---locked thoughts----

Time flashes so fast..shorter days..longer nights..few days more before the last month of the year starts..I am reviewing my life, the changes, the untouched..people I accepted, persons I rejected..
I learn to question my self these past days..
Am I good enough? Or should I stop trying to be one?

I trust myself, but some people makes me doubt my capacity..
I love myself, but some people makes me doubt my own understanding of the subject..
I believe in commitment, but I fear to live rules from hurting anyone..

I am trying to listen but I am not consistent in hearing. I am tired of this feeling- being asked why am I like this, why can’t I be like that..? So many expectations, so high standards, too much demands.
I thought I have made someone happy enough, yet, I realized I can never be the only source of her happiness..
Some facts hurt more every time I reject them. The more I become weaker, the lesser courage I hold on to..


Didz-W said...

U know the best thing is be yourself. Just don't give a damn to what people says and they don't know u very well as for them, they're not perfect either. You're already being comfortable of what you are, right? So, why stop? :)

beanizer_05 said...

hey didz, u'r getin serious here huh..hehe..tnx..u'r ryt,i luv diz damn life so y shud i liv wd their damn standards..
tnx 4 dropin :)