out of control

I playback what happened these days..and realize..Why do things lead me to thinking of you?..
Last Sunday, we (me & my sis) went to the grocery section, my sis asked me if I want to buy chocolates, I just nod. But guess what, she picked your fave stuff (that red thing in the box), so I complained, instead I said my fave tastes better than that one. She asked me “What’s the difference between the two?”, I felt pissed being asked of that ‘lil thing, so I tried to explain though I know she’s playing me fool. I hate it, of all the stuffs there, why the hell did she find a thing that reminds me of you.
On that same day, at home, we were discussing ‘bout the upcoming double celebration for the next Sunday-Clyde’s b-day and his baby sis baptism. I said I can’t think of a gift for the baby. My sis told me to buy those photo albums she saw in the mall. It’s easy to find, it has an angel design. I said “angels are common why not.. ”, she interrupted “hai! Just get the one with angel”..i just smiled.
It was on that night when I texted you, I’m watching that funny anime movie, that character made me laugh..the name I used to call you sometimes..but you don’t only leave smile in my face but always in my heart (cheesy?)
You see, I felt paranoid even on the smallest things. They are just incidents I know..instances that tickles my consciousness.
The worst is just this morning.. I wore this organizational shirt I had in college last night before I go to bed..it has a big print in front (the name of the org) YAM..now, can you figure out how the mirror greeted me early in the morning?..



ambiguous_angel said...

one thing is for sure,
she misses you too.

beanizer_05 said...

really? wud dt mean she's coming back?

Wolverine said...

nice thought..

beanizer_05 said...

tnx wolvy:)