~my piece"

~I'm playing the puzzle of my life..
Suddenly, i noticed something..
the most important piece of the puzzle is missing!!
then i realize.. i need to talk to you to say this:
"Can I borrow you to complete it??"

--this line have been used by lots of sweet-talkers. And if you're wondering if I have used this to anyone, I must say i haven't (hold your eyebrows, hehe!). But, No, I haven't use it..why? 'coz i am not used to borrowing..hehe!.. but now.. i wanna use this line to someone dearest to me..
hon, hope this line tells everything..
if not,,then let me just sing then..
let me serenade you ---
To all my fans:
sorry, but this is a dedication to my someone special

Beanizer: "tsk..tsk..i should do breakdance sometimes!"

hon, did you like it??
yeah, you might be thinking this is all i can do..

on the contrary, i made a special request to revise that song..


i'm still hearing negative comments from the outside forces..

so here's the real one for you honey..

oh..i think i'm in love..

Beanizer: "Honey, where's the remote control?"
Honeybean: "Do i look like a lost and found counter?"


sudhi said...

hehe beany lost his piece of puzzle :P

nd beany wit dippy z cute n this video!!!!

nice post!!! keep posting!!!

Tryant said...

Hahaha.....it's great to have u back bro..lol.Hm..so The piece was missing good thing that u found that soon

P.s:Yeah let's do break dance soon!!

Anonymous said...

who is this special someone huh?!
*raising eyebrows*

ravali said...

well beany a good one i think your diapy gonna fall while you dance check it.hahahahah....
hey is that lollie is for me???
*grabbing his lollie*
thank you pot,well being busy here...hope you are busy too!!!

rosielyn said...

I love the third song Beany bean.That Hon of yours is smiling right now and she is indeed blessed to have you in her life.Beany you deserve to be loved by her and everyone else."shhhhh".....I can hear HER saying..."Love you so much"...weeeeeee....*giggles*...I hope both of you will continue to build your relationship stronger.Setting aside all doubts,worries and situations aside.Just continue to let love grow *wink*!---Simple Sie---

Jolly Princess said...

Nice song! You are so cute singing the song.(lol) Just do not let your diapy fall off when you do the break dance. :)

Didz-W said...

awww..that's so sweet of u to make her this. I bet she's still having wide grin right now..hehe don't forget to say my Hi to her! :D

YAM said...

the sweetest:)

beanizer_05 said...

@sudhi: wait..is this miracle, you didn't bully me??

@bro: yeah bro, sowi kinda busy, look! your cousin likes me singing in my diapy! i heard she's planning to sing with me..but im kinda busy for now..will you record with her for a while bro? we'll do the breakdance after..

*tongue out* bleh! i won't tell!! bribe me first!!..25 gallons cookies 'n cream ice cyeeeam would be fine..*wide grin*

hmp! still stealing my lollies you snatcher!..i'll report u to U.S. CIA!!

@ate sie:
hehehhe..yeah..hope we can make it to the end..i'm still trying to sell all my lollies and chocos so i can have enough money for our wedding..you will be invited! *wink*

@Mommy JP:
no mom, it's secured..i put all the pins i found in your pincushion here..

haist! you forget i'm the sweeeeeetest??..yeah wide grin can sense it..me too, i look like a loco now..you didn't warn me it's this crazy to fall..she says hello to you too..

thanks dear! glad to find you here again!

Anonymous said...

get lost!!!!

beanizer_05 said...

@ bella:
hahahhaha! calm down dear! unless as you have my 25 gallons ice cyeam--you will forever be curious who she is! haha! bleh! *tongue out*

Jill Wellington said...

OMG..that little singing boy in his diapy!!!! Is that YOU? That mystery girl is lucky!

beanizer_05 said...

@ ms jill:
ahmmmm.no..that's my playmate..mommy jpwon't allow me to sing with only my diapy on, afraid fans will flock on our house..haha!
hmmmm..i must say i am luckiest to found her *giggles*

vijaya said...

hi beanizer it is haha post.