~road to true love

I realize I am.

Not that I am flawless
Maybe just feel secured--
Your doing

Once I was shattered
Unforgiven by my past
Beaten by vengeful memories
Darkness is my only light

The quest I continued
And so should be conceived--
Water should be under the bridge
and not to deluge my reserved senses

Distracted by deceiving charms
A reckless dreamer
I wished upon a lucent star
Alluring diamonds they appear above
Yet, they fell as no special stones
Thrown to me down hastily
Reviving my sanity

Along one track
I chanced to cross your same path
You're trudging the way to your visioned life
Anxious of which road you will choose
I approached the trail you defiantly face
And so I stayed closer
That I won't lose you from my sight

Upon seeing your face, I was stunned
You dressed like a warrior
Though your soul seemed torn
Those sweet eyes bear salty crystal drops--
Your weapon in disguise

In a moment I understand
I was planned to be empty
To be filled by the perfect one
My road was broken--
And blessed to bridge with yours
To spend the next story together
One Undying Love
We promised to keep until forever

A beautiful song that tells the story..
our story..

Hope I'm not tooo late..
Just wanna let you know..
I am happier everyday
Knowing we're inseparable..
♥ ♥ ♥


~♥Sie♥~ said...

*tears* sniff sniff..I know you're so busy these past few weeks hon..yet you never failed to make me feel loved..thank you so much♥♥♥

We have our own past and yes I feel the same way too..I have always asked myself why should I pass through this painful road..but then looking back I realized God allowed it to happen..I needed to be broken so I can be made whole again..I have to be hurt for me to see the real me and to know that someone is much worthy and deserving of my love..God gave me you 。◕‿◕。

You have said many times why do I always say thank you though you have not done anything yet..it is because you made me see and brought out the real me..a woman who has seen God's love through you..I'll always be here for you hon and as what I have said on my site:

" I'll be waiting for you, if you'll come here..you will find me"

Thank you so much again Hon Love you 。◕‿◕。

Sagittarian said...

Wonderful written Beany, showing your love and sincerity in every words you've shared here. I'm happy reading your heart through your words and happy to witness the love that keep blooming everyday from both of you.

May God continue to bless your heart, so you can take care one special heart that you have in your life now,. Best wishes to both of you..:) Good morning..:)

Dai Ning Li said...

I'm blushing in the mere thought of the two of you ♥

~*Princesa Fiona*~ said...

WoW! *Tears* here too ... *sniff* *sniff* Happy ones :-) This is so beautiful, Beany! I loved every verse and reading Sis Sie's comment just made it even more heart touching ♥

I was wondering when and if you were ever going to post again :p SO glad you did because this was worth the wait!!!

I won't spoil it by saying anymore BUT I wanted you to know that I had join your blog again. I didn't see this post in my updates and then I checked my reader list and your blog isn't there even though I subscribed *pouts*

Hope you don't mind seeing two of me he he. Two "Fi's" are better than one unless we're talking bills :D

P.S. ~ The pictures are *perfect* and I've always loved this song! {|:-)

cookingvarieties said...

Hi beanizer, I came here, I started feeling drowsy for 60 seconds,, next 180 seconds i feel giddy and the next 360 seconds I feel like fainting…what can this be,, ohhh I seeeeee SIE, the bean has sprouted !!!!
congrats to a born again human.. soon you will grow out of your diapers..ha ha.
Love to read your post..life goes on.. have a nice day

Balqis said...

A very meaningful post for someone you love, Beanie. In each stanza, the messages for your Hon ring clear; how loving, caring and understanding you are. :)

The images are perfect for this poem of love. I pray the best for both of you. I can bake a big beehive cake (remember my post?) for your big day. It's free! :)

Anonymous said...

I knew this was a sweet message for your sweet love! To be true I did not want to be the first one to comment.....because she deserved to be the first, as she will always will!!!
Heart-touching, sublime. May you be united soon.
Look well after each other. Stay well and blessed.

Sui generis Writer said...

I thought that you are a lucky man to have a wonderful companion in Sie's form. But I was half correct because now I see that she is lucky too to have you beside her. Honestly all this bright light coming from both of you is making me blind. *_*

Sorry! Sorry! This is my first visit to your blog but I ended up babbling my nonsense. Please don’t mind my impertinence.

I really enjoyed your poetry. It is a very heart-warming and believable composition. It would be a pleasure to read more of your creations.

Best wishes to you!

Dana ML said...

Hey =) very nice post ^.^

beanizer_05 said...

*wiping tears* don't cry..
You are my strength, the vital source of my happiness. You always made me feel important and loved. Our roads were broken so we can bridge them as one. You are the most precious thing God has given me. I'm more than lucky to have you. Thank you.
♥ ♥ ♥

Inspiring Always said...

Passing by from your Sie's blog.

Beautiful poem. I'm so touched.

May both of you be blessed with much happiness and love.

Kristeta  (kalokang Pinay) said...

Somehow one could tell that this is written for a special someone. You could feel the strong emotion, love and care.
What a lovely way to say how you truly feel for someone.

I pray for many many more months of love and togetherness =)

chachucho said...

I love that song! I forgot to tell sissy about the song hihi. This is WOW beany. I mean you are great with words and such, how I wish I can be as great as you and sissy.yay! You both are destined to cross and build a new bridge. What a love-story. I love this part by the way:

I realize I am.
Not that I am flawless
Maybe just feel secured--
Your doing

I have felt the same with my current relationship now. Maybe because I felt safe and secured somehow. Yay!

Two lovely couples. I wish you more happiness through the years to come. I know you'll make my sissy happy beany, each day of her life. And I know you'll take care of her.

Anonymous said...

How lovely....I wish you all the best together.

♫♪♥PhilO♥♪♫ said...

This was amazing :)
May you and Sie always be together :) God bless you both!

Saliha said...

Beautiful theme!

white witch Hi_D said...

Very beautiful poem. The second to the last stanza, me likey the most. I think that stanza showed how powerful a female can be over a guy. And I also like the third to the last stanza. It showed how you as a man will never leave her... I mean Sie...
Sie, you're very lucky...
Over all, great poem...
Have a nice day.


Trendy Karen said...

Hi Beanizer! How are you? I'm here again visiting your blog. I'm now addressed at Karenade Fashion and I occasionally update My Regency.

It's me Karen. :)