beautifully sinking inside~~

The typical me lives with music at least an hour a day.
Either to screw a loose nerve in the morning or to loosen a tight day. 
Preferably with headset's on.
Preferably with no one's around to share the other piece
(that's how selfish I am with my earpiece!)
I definitely love to feel the vibration of the notes locked in my brain nerves that you seem unreachable at that spur moment of time and you were just like hearing deaf of the real world.
An awesome feeling.

But I am human.
Still a normal human.
I don't wanna be locked in a single state
of being---
at the same time, I don't wanna let
the Music bored itself dealing ONLY with precious me (though I don't refuse the idea)

Music has lots of flavors. And we have different tastes.
There are many songs I keep playing,
there are few I remain loyal to--

Days ago, I heard this song playing in my pal's celfone,
It made me stop and ask "What's that song?"
Had it pass to my cel.
I listened, "It's good"
I played it again when I was on my way to office.
I googled for the vid with lyrics..
Listened and read the lines 3 times (i still can't memorize the song)
I am here, updating my blog ,
(and you were there reading, yey!)
I am in front of my paperworks
Boss approx. 30 steps away (ssshhhhh)
So, I was saying, this song made me stop..
And it made me think..
I will include this on the most important day 
Every time I hear this, the words simply sink inside me..
so heartening, gripping my fragile organ ♥, 
causing the rain on the windows of my soul..

I need to practice to perfect this ♫♪♫♪ 




Asma Khan said...

Ohhh the most important day is near! *Thinking*
Best wishes and prayers for your the most important day... :)
Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

♥Sie♥ said...

your song made me cry..the song says it is one of my dreams and wishes in life..a dream I have also believed and waited be with him finally in reality..with him holding my hand for real..I won't have second thoughts saying "I do" even what I have always said he is my only true love and I will remain faithful and love him for the rest of my life ;) ♥♥♥ palangga taka ;)

Sagittarian said...

Hi! :) Great and very inspiring..I can say you are truly madly in love with this post.. The way it was written and the way it was delivered, it shows how deep is love in your heart. I am happy to say, you got the perfect match with her..

May God bless you both..:)

beanizer_05 said...

YES, the song says it all. It made me cry too..and imagine how to do it in real, the lines, they tell everything a man wishes to say in front of her father. It's the respect and love he's willing to give her, a promise to fulfill their dreams. Ayayatenka ♥♥♥

beanizer_05 said...

ooops! my 1st reply is for Ms. Sie♥,

Asma, thanks for the wishes. You'll know when it comes. Stay blessed.

Sagittarian, am i too obvious? hehe :)
a perfect match indeed, you defined it perfectly! Thanks!

Balqis said...

Wow! I'm just guessing, the wedding bells will ring soon. :) A very good song. Loved the lyrics which are so meaningful for those who are in love like you, Beanie. :) When the big day comes, don't forget to invite me, your neighbour. :)

Anonymous said...

hey bro. a proposal? she loves the song bro. oh what is ayayatenka <^_^>

Sagittarian said...

Hi! Too obvious? Too much friend!..lols..

"But I am human.
Still a normal human.I don't wanna be locked in a single state of being---ALL BY MYSELF."

No need to think about obviousness, what important is you are real on what you said..:) And that's the best and the most wonderful thing you can give to your loved one, added the sweetness of your word that you've said... you love her perfectly..:)

Have a great morning friend!

ChaCha said...

yay! indeed that song says it all. weeeeeeeeeee.. I've heard it like a zillion times haha! Everytime I go to the mall. People working in the mall memorized it already. weeeee, keeping my fingers crossed that you'll finally memorize the song. hehe. I know the girl will be very happy. naman kinilig ako haha!

P.S, I'll look for more owl love you messages hehe.

♥Sie♥ said...

yes you will marry her daughter and she will be the most beautiful bride because you will be her groom..a long wait for a dream to come are just perfect for really changed have been the best thing that happened in her deserve all her love and she will serve and give you her best :)

beanizer_05 said...

Bakerbee, how can i forget you? you will bake the biiiiiig white cake on that day! hahaha! and oh! pls bring me chocos,hmmm..make it 2 please :)

lance, it says "i'm pogi"

sagittarian, oo na po blush ako oh! thanks for visiting again and following:)

cha, now you gave me another brilliant idea, you'll be in-charge of bringing those singing people on the day! ikaw ang mastra ha! hehe,lumalaki na mata ko, mpapadalas na ang pgsabi ko nyan. thanks for dropping:)

ms. sie..the guy is tooo blessed to have her :)

cLai ♥ said...

me <-----kinikilig

cookingvarieties said...

hi beanizer, I like the title of your post… and I like the verse” either to screw a loose nerve or to loosen a tight day”

First time I heard of this statement. wow you are an innovative genius… also for the fact that you think beans sprouts was inspired by beanizer ha ha ha

By the way, your choice of animated figures? It’s another one… Just like the other one. Blink blink.. Guess a genius should understand my innovative statement. Have a nice day

beanizer_05 said...

clai--------> excited ka lng sa pgkikita NYO eh kaya kilig to the buto ka! haha! thanks for dropping :)

cookingv, oh! that verse is taken from the loose nerve i can't screw vewy well hehe..

*scratching head* hmmmm..i wonder what that means, i need to use my choco brain screwdriver again..just like the other one THERE?? *pointing* out of my page?? *blink blink*

Nikkatu said...

every girl I know wished that
a guy would sing this for them and now,
you didn't sing it but really, It's more touchy couse you BLOGGED it. AND heck, It's for YOUR special LADY.. how sweet.... :D

beanizer_05 said...

thanks for dropping Nikkatu :)
it's once in a lifetime to find the right girl to sing this song to her dad :D