The reasons why I ask:
1> I cannot read your mind.
2> I cannot understand.
3> I don’t want to believe my intuition.
4> I am confused.
5> I care.
6> I am jealous.
7> I am selfish.

The reasons why I don’t ask:
1> I learned to know you well.
2> I trust you.
3> I am trying to understand.
4> I am afraid of knowing the answer.
5> I don’t want to argue.
6> I am tired of asking.
7> I don’t have the right to ask.

The reasons why I answer:
1> You made me feel comfortable to listen.
2> My mind is dominant.
3> I wish you to believe me.
4> I love to see how you react.
5> I want to exchange thoughts with you.

The reasons why I don’t answer:
1> I doubt your faith.
2> My heart is stronger.
3> You know me well.
4> I am playing safe.
5> You don’t care anyway.