I am back!!"i knew it! i knew it!.."

I am here to announce to the world wide web the veeeeewy vewwwy good news about my longest craziest existing friend in bloggers..

Yeah! You know her..'coz:

1/ She's the first one who appears very kind and supposedly harmless..well, hmmmm, yes! she's still not that harmful but..but..(i'll keep the rest to myself)
"i believe in quiet angels.. 'coz i was born"

2/ She's the craziest of all my fans..errr--i mean friends..
3/ She's as sensitive as me when it comes to novels..we can't survive it..
"this book is very reliable, but where is Goofy?"

4/ She's a pro-photographer i must say..she even snaps someone's butt!
5/ She's a Geminian like me..such that she understands my cuteness..
6/ She makes humorous posts and add unexpected morals to each..

7/ She's one of my favorite tag-victim..hehee..

So..what's the best news I was saying??
"heheeee...can't help but show my dimples"

hmmmm....nothing really.. she's just... just..
She's bearing my soon-to be playmate!!

"HEy Didz! I got a new partner!"
Little Didzlet!!

Did you get what I mean??


What i mean is...
She really got ovaries!!

Seriously BEanie??!!

Believe me!!
"sleep baby didzlet" still don't get it, do you?

Haist..alrighhhhhhht! having a BABY!!!!!!

Can't wait to play with Didzlet..
"i'll share everything to Didzlet even my precious diapy"

I promised Didzy, I won't stress her,,

I only prepared a 'lil dance number for my soon-to-be accomplice..

And this will be our first dance...

yow yow!! yeah yeah!
I'm such a good influence!!


Beanie's update:
"At last! My replica is done!,
Aww! I'm such a hunky!"


Balqis said...

Hehehe Beanie! That's really interesting. Congrats to Didz and to you, too, for getting a-soon-to-be-playmate. Your playmate's name so cute, bet just as cute as you are! :)

Just don't give Didzlet too much chocos!

liling t. said...

HAHA! This is so funny. Make sure you don't bully baby didzlet!

gracey said...

oh Didz is pregnant ok so kid when do you plan to have little Beanlets running around? Your Hon is not feeling well hug her for us ok kid!

Didz said...

haha! i can see how excited u are waiting for your playmate to come over!

but fist of all, i can guarantee you that i'm 110% harmless. haha

your fans??? hah! tchhh!

is that a playboy mag? lol! tsk tsk tsk! that type of novels, huh? i'll stick to decent comics..

I'm not a pro photographer, maybe a slight por_ photographer..haha

your playmate will be much better than the mom :) haha

thanks for making this special congratulatory post for me and lil didzlet ;) I'll cherish this forever, mwahh! xoxo!

lance said...

Didz is having a little didzlet yeeeeeeeeeee so bro when do you plan to start having your own triplets? Look Didz will be having a baby so gotta have one yeahhhhhh bro?

evelyn said...

I'm laughing again on your video grandson.It brings me happiness to hear news on someone having a new baby.Do announce it here if I will have a grandchildren from you.How many do you plan to have?I'm sure they will be beautiful and cute as you are and my pretty grandaughter.Kiss her from lola.

gracey said...

those babies are so cute I should have one of those,got to try again.

kid it is your special day tomorrow---hehhhheeeee---8th day you have one for your friend and any surprises for my pretty friend?

Simple Sie said...

hahaha...I was laughing with my 3 year old baby Cian while watching the cute and adorable babies and I love the first pix." .."I wish to have a cute baby like didz yehey yehey" hehehe...

I'll be waiting for your post and it will be you congratulating me having a new baby too heheeeeee...*wondering when and from whom?*...your whispering??? have any idea who?

David Scott said...

Beanie after an exasperating week I happened to sit down and have time to visit my favorite blogs.It is the perfect time for me to read and watch the video and it made my day abate for a while.

beanizer_05 said...

thank you..that means you gonna supply me more chocos so i could share some with didzlet..ok?

bully? i'm the most harmless baby!

heheeee..soon and you will get tired chasing after them..

beanizer_05 said...

hmmmmm....did i say this is for free??..i'll charge you for this..which mag??..hahaha..i got it forgot?

haist...soonest! and they will ride your cars! vroooom vroooom!

hugs and kisses for you too..oh,,just a few, maybe a dozen?

@mr. scott:
I'm glad you never fail to read my posts..God bless you:)

beanizer_05 said...

@ms. Sie:
heheee..oh! you want a baby too?? heheee..that is good news!! very good news:)

Jolly Princess said...

Hahah! Nice post Baby Batman. You got me laughing again. ^_*