ka da!)
6/..is my accomplice in making Mabz paranoid by having too many secrets. (hahaha!)
7/..is a music lover too, supplier of downloaded songs in cds.. (copy ko din na?)
8/..loves tazmanian..(coz they're the same in a way! haha)
9/..got a deal with me that we'll be having our marriages on the same date (him-day, me-night), on December 19, 2012. (before the world ends--the movie)
10/..i consider as the best and truest buddy!--nothing compares! (don't cry!)

Those are some of the facts about my friend. And by the way, je's here in bloggers though not constantly visiting the site. Only visited the site twice!
Hey je! You're not getting younger anymore, when do you plan to update your page? You got lots of sentiments than I do, so stop believing you have no time to blog! Afraid I would know your secrets??hahaha!..Guys, if you want to know my dear buddy here..visit HERE
Don't be surprise if you find the wall blank and the site too clean..but will surely appreciate finding people in the wall..provided not invading some privacy..ha!

Alright, I guess this is enough..HAPPY BIRTHDAY JE! Thanks for everything!
Palangga ta ka ah! 'Di na mag-emote da! hahaha!

Now the 2nd thing that makes my day..(drum beats)..
I got a perfect number of voters! A hundred! ..it feels great finding 3-digit number on my votes though no one knows his own reason of voting..hahhaa..but still, thanks people! Soon if I got my 100th post, I would definitely tell the world about it..but it's way too long..this is just my 38th post on this site. So have greater patience on me please..

I gave this moment a beautiful realization.--
~JE is a perfect friend indeed. I won't be a 100% as I am without my best bud.
~There will always be a source of happinness, may it be someone can look you straight in the eyes..or simply other souls who care to touch you by the heart.

~~Beanizer has the truest friend and great people~~


♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ ayu ♫ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♫ said...

awww....say happy birthday to him for me~ :D

visit my blog if you have time :3

baby powder said...

salamat gi ah! nagsakit man dughan ko ba!!! let me correct.. im not accounting wizard! i still remember when i got zero in our accounting quiz...hahaha...just call me accounting expert!!! hahaha..thanks bean...

beanizer_05 said...

@ ayu:
sure..thanks for the greetings:)

@ BP:
hahaha! lantawa, biskan abrevi8 ko ngalan mo, BP gypon!..Naks! sa wakas! bati-an ko mn gd ntago2 mo ba! Ok accounting expert!!..but i can't remember that..u gt zero?-- then maybe i got a negative score that time..hahahaha!!..that's life, teacher's error! wahahaha!
san-o ka msugod blog?

Leona said...

Happy birthday to your friend, ne? :)

bella said...

hey wish him on my behalf....

baby powder said...

ang ka abno mo!!!...kaw lang blog ky natamaran ko iya..hahaha...BP kda!!! wala ko na gna-check! come what may...hehehehe

baby powder said...

maraming salamat ayu...i'll visit your blog next time...thanks again..

baby powder said...

puli na ko bean...hahaha,promise i'll create my blog when we have kidz! hahaha

beanizer_05 said...

@ leona & bella:
he's extending his thanks to you both..he said, do leave your gifts here, he'll get them soon (maybe next month)..the baby powder you see here is the bday celebrant:)

@ BP:
when would that be? still don't have budget for my future kid's milk..don't have a wife either..ahhahaah!
sa pgktamaran! damu kna d friends hu ngau kpa regalo! sapat gid!

Rml said...

Awww, that was such a sweet post! Wish Je a happy bday for me, will ya?! I like him already - I like whatever makes beani-boy happier! =P

beanizer_05 said...

well that's sweeter of u..
sure, i'll tell Je..
he'll be visiting the site again maybe next month..but i'll bug him more to drop by here often as possible..he's quite busy and lazy..hahahaha!